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Stefan’s Diaries: The Craving Chapter 28

The three of us tore a aspect of the chapel. As soon as we left the Richards earth grounds we were plunging d unmatchable woods. Saplings stung our legs as we pitched floorhill through the wet night, and t every(prenominal)(prenominal) pines blocked whatever moonlight might kick in slipped between the clouds. If we had been human, our feet would have surely skidded on the forest floor of decaying leaves. inefficient to see more than a yard or so in front end of us we would have crashed into the giant trunk of a tree.Instead, we move uniform predators, coursing through the night like vampires had for hundreds of years streaking through the wilds to the next village of potential victims, chasing down fewone who had foolishly isolated from the herd and decided to travel at night by himself.It matte up good to be racing this manner, with a few ounces of human snag zinging through my veins. I was al close to able to lose myself in the flight, forgetting close to what it w as we were fleeing from.Then there was a noise.It started out like the beginning of a long roll of thunder, climbed into a crescendo of inhuman groaning, and ended in a screech of despair. The noise was everywhere, filling our ears, the v every last(predicate)ey we were descending into, the monger above us.The three of us stopped, startled by the sound.Well, I compute the vampire is free, Damon huffed.Margaret I began.Trust me, shes fine. Did you see what she did to him? Damon pointed out.What is she, though? I asked.A witch.Like Emily? I wondered, my theory confirmed. Was the world simply full of witches, vampires, demons, and who knows what else, most of which were invisible to human eye?I had a feeling there was something different about her when I couldnt compel her Damon explained. So I asked. And she answered. jolly straightforward, that one.So sheCast a protective spell around herself and her family, and was sunburn his brain meats with some mental ability or other to vitiate us a little time. Emphasis on the word little, he added. Hope that protective spell is still up.There was another roar. hold the line moving, Lexi ordered, and we began again.The woods grew blacker as if nature herself dreaded his approach, and we could feel the earth oscillate with his every footstep.Damon and I jump offed over a giant log, and for one momentaneous moment our motions were perfectly synchronized. alone then the three of us came to skidding hinderance at the edge of a cliff that looked out over all of upper Manhattan.Huh, my brother said doubtfully, peering over its edge.Well have to find some other way down, I said, starting to look back the way we came. A path, orWith a cry, Lexi hurled herself over the edge of the cliff.I watched her, spacious with horror.Find another way down? Damon said, shaking his head disappointedly at me. Still thinking like a human, brother. And he peacenik after her.I swore under my breath, watching him disappear into the br anches below. Then I followed.As frightening as that fall was, there was something very departure about it. I was weightless, swimming through the air. The world whistled through my outstretched fingers and hair. It almost felt as though I were flying.I ridiculous down through thick leafy canopy and rolled into a ball, eventually coming right side up with a worm ankle that reset itself almost before I noticed it.Damon and Lexi were rest still. She had her head cocked, listening to the strange quiet we suddenly found ourselves in.He lost us, Damon said, triumphantly. He didnt realize we went down the cliff HesHes in front of us, Lexi breathed, eyes widening. The silence to the south was in fact complete, as if every living thing had quieted or died. We waited, unsure what to do, though it was hard to verify for what.Then came the sound of a single blade of grass change form and breaking.RUN Lexi screamed.We took off. I made the mistake of looking bottomland me. What I saw and what I heard didnt match up on the one hand, it briefly appeared that an older man was following me with surprising swiftness. But the backside cast by the moonlight was of something far bigger and inhumanly shaped. Bushes and trees fell and crashed out of his way before he even touched them.I double my pace.We had no choice but to head south. The woods thinned and elaboration began to rear its ugly head a lonely, last farm, a bundle of abandoned holdings, a large estate, a hotel, dirt roads to coat avenues still crowded with horses and carriages and cabs and passel even in the middle of this night.And behind us, gaining power from every shadow through which he passed, was the old one.We off a corner around a fruit stand, knocking down baskets, and the stench of decay that issued from his raggedy breathing mouth was hot on my neck. We rush along through a slum, avoiding clotheslines and open pits of raw sewage, and he was there, throwing aside things and people to get to us. When we thought we had pulled ahead, twisting through narrow alleys and confusing side streets, we could still feel his exponent, his frustration vibrating through the night.Lexi led us, and whether it was her own Power or a familiarity with the city, she managed to find just the right fire escapes to leap to, just the right piles of garbage to roll over. Perhaps this was not the first time she had fled from a demon of this stature.The seaport, she hissed. Its our only chance.Damon nodded, for once having no trouble taking orders from someone else. We made our way to the west, to the avenues bordering the mighty Hudson.Lexis eyes suddenly narrowed and she pointed. A clipper ship, a pretty calendered blue vessel just pulling away from the dock, filled with all sorts of New York goods to sell overseas.With a mighty leap Lexi cleared the pissing between the dock and its deck, arms poised in the air like a cat leaping upon its prey. Damon and I followed suit, silently landing on the dark deck. By the time we recovered ourselves she was already compelling a shocked sailor who had seen the manner of our arrival.Were on the manifest. My brothers and I have a berth below. We did not just leap aboard.Damon surveyed the ship with interest, rapturous with his new locale.I looked back toward shore. There stood a single, innocuous-seeming man contestation against the rail of the wharf, pale as if he had sucked all the moonlight into himself. He stood casually, like he was just there to watch the ships come and go.But the look in his eyes was deadly and eternal and unforgiving.

Difference between women now and centuries ago Essay

Women argon important asset in ones manners even if you are living in the 1800s, 1900s or present. The difference between women living years agone and now cleverness varies, such as cultural, social, and fashionable differences. Have you ever wondered what womens habit in life was? Well this depends on the perspective of the person whether a male or a female, it also depends on the time zone. At various time throughout history, working women were viewed as cruel and not devoted to help their children and family. This is wrong women should develop, gain rights, and become more(prenominal) self-governing because ignorance kills the identity of a person. Whats the difference between womens life nowadays and before?Men considered women in ancient societies to be unaccompanied wives who cook, and take care of their house and children on the other(a) hand nowadays men look at women as a respectful ruffianly worker and an important asset to our society. samples of change, women in ancient societies were forbidden to vote. Yet, a brave woman Lydia Taft was courageous enough to be the basic women who breaks the regain and vote , after this courageous act New Zealand decided to bring home the bacon women to vote , since so women make a great change and made their rights approximately equal.Women in the earlier centuries were not allowed to be sociable, they were not allowed to whirl on the streets alone or even travel alone, and on the other hand women recently are free to do whatever they like. thus far marriage has different aspects galore(postnominal) years ago women didnt produce a choice who to marry or to see his face. Marriage took orchestrate through tribal processes and fathers decision, barely present women capability marry without even caring what her parent point of view. This gave the freedom of choice, and by this way less family divorces will occur.Job opportunities for women differ from back then and now. What comes in mind when someon e first asks you what is the gender of an engineer at oncewhat comes in mind is a man. Nowadays this all changed women learn many unlimited opportunities in jobs. They can get paid sometimes more than men, they can now run companies, and unlike many years ago their best job is to be teachers. Another aspect is their clothing. Women were extremely wakeful when it comes to what to wear. Back then it was rude to wear like nowadays keen skirts, Shorts that show t spiriteds, and much more.Education plays an important contribution to acquaint how women nowadays differ than women lived centuries ago. Education back then was only offered to men, this die huge inequality between sexes. This made illiteracy rate high and affect the society negatively making only one thought in the family working rather than two brains. Education is the core of life. Nowadays education is a must and societies are in a sincere shape due to both sexes educated.Due to the publisher Cox, Matthews & Associ ates, Inc., from a ledger of an unknown author, his point of view stands with that education for women is a vital role that has high opportunities unlike women that didnt get educated centuries ago. Many of us here at Diverse have been privileged to meet high-power women in the world of higher education and beyond. They lead some of the approximately demanding and consequential organizations and programs on the planet. No longer sitting on the decision-making sidelines, they have shattered the glass ceiling and, subsequently, have introduced new ways of opinion about and approaching leadership.Women that are recognized and entered history books will of all time be praised and remembered as heroes unlike women living centuries ago that are illiterate. Example from Belle S.Wheelan , president of the accrediting body since 2005, it also means Students Are Central to Success, a fitting description for what motivates her on the job. Wheelan is the first African American and the first woman to lead SACS.Women struggled a lot in the earlier centuries, but as time passes everything changes. Women achieved a lot and made it into the highest rank in over society. A wise man once said both brave warrior was once a defenseless baby and every construct was once a picture its not about where you are today but where youll reach tomorrow. Reference 25 WOMEN makeA DIFFERENCE. (2012). Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 29(2), 10-15. Retrieved from http//

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Express Yourself Through Music Essay

It is clearly the most powerful tool used for expression. It doesnt judge or discriminate, and theres alship butt endal a switch for you. This, of course, is practice of medicine, which might be the greatest invention kn confess to humans. unison has sledding an important part of society throughout the world as great deal use it to express themselves. All it takes is to listen to the very contrastive and secern genres of music we have today. Each different type of genre conveys different meanings. Jazz is associated with relaxation, the blues with sorrow, and so on. Whatever instrument it may be, your voice, or a piano, you are expressing yourself.Music provides a great source of communication. For example, if name and address was the only form of communication, and there was no smiling, sign language, or music, bearing would prove to be very dull and unfulfilling. Most music has a purpose, in which the composer/performer is trying to relay a message to their audience. Thi s is oddly noticed on the radio, with song after song, each displaying its very own message. Some artists use lyrics in their songs to express explicit messages or to perk up quite a little think about life and its various lessons.Others want to revive people, invoking the emotions within, while others are use their demeanor and emotions to relax their listeners. Many songs I have heard have accomplished their goal of seizing the listener. No other song Ive been in touch with has taken do of me like Billy Joels Piano Man. I accept it to be a classic song and never tire from earreach to it. The magnificent and captivating vocals and the smooth flow of the piano brings a mother wit of happiness and joy about me that is incomparable.Expressing yourself through music can suffice you keep in touch with how you are feeling. It can besides release a lot of tension that you may be carrying around with you. Music can serve prevent your feelings from bursting out in situations or w ays that are embarrassing and inappropriate. This happens when people get out of touch with their feelings, something that music can help solve. Everyone needs some time to themselves to reflect on their feelings, which can easily be done while listening to music. organismness able to express how you feel through music may help you make better decisions about what is right for you now.Your feelings and expressions are closely associated with music. I personally dont know of anything else (outside of first hand fundamental interaction with other human beings) that can affect me the way music does. You can either express the way you feel and get out of that trap, or you can just drown in your problems by playing the hapless blues. All my life Ive been involved with music and I also realize that music is a difficult, but beautiful thing that people should take more time to appreciate. It is often overlooked as being unimportant, but I know how useful it can be in expressing oneself. In fact, in life, theres nothing that makes me feel more at peace than music.

The Customs of Marriage and the Rights of Women in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

It is hard to imagine in todays world that in that location could be or ever wealthy person been restrictions on the choice of ones first mate or the bonds of uniting. Yet history shows that only recently has the freedom to take aim ones spouse construct a reality, more so for women than for men. Womens rights, especi all(prenominal)y when it came to choo criminalityg a mate, were minimal. Marriages for women tended to be arranged, pre-paid, or non allowed before, du recall, and after the 16th century. One competency wonder what rights did women have concerning marriage and how can they be seen in the play, A Midsummer Nights Dream, by William Shakespe atomic number 18.According to The Laws Resolutions of Womens Rights, published in 1632, women were taught from birth that they were low to men. It was a common belief at the quantify that women were the authors of original sin who lured men away from God and salvation (Tudor Women, 2). Young women, from birth had a couple o f(prenominal) rights whether born into privilege or not. The women born into nobility or the f number classes such as Hermia, Helena, and Hippolyta, were given the opportunity to be educated, but by and large in the ways of housewifery such as how to manage a household, needlework, music, repast preparation, and duty to their future mate. All of these qualities were considered imperative in becoming a good wife. Very few women, even those from wealthy backgrounds, were able to become scholars. Some women were taught to read and write, but the majority remained illiterate as it was not deemed a necessary part of their education as future wives.Womens rights concerning marriage were even fewer. Husbands of upper class girls were chosen for them by their fathers or otherwise male relatives. Very few women of noble birth chose their give birth partners (Tudor Women). Marriages were most always arranged for political reasons, whether it was to fortify alliances, for land, money, soci al status, or to gird the bonds between two families. It was also considered foolish to marry for love.In A Midsummer Nights Dream, Shakespeare presents this very problem in the story line involving Hermia and Lysander. Hermia is in love with Lysander but her father, Egeus, demands she marry Demetrius, whom he has deemed the only man applaudable of his daughters hand. Although we know that Demetrius and Lysander are both from similar wealthy backgrounds, Demetrius has Egeuss approval for reasons we are unaware. When Lysander proclaims his love for Hermia, Egeus responds heatedly by stating,Scornful Lysander True Demetrius has my loveAnd what is exploit my love shall render him,And she is mine, and all my right of herI do dry land unto Demetrius (1.1 95-98).Exercising his rights as the father leaves Hermia unable to marry the man she loves. To get to this sad affair, if she does not do as her father wishes, her father testament dispose of her, / which shall be either to this ge ntlemen/ Or to her death (1.1 43-45). As the fairness of the land and Biblical law both stated that women and children should submit and practise their parents and husbands, it would have been highly unlikely for Hermia to have married Lysander as she did in the play. This is just one of many political and societal changes Shakespeare made in his play.Weddings during the Elizabethan time were much more time consuming and unrestrained than most weddings of today. First there came the betrothal. Theseus and Hippolyta are betrothed although we know finished classical history that Theseus captured Hippolyta and owned her. But readers can see that he has a deep admiration for her and we can assume that their betrothal is a somewhat happy one. According to the Compendium of Common Knowledge of Elizabethan England, the betrothal is the giving of what we know as the engagement ring to be put on the right hand. The contract is then sealed by a kiss. This same ring though also becomes th e wedding ring and changes to the left hand at the wedding.Also stated in the Compendium, were the persists of the betrothal period. The intention to marry must be announced in the church service three times that is, on three consecutive Sundays or sanctified days, in the same parish (Compendium, pg 1). If this announcement is not made, then the marriage is considered clandestine, and illegal. nasty as it is to believe, womens rights became even fewer after marriage. According to a preachment on the State of Matrimony from the Elizabethan period states that yee wives, be ye in subjection to obey your own husbands. As for their husbands, them must they obey, and cease from commanding, and perform subjection (pg 4). This belief is taken directly from the Bible and was considered the ultimate rule of marriages during this time. The Homily also says to, Let women bee subject to their husbands as to the Lorde for the husband is the corpus of the woman, as Christ is the head of the C hurch. Shakespeare addresses this belief in an unusual and close to satirical way through Oberon and titanic oxide. Titania is a headstrong and breakaway fairy Queen who defies her husbands will. Oberon in turn, plays a deviant trick on her to make her fall in love with Bottom, a mortal off-key into a donkey.The trick is played because Oberon desires a little changeling male child that Titania has obtained. Another common belief during this time was That which the wife hath is the husbands (Laws pg 5). As it states in The Laws Resolutions of Womens Rights, For thus it is, if before marriage the woman were possessed of horses, meat, sheep, corn, wool, money, plate, and jewels, all manner of moveable substance is presently by conjunction the husbands, to sell, keep, or bequeath if he die. And though he bequeath them not, yet are they the husbands executors and not the wifes which brought them to her husband (Laws pg 4).As we do not know whether Titania or Oberon were married when she obtained the male child, belief was still that Oberon had the rights to the little changeling boy and not Titania, whether he was given to her or not. She was not submitting to her husbands will and therefore, was penalise by being tricked into loving an ass.Throughout A Midsummer Nights Dream, Shakespeare turn to numerous political and social customs of the aristocracy. Although not much changed for the rights of women during the Elizabethan period, readers today can gain a better understanding of the time through historical documents and literary works. To be unable to marry for love, to have no choice in your mate, and to be completely submissive to your husbands both whim, had to have been depressing no matter what the customs were. A swell deal has changed now since then, but in all actuality it has only been a few decades since women have been allowed so much freedom in their own lives.

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Gladiator: Critical film essay Essay

Ridley Scotts Gladiator is the critically acclaimed 2000 film starring Russell Crowe which won xlviii awards, including a BAFTA for best film. Gladiator depicts the tale of Maximus Decimus Meridius and his struggle against the might of the papistic Empire and the vicious gladiatorial atomic number 18nas. Throughout Scotts masterpiece argon a wide range of filmic techniques in the visual and auditory carry that collaborate in enunciating the overall narrative. The coal scuttle sequence is a aboriginal example that uses Mise-en-scene, lighting, tog out and film speed to enunciate the key scene. The opening scene begins with some diachronic information that introduces the sense of hearing into the scene and coifs up the narrative. Scott informs his audience on the vast scale of the papistical Empire, One depict of the worlds population lived and died under the Caesars. The emphasis is on and died in order to pose the scene for the incoming contend. The Universal and DreamWo rks logos are in a sepia colour. This colour informs the audience that the film is set in the past due to it being used for old photographs and ink. The historical information is accompanied by calming, serene unison which leads to the graduation deliberate of the protagonist.Scott has made use of coloured lighting, incorporating gold (which is representative of the wealth the roman Empire had) in many scenes throughout the film. The colour gold is an interest choice because it represents peace and riches which could in any case be a grapheme to the Roman afterlife Elysium. Scott has used Mise-en-scene in the first shot of the protagonist, brushwood his hand in the corn field. Although the audience are only presented with an utmost(prenominal) fuddled up shot of his hand they learn about his quotation through Scotts control of what appears in the frame. The audience sees a spousal ring on his hand and so learn that he is a family man. The critic John Gibbs also comments o n Mise-en scene, the contents of the frame and the bearing they are organised. During the close-up of the protagonists hand, the audience can hear a diegetic sound of the wheat blowing. A non-diegetic sound of children playing and soothing music can also be heard which again tells the audience he is a family man with something to loose. The consonant tone of music and golden cornfields set up an idyllic scene of calmness which instantly contrasts when the frame cuts to a harsh, cold and dark Germanic meshfield. The camera uses a medium close up of Maximuss face which reveals the emotions of a tired soldier. Maximus catches a coup doeil of a redrobin which symbolises his near return home to the summertime and his family. The robins red breast could also be a signifier of the forthcoming bloodshed. When Maximus moves on to greet his armament a broad shot is used which displays him walking alone.The theme of isolation comes into play which also recurs throughout the film. As the b attle scene draws near, a high move long shot is used to display the mighty Roman army. garment is used a great deal in Gladiator and adds to the films authoritative feel. A medium close up shot is used for the first time on Emperor Marcus Aurelius which shows him wearing rich clothing and touch by knights. This scene only coatings a few seconds but the audience discover he is a man of importance through costume. Moreover, Scott cute Maximus to appear as a strong character that holds high allowance as an important character. This is achieved through costume as Maximuss outfit is bigger than all other characters and has different insignias weaved into it. The costume for the untamed army is rather contrasting to that of the Roman Empire. The barbarians are dressed in strong cloth which suggests they are not nearly as advanced or wealthy as the Roams who wear steel armour. A Critical accession to Film highlights the importance of costume, Costume provides information about time and place, but, more(prenominal) importantly, they express social milieu and personal style. At 0441 the barbarian leader steps forward from his army and lunges the head of the Roman courier into the swampy ground and disrespects the Roman army.This is a episodic chain of events that avail drive the plot forward, Film narration moves forward by a succession of events linked in a casual chain. It is evident that the Roman army will fight now and Maximus kneels down to run land through his hands which is a recurring motif. The motif shows the spiritual font of Maximus, he asks the gods to fight beside him. As Maximus kneels down the audience are wedded a Point of View shot through Maximus staring into a dogs eyes. The dog symbolises the brute force of Maximus and suggests he is a wild character. As Gladiator mounts his horse the music quickens and a non-diegetic amaze beat begins to enunciate the battle scene. The music increases pace as the battle almost begins which heig htens audiences tension and excitement. As the battle begins a wave of Roman arrows are dispersed and computer generated imagery showcases a variety of special effects. A long range establishing shot on a high angle displays the destruction that the Roman Empire is unleashing.AsGladiator rides with his cavalry there is an array of fast cutting shots that last a few seconds each. The fast paced shots give the audience a battle like feel with exaggerated sound effects of swords clashing and explosions. Maximus demonstrates his leading role by shouting commands like, Stay with me and Hold the line . after the establishing shots of the battle Scott includes scenes that are more subjective to Gladiator. The gory battle follows Maximus as he enters a slow-motion phase that displays his disorientated point of view of the battle and a montage of his men fighting. Furthermore, the dog also engages in battle which suggests he is strong and independent like Gladiator. Ridley Scotts Gladiator incorporates brilliant techniques that contribute in enunciating the opening sequence.These techniques are things such as the use of costume which generates an authentic feel and camera speed which demonstrates a terrifying battle. A strong use of Mise-en-scene shows how the narrative develops through camera lighting and casual chains in the plot.

Course Assignments

riflesheet I comprise Classification Study Questions 1. withdraw between coer and indirect addresss. 2. Distinguish between prime address and conversion addresss. 3. The current assets sections of the balance sheets of trio companies follow. Which attach to is a service company? Which is a merchandiser? Which is a manufacturer? How can you tell? X-TREME Cash. $2, d Accounts Receivable 5,500 Inventory.. 8,000 postpaid Expenses. 300 make sense. $16,800 Y-NOT? ZESTO Cash. $3,000 Cash.. $2,000 Accounts Receivable 6,000 Accounts Receivable 5,000Prepaid Expenses. 500 Materials Inventory.. 1,000 Total. $9,500 Work in process memorial 800 end goods inventory 4,000 Total. $12,800 4. Francis manufacturers, a manufacturer of wood doors and windows, has prep ard the next list of accounts publicize Assemblers wages Production supervisors honorarium Depreciation of moldry Factory utilities Lathe ( machine for shaping wood) Operators wages Machinery repairs Office salaries Purchas e of glue Purchase of s bunchs and nails Purchase of pine Purchase of oak $36,000 84,200 21,400 9,200 55,600 6,400 22,600 113,800 1,600 800 99,000 250,000 There is no beginning or ending inventory. Calculate the avocation (a) treat solid employ (b) carry on labour exist (c) Factory overhead (d) (e) (f) skin rash hail Conversion cost Production cost -1- 5. Compute cost of goods construct and cost of goods sold from the undermentioned amounts subscribe to materials inventory Work in process inventory Finished goods inventory Purchases of direct materials Direct labour Manufacturing overhead Beginning of Year $22,000 38,000 18,000 End of Year $26,000 30,000 23,000 75,000 82,000 39,000 6.Clydes Pets manufactures chewing bones for puppies. At the end of declination 2008, his accounting records showed the following Inventories Materials Work in process Finished goods Other information Direct material purchases Plant janitorial service Sales salaries expenditure pitch expen se Sales revenue Beginning $13,500 0 0 $31,000 1,250 5,000 1,500 105,000 closing $9,000 1,250 5,700 Utilities for demonstrate Rent on plant Customer service hot melody expense Direct labour $4,500 9,000 1,000 18,000 Requirements i) ii) iii) take a schedule of cost of goods manufactured for the yr ended declination 31, 2008Prep be an income statement for Clydes Pets for the year ended December 31, 2008 Given that the company manufactured 17,500 units, of its crossroad in 2008, compute the companys unit return cost for the year. -2- Online Discussion Questions (Kindly prep ar these questions earlier each online session) 1. Papermaking Ltd. makes paper, which is cut and packed, before being transferred into the finished goods store. The paper is go from discussion section to department by forklift truck. Each pack of finished product contains one ream of paper.The paper is loaded onto wooden pallets before delivery to customers. The following cost information relates to Paper making Ltd. for the period ended jar against 31, 2002. Pulp corpse Wrapping paper ( utilize in packing department) Sp ar knives for cutting machine Cleaning rags for machines Royalty payments Making department wages to machine crew Cutting department wages to machine crew Packing department wages to packers Fork truck driver wages Factory foremans pay Wooden pallets Dispatch department wages Delivery vehicle drivers wages Sales managers salary Advertising be Sales office staff wagesGeneral managers salary Production managers salary Maintenance be 1 organisation salaries Electricity cost 2 Administrative office machine rental cost Sundry other be Production Administration Selling Distribution $100,000 40,000 3,500 800 500 10,000 38,000 26,000 20,000 8,000 11,000 3,600 17,000 9,600 17,500 16,500 18,500 30,000 21,500 60,000 45,000 18,000 1,000 33,000 42,000 11,000 16,000 1 Maintenance be should be charged to the functions making use of the maintenance service as follows take 8 0% administration 3% sell 3% and distribution 14%. Electricity cost should be charged to each functional body politic in the following proportions fruit 75% administration 5% selling 5% and distribution 15%. Required (i) Prep atomic number 18 a cost compend for the period ended March 31, 2002, which shows sub-totals for, prime cost, production overhead, production cost, administration cost, selling cost and distribution cost. (ii) Prepare a summary profit and loss account for the period ended 31 March 2002 showing only total figures for each function, where the following additional information is available (a) Units produced 2,500 kilos (b) Units sold 2,000 kilos $300 per kilo c) No paper was in stock at the beginning of the period. -3- 2. Smooth Sounds manufactures and sells a new line of MP-3 players. Unfortunately, Smooth Sounds suffered serious fire damage at its home office. As a result, the accounting record for October were partially destroyed- and completely jumbled. Smooth Sounds has hire you to help figure out the missing pieces of the accounting puzzle. Work in process inventory, October 31. Finished goods inventory, October 1. Direct labour in October Purchases of direct materials in October Work in process inventory, October 1 Revenues in October..Accounts receivable, October 1. Gross profit in October.. $1,500 4,300 3,000 9,000 0 27,000 2,000 12,000 Accounts payable, October 1.. Direct materials used in October. Accounts payable, October 31 Accounts receivable, October 31 Direct materials inventory, Oct. 31. Manufacturing Overhead in October.. $3,000 8,000 5,200 6,500 3,000 6,300 Required Compute the following amounts i) Manufacturing cost ii) Cost of goods manufactured in October iii) Cost of goods sold in October iv) Beginning direct materials inventory v) Ending finished goods inventory 3.The table below shows monthly data dispassionate on facilities maintenance department costs and on the number of patient-days serviced over the past year. Month January February March April May June July August September October November December (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) Department Costs $37,000 $23,000 $37,000 $47,000 $33,000 $39,000 $32,000 $33,000 $17,000 $18,000 $22,000 $20,000 Of patient-days 3,700 1,600 4,100 4,900 3,300 4,400 3,500 4,000 1,200 1,300 1,800 1,600 Determine the variable cost per patient-day and the fixed cost using the highlow method. What is the equation of the total mixed cost function?Prepare the scatter diagram, clearly showing any outliers. Using the line of best-fit, match departments fixed cost per month and the variable cost per patient-day. In view of the departments cost behaviour pattern, which of the twain methods appear more appropriate? Explain your answer. -4- Practice Questions (The following questions are to be used for self study sessions) 1. Inventoriable product costs a) accommodate marketing costs and research and development costs b) Include the costs of direct materials, direct lab our, and manufacturing overhead used to produce a product ) Include only the costs of direct materials and direct labour used to produce a product d) Both A and B are specify 2. Manufacturing overhead is a a) Product cost b) Period cost c) Indirect cost d) Both A and C are correct 3. Direct materials a) Are used to determine total inventoriable product costs b) Are used to determine total manufacturing overhead c) Can non be distributively and conveniently traced through the manufacturing process to finished goods inventory d) Must not become part of the finished product 4. a) b) c) d) Which of the following is least straight about a manufacturing setting?Conversion costs refer to the costs applied to materials that convert it into a finished product. Direct labour and manufacturing overheads makes up conversion costs. When compared to the manufacturing setting, purchases and freight in are a part of inventoriable costs for a merchandiser under US GAAP. Inventoriable product cost s are not recorded as assets until the product is sold. When ending finished goods inventory is subtracted from the sum of beginning finished goods inventory and cost of goods manufactured, the result is cost of goods sold 5.Cost of goods manufactured during 2006 is $240, WIP inventory on December 31, 2006 is $50. WIP inventory during 2006 decrease 60%. Total manufacturing costs incurred during 2006 amount to a) $190 b) $165 c) $290 d) $315 -5- 6. You are given the following for the production of office chairs by the company Chairs and more(prenominal) Quantity produced 100 200 300 400 500 600 Total Fixed Costs (JMD$) 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 Variable cost per unit is $150. The production of 15,000 chairs depart cost a) $2,260,000 b) $1,500,000 c) $10,000 d) $25,000 7.Work in process inventory increased $20,000 during 2005. Cost of goods manufactured was $280,000, Total manufacturing costs incurred in 2005 are a) $298,000 b) $262,000 c) $289,000 d) $300,000 8. W right Company reports production costs for 2006 as follows Direct materials used $375,000 Direct labour incurred $250,000 Manufacturing overhead incurred $400,000 run expenses $145,000 Wrights period costs and product costs respectively for 2006 are a) b) c) d) $145,000 and $1,025,000 $1,025,000 and $145,000 $545,000 and $975,000 $975,000 and $545,000 End of worksheet 1 -6-

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Organizational Communications Strategy Essay

Leaders atomic number 18 responsible for motivating multitude to do their work effectively and achieve super acid objectives. Some believe leaders atomic number 18 born but some of the qualities can also be embedded in leaders done training and learning. conference is the demonstrate when one person conveys thoughts or feelings to a nonher case-by-case or assemblage of people. The effectiveness of the communication movement can be measured by message intended is equal to the message extracted.Feedback is essential for the communication process as this provides a response to on how successful we obtain been in transferring our message as originally intended. Teams focus on a incarnate style of working where the team members work to fascinateher to achieve common goals. In teams the synergy level is coercive, that is the performance of the team is greater than the individual efforts. The self managed teams discussed in this case are linked with empowerment, empowering em ployees enables them to participate fracture in team decision making processes.Leaders should facilitate and attain the trust of these teams rather than try to control and dictate to them. This allows instant carry through to be taken against a problem leading to valuable solutions. Communication is the back bone of an organization it is one of the closely distinguished aspects inevitable for the survival and success of the organization, whether the objective is dealing with corporate clients, employees or macrocosm- king-sized public.The aim of the massage is to get across the Messages clearly, convincingly and to the relevant sended audiences, subject that is delivered should be conveyed using the most effective and efficient channels, and a important aspect which is to be kept in mind is that Communications are customized to reflect pagan, and local diversity so it should be utilized consequently for the betterment of the organization. Every thing done in the organiz ation is through communication so it is a very significant element of all organization.The company I have chosen of the fortune 500 is FedEx the communication strategy is because to the current trends in the stemma, I lead underscore on IT for the purpose of communication whether it be with in the organization or out side to customers, the internet will be used in fact for this purpose, as it is the most efficient and effective communication intermediate of deliver era. IT internal use it is a blessing as at present organization are moving toward paper less offices and e-mails are the best track to correspond and to Provide timely responses to all questions and feedback received.For away use website is a best source to string new and prolong present customer as a large population of the world uses the WWW, for socializing, checking e-mails, browsing etc. using this medium will help FedEx in Developing focused, tailed communications at the right time to the correct audien ce, go across concise, pertinent, interesting content with a positive tone to cater the market. clearsite will be used for the purpose of providing a repository of business wide communications and questions and answers that is easily accessible to all FedEx concern employees.A nonher snappy source I would use for my communication strategy will be the mobile earpiece, it has been growing rapidly at present and the cell phone has become one of the most vital means to convey messages, as the general public who use cell phones are addicted to it. We could target our customer by mobile massages which are used at present companies to attract customer, further the merge of the mobile and the internet has had a positive impact on the industry. Further, we could use new(prenominal) means of promoting their Internet merchandise efforts offline like newsletters, direct mails, etc in order to reach to a greater extent people nationally and internationally.The same tools can be used to pro mote non only the website but the company as a whole at the same time based on data gathered more or less customers online. Conduct online promotion using banner ads, e-newsletters, e-zines, etc. Since internet selling is a new concept, those people who do go online may not be aware of exactly which companies have websites now. Therefore it would be a really effective idea right now to start placing banner ads on websites, there should be an overall adjoin in knowingness of the use of Websites to interact with their customers online.I believe that the postal system is not very reliable but the usage of online advertisement can increase the interactivity and understanding of consumers and become more personalized. The World Wide Web has got billions of users with a great deal of attention from press and industry analysts. Its got prominent names like Amazon and Yahoo which reach outs it sound even more intimidating to small businesses to use the Internet as a big part of thei r marketing solution. Like traditional advertising, Web marketing does not need a catchy slogan or striking images or animations.To get started, all one needs to do is state moreover the facts who you are, what you sell, where youre located, and other basic randomness. It does not hail a rophy to fix mistakes, add new information or make other changes. Thats one source of anxiety absent in Web marketing. The same free tools used to develop web pages can be used to fix them, add to them or expand them. Todays consumers rarely wait until they enter a store before they bewilder to develop a decision to purchase one brand over another. For most businesses this is one of the greatest opportunities of the Internet.By responding to the consumers need for information and providing them with the information they are looking for earlier in the sales cycle, a business of any size can develop the kind of branded family relationship that at one time only corporations with large ad budgets could afford. To get maximum benefit one can blend conventional advertising with online advertising to further energize and empower the overall campaign and make it interactive. What is needed is creativity and imaginative thinking. There is no particular, sure-fire way of doing it right and there is hardly a code of conduct.That gives internet-advertising a parcel of breathing space but also leaves no excuses for not beingness innovative. As I have mentioned above if we conduct a cost and benefit analysis it would portray more benefit than the cost, the major target market of this media are the corporate clients as they make up most of the market in using FedEx services, with this innovative medium we will attract new customer for our product as well, the stake holder are the employee, loyal customer, the management of FedEx etc.In order to cater hea hence nuances of people from all over the world we will have website customized to tick the particular countries culture, and we will endeavor to cater the worldwide culture accordingly for instance Take nudity, Many Mildest cultures are reluctant to displaying womens skin, while Europeans are far more tolerant of public nudity than Americans, these cultural difference will be catered for the effectiveness of the organizational communications strategy. nicety is a very difficult term to define. However, certain people have gone on and defined culture well by saw that it is a set of shared values, panoramas and practices of a community or gathering of people. (Definition of Culture) The importance of the understanding of a socio-cultural environment of any country is imperative mood to attaining business advantage and eventually translatable success.This understanding of socio-cultural environment is then translated effectively into business practices so that they appeal to the local crowd and realize a positive image of the firm in their minds. (Cultural Barriers) In my opinion this organizational com munications strategy will do wonders for the organization, I rely this strategy will be implemented for the betterment of the organization.

Macbeth essay conflicts Essay

The nonorious Shakespe atomic number 18an play Macbeth illustrates a natural evil and greed for world-beater present in the human race. Even in modern times, ordination relates to Macbeth as people are consistently striving for a higher(prenominal) rank and power. Sometimes, people are even prepared to get into hard situations to achieve their goals, and this gives rise to skirmishs. There are three main types of conflict present in the Macbeth play man vs man, man vs nature, and man vs self. The close to prominent form of conflict in Macbeth is man vs man. Throughout intimately scenes, on that point are several conflicts between seven-fold characters. After Macbeth takes the throne, there are many people who are suspicious of him and want to do him harm. In response to these conflicts, Macbeth plots take outs to kill anyone who gets in his way or threatens his power.Macbeth exclaims The castle of Macduff I will surprise, / Seize upon Fife, give to th edge o th sword, / H is wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls / That trace him in his line (Shakespeare IV, i, 171-174). Macbeth thinks the performance of Macduffs family purely because the Weird Sisters told him Beware, Macduff (Shakespeare IV, i, 81). Macbeths logic in this plan is difficult to understand, but possibly by harming Macduffs family, Macduff will be harmed through pain and despair. Macbeth also kills Banquo, who used to be a genuinely good friend, just because he was worried that he might singular something. Safe in a ditch he bides, / With twenty trenches gashes on his head, / The least a death to nature (Shakespeare III, iv, 28-30).The evil acts Macbeth shoot downs causes several of the characters to plump anxious and gain suspicion of Macbeth. Apart from struggles with other people, Macbeth also has a hard time figuring out what he wants to do with his multiple situations. The man vs self conflict is most notably seen with Macbeth. He is easily influenced by his wife wench Macbeth, and it seems as thought his character transforms and becomes much evil as the murders continue. Macbeth is very frustrated on what to do, as he discusses First, as I am his kinsmen and his subject / Strong both against the work then, as his host, / Who should against his murder shut the door, / Not bear the knife myself (Shakespeare I, vii, 13-16). Macbeth is unconnected as he is arguing with himself on what he should do. He states yards not to kill Duncan, because Macbeth is his noble kinsmen and the actwould bring dishonor.However, he also states reason why he should kill him, because Macbeth will then become queen mole rat and fulfill the witches fortune. Lady Macbeth, who appears in the beginning as the driving force for the murder of King Duncan, also develops internal conflict. At first, Lady Macbeth seems to be a woman of extreme confidence and will. But, as situations become to a greater extent and more unstable in the play, guilt develops inside her. For ins tance, she exclaims Wash your hands. fructify on your nightgown. / Look not so pale. I tell you again, Banquos / Burried he cannot come out on s grave (Shakespeare V, ii, 65-67). Lady Macbeth sleepwalks and frets about her evil wrongdoings because she is extremely guilty of her influence on Macbeth to commit the murder.Lady Macbeth reacts emotionally and dwells on her actions as guilt eats at her soul. The final conflict seen in Macbeth is man vs nature. This conflict is not as well shown as the others but is still present. For example, when Macbeth commits his first unjustifiable murder of King Duncan, the land rebels. Huge storms arise, the grey clouds come out, and the animals even scoop eating each other. Traditionally, kings are directly related to their land and wrong versa. When the king dies, the land gets upset and gloomy, as seen with the weather. The well known shocking Shakespearean play Macbeth demonstrates an innate maliciousness and gluttony for authority animate d in our human race. Even in present-day, the population connects with Macbeth as they are consistently working for a better position in society. either now and then, individuals are even willing to put themselves into odd raft to reach their target, and this gives rise to disputes and conflict. Eventually, all is resolved with the death of Macbeth and the rise of Malcolm as King. The overall reason people study conflict is because conflict teaches everyone ethical motive and life lessons. Through difficult and troublesome struggles, humans can evolve and adapt to become more honorable and good people.

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Resume Cover Letter samples Essay

dear Mr. or Ms. Last spend a pennyYour opening split should briefly forgo you and your interest in the bon ton. If you ar awargon of a particularized post or opening, refer to it now. This divide should in addition be enforced to call the names of individuals you bugger off met from the company (e.g., at the EIS, company event or other net functioning event), or the individual who directed you to this person. Cite other inquiry that prompted you to write, much(prenominal) as a recent article on the company or a positive net lop action. The last line in this paragraph should give a summary statement of who you argon and why you be a loaded plump for the seat.Your middle paragraph (or two) should consist of specific examples from your background that would be of greatest interest to the company and consequently arrive at the notion of fit. Do not just consider broad generalizations nearly your skill set any assertions rough your skills go to be okay up with specific examples of how/why you make believe come aparted those skills. Focus on your skills and accomplishments and how they could contribute to the company, but do not simply restate what is on your resume. Demonstrate that you know about the organization and the industry.If you are a public life changer, it is essential to clearly state your transferable skills from previous fix that straightway relates to the skills pick upd in the position you are interested in. Your closing paragraph represents your summation and should outline the key next steps. For example, statethat you would like to controvert employment opportunities or other data with the person and that you plan on foregathering them on a specific date. If the company has a specific position available, ask for an prospect to query. give thanks the addressee for his or her clipping and con billetration. Include your mobilise and email address in case the cover letter gets obscure from your resume.Sincer ely,(signature)Your take verge(s) (If you send resume or other materials.)Student take123 Riverside DrivePhiladelphia, PA 19103w findMs. Recruit Mint go around fraternity123 Recruiting Lane late York, NY 10027 good Ms. MintAs a premier twelvemonth scholarly person at the Wharton School, I would like to be considered for your intersection development summertime internship program. aft(prenominal) aid your on campus initiation in October, I became real worked up about the exciting biography opportunities and dynamic culture at high hat society. I was particularly move with Best participations dexterity to maintain a weeny company culture turn offering the resources and professional development opportunities of a large conglomerate. Additionally, my conversations with Joe smith and Susie Queue served only to intone my belief that Best bon ton would be the i mint candy place for me to leverage my strong analytic and marketing abilities to straighten out a stiff impact in the consumer goods industry.I entrust my strong finance and marketing background, a longsighted with my prior consumer goods finger will change me to be an effective part of Best confederations police squad. Prior to Wharton, I worked in the consumer goods industry for 5 years, use export sales and marketing products for a leading beverage firm. As the leader of a 15 person cross functional team up tasked with launching the companys first stark naked product in 5 years, I erudite a great deal about the importance of creating buy in at all levels of the organization and spirit consumers needs and preferences. Despite aggressive deadlines and budget constraints, I lead the team to happyly launch a $10 million new product which stay ons to be one of the top 3 selling beverages in its segment.In addition, during my MBA learning, I have guidanceed on developing my strategic compendium and monetary planning competencies, two playing fi elds which I know are diminutive supremacy factors for product managers in Best Company. These skills, along with my prior work association and love life for new product development, will modify me to heartyly contribute to your line of reasoning. I would welcome the opportunity to interview with your company when you are on campus on February 4. Please find my resume attached. I spirit onward to meeting with you soon and want to thank you in fall out for your clip and consideration.Sincerely,Wharton StudentEnclosure ResumeStudent Name123 Uris avenue, expert 3 pertly York, NY, 10025DateMs. Recruit MintRecruiting CoordinatorUnilever123 both passageAnytown, State, 12345Dear Ms. MintI am a first-year student at the Wharton School of business organization planning onpursuing a divvy uper in rat management. While attending your companys presentation on October 4, I was particularly impressed with the entrepreneurial prospect of Unilever grass managers and their emph asis on both the qualitative side of marketing, creativeness, and the numerical side, market research. I believe that my background in consulting and strategic planning, have with my exposure to marketing and consumer cortical potential would be a strong fit for Unilever. Therefore, I am writing to put across an interview for the stake steering summertime Intern position in the Home and Personal fretting business.Prior to attending Wharton, I acquired a diverse set of marketing, analytic and purge management skills. My inhabit work instantly for the Vice chair of Market Research and Consumer Insight at Seagrams Spirits and wine-coloured on an ethnic marketing strategy will change me to agilely grasp consumer marketing and demographic issues approach your products. My role as director in Strategic supply for Seagrams gave me the opportunity to interact with senior management, to work with marketing directors in impertinent affiliates and to gain marketing flum mox with a global perspective. Specifically, I led cross-functional teams in Costa Rica, Venezuela and Mexico to fine-tune marketing strategies for presentation to senior management.In addition, I managed several(prenominal) international agencies in public relations, advertising and events planning for a Captain Morgan sensation campaign which resulted in a 20% increase in brand awareness. I believe that my exposure to senior management and to the tactical side of marketing, combined with the skills I gained as a management consultant uninflected thinking, team leadership and client relationship management- will allow me to make an immediate impact at Unilever. I believe I take the essential marketing and management skills to be a successful brand manager at Unilever and would appreciate the opportunity to interview on your closed in(p) list on February 8. give thanks you for your consideration and I look forward to calling with you soon. Regards,Student NameEnclosure Resu meStudent Name123 Arch drivewayPhiladelphia, PA, 19111DateMs. Jane DoeSenior Recruiter wedge 123456 seawall StreetNew York, NY 11111Dear Ms. DoeAs a bit year MBA student at The Wharton School of Business, I would like to be considered for your thirty position. Through dissertateions with current employees, including Victor Jones from your XYZ group, I am convince that Goldman Sachs offers the best platform for a successful career. I have long been interested in the various monetary innovations employing fixed income securities. This passion, combined with my strong banking experience this past summer and my truly strong analytical and valued abilities, makes me a strong fit for your fixed income group.Over the past summer, I worked as a summer associate at Bank alphabet in both equity research and corporate finance. I learned a tremendous amount about the operation of securities business and how to communicate and market ones idea however, it also made me net fixed income securities and derivatives are a better fit with my quantitative and analytical approach than equities. in advance business school I was trained and worked as a scientist in genetic research, during which I led teams in successful completion of two projects and further developed my intercourse and leadership skills.I would very much appreciate the opportunity to interview with your company when you are on campus on February 4th. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any additional questions, I can be contacted at 215-XXX-XXXX or first Thank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,John M. Carter123 Arch StreetPhiladelphia, PA, 19111XXX-XXX-XXXXabcwharton.upenn.eduDateMs. Jane DoeSenior RecruiterBank 123456 Wall StreetNew York, NY 11111Dear Ms. Doe,I just graduated from The Wharton School of Business and am extremely interested in pursuing a full time position in Sales and Trading with your firm. I am a highly motivated and outgoing indivi dual, as evidenced by my previous work experience in the enthronisation banking industry, and I am overconfident(p) that an opportunity in Sales and Trading would allow me to combine these traits with my analytical, estimator and quantitative problem solving skills.Spending the summer rotating through the employment floor at Bear Stearns allowed me to realize that a trade environment with excitement, challenges and learning opportunities is where I need to be. While an analyst for Electronic data Systems, I worked with Credit Suisse First Boston and Deutsche Bank traders and their outlines. Prior to that, at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette I worked for the debt-trading desk, capital markets group and investment banking group. Through these positions, I gained substantial knowledge of the securities industry and experience in project management and business development. In addition, the demanding time constraints taught me to work salutary within a team.In addition, prior to st arting at Wharton, I spent four months trading full time for my personal account. With these experiences, I feel that I havesubstantial exposure to the markets and their trends and will continue to learn how to use them to my advantage. I have the educational background, academic achievement, practical experience, and passion to be an nifty division of your team.I hope that you will find me well pendent for this position and I would like to reiterate my strong interest to discuss this opportunity and my qualifications with you further. I will contact you early next hebdomad to discuss a mutually convenient time for us to express and look forward to meeting you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely,Your Name goes hereStudent Name1111 Ben Franklin StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19XXXXXX-XXX-XXXXxxxwharton.upenn.eduDateMs. Tina BrownAssistant Vice hot seatBank XYZ999 Wall Street12th FloorNew York, NY 11111Dear Ms. BrownAs a second year MB A student at Wharton School of Business, I am writing to express my interest in the full-time associate position at Bank XYZ in the capital of the United Kingdom office. I am impressed with the opportunities the firm gives its employees to work in diverse teams and to advise clients on cross-border strategic decisions.Over the summer I served as a Summer Associate in the Real Estate intentness Group of JP Morgans corporate finance division. On the third calendar week of my internship I was assigned to work on a French attainment for a major client and was thrust into a field in which I had no prior experience. My rapidunderstanding of this new area and my solid transaction management, people management and strong analytical skills enabled me to make valuable shares to the project. The subject matter was fascinating and convinced me to further develop my real estate expertise by attending relevant classes, such as Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Transactions. I am interested in building on my summer experience and building a career in investment banking, particularly in the real estate field.Should you require additional information, please contact me by phone or via e-mail. I look forward to meeting with you when you are interviewing on campus in October. Thank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,XXXXXXXXXEnclosureStudent Name123 West 21st StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19XXXDateMs. Jane JohnsonStrategic provisionCompany first rudiment101 JFK Parkway 5th FloorAny city, PA 19XXXDear Ms. JohnsonI would like to express my interest in the XXX internship position with the Company first principles Strategic Planning Group.I have followed closely the movement of your company, and I have been very impressed. I believe that Company ABC has done a st part job leveraging its unique brand and assets into a relationship with the consumer that generates fourfold streams of revenue from a single customer, and that it has done extremely well in creating new and profitable business segments for the company. Much of that success I portion to the Strategic PlanningGroup, and I would be very delirious to use my skills in the development of the next set of strategies that will further strengthen that bond with the customer and that will produce consistent and profitable ontogeny over the coming years.Prior to Wharton, I honed my team leadership, strategy development, and analysis skills while working at XXX Bank. I managed a project to boost net profits by $70 million per year by identifying dissatisfied customers and designing solutions to address their concerns. To succeed my team conducted focus groups to understand the reasons for bank note member complaints, brainstormed on programs to address these issues, make outd dilate cost-benefit analyses of proposed solutions, and last coordinated the various groups necessary to implement our recommendations. The project required a comprehensive strategic vision, tremendous attention to det ail, strong analytical skills, the ability to clearly communicate ideas, and the ability to mobilize groups with different agendas towards a harsh objective. I believe these skills would allow me to contribute to Company ABC by developing, analyzing, and implementing the next generation of business strategies.With my penchant for producing tangible results and my enthusiasm for tackling poser issues, I am confident that I can make significant contributions to Company ABC. I hope that you find my background and experience a good fit for your company, and I ask that you include me in your forthcoming full-time interview schedule.I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards,Student NameSteve Stevenson222 Western Street, Apartment APhiladelphia, PA 19995abcwharton.upenn.edu215-999-9999 mobileDateMr. Jeff JeffersonAssociate, Investment BankingABC Bank123 Wall Street.New York, NY 10004Dear Mr. JeffersonI am a first year MBA student at Whar ton and am interested in interviewing with ABC Bank for a summer associate position in investment banking. After conducting informational interviews with Eric Erikson, Daniel Danielson, and David Davidson, I am very interested in befitting a part of the successful team at ABC Bank.Before attending business school, I worked for over four years in acquisitions at Company ABC, the nations largest health care REIT. My major accomplishments at Company ABC included Closing over 50 transactions totaling $425 millionAnalyzing the acquisition of a $1.5 billion competing health care REIT Preparing and presenting investment committee packages to the board of directors for transaction approvalsLeading multiple deal teams simultaneously on numerous transactions and Ascending from analyst to helper vice president through two promotions.I am confident that my skills and experience in the real estate industry will enable me to positively contribute to Company ABC. I appreciate your consideration for an on-campus interview with your firm in February. Should you require additional information please contact me at 215-999-9999. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,Steve StevensonSteve Stevenson222 Western Street, Apartment APhiladelphia, PA 19995abcwharton.upenn.edu215-999-9999 mobileDateMr. Jeff JeffersonRecruiterABC Company123 Main Street.New York, NY 10004Dear Mr. JeffersonI am a first-year MBA student at Wharton with a concentration in marketing and prior experience in market development. I recently read about the joint danger ABC Company is doing with XYZ Communications to expand its broadcast presence in the young adult market. I would be very excited to speak with you about how I could contribute to the success of this exciting new partnership.I believe my background and prior experience will enable me to be an effective part of ABC Companys team. Prior to Wharton, I worked in the European consumer good industry for four years, handling export sales and marketing for a leading Italian beverage firm. My experience working with the primary European and North American markets gave me a range of essential skills, including insight into consumer purchasing behavior, distribution channels, and advertising and media planning.I successfully managed new product launches and campaigns throughout Europe, helping the company expand into new markets. During my MBA formulation, I focused on developing my strategic analysis and financial/investment planning competencies. I believe that these skills coupled with my passion for media would enable me to significantly contribute to your business.I would like the opportunity to discuss how my talents could be utilized at Company ABC. I will contact you during the week of February 18 to set up a mutually convenient time for us to talk. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to talk with you.Sincerely,Steve StevensonDavid GreenP.O. Box 5555New York, NY 10010215-XXX-XXXXDateMs. Mary Davis onVice chairCompany XYZ100 5th AvenueNew York, NY 10101Dear Ms. DavisonI am a first-year student at the Wharton School of Business pursuing a career in investment management and I am writing to express my interest in the XYZ position with Company XYZ. Your long-term investment perspective and multiple portfolio counselor system diddle a richer perspective to your investments. In addition, your unique research portfolio allows your Research Analysts to directly contribute to your friends success. During four years in the management consulting industry, I concentrated on improving distribution and manufacturing activities in my clients supply chains.The projects I sinless taught me the many factors that influence the performance of publicly traded companies and allowed me to hone my client relations skills. Both competencies would serve me well at Company XYZ. My current temporary equity research position at ABC Asset prudence is also developing my equity analysis and valuation skill sets. The detailedresearch I am performing is furthering my knowledge of how to best canvas a companys future prospects. I am very interested in oratory with you about how I would contribute to the success of Company XYZ. I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you during you on campus interviews on February XX. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to harangue with you.Sincerely,David GreenEnclosureJohn Talksalot155 East 45th StreetNew York, NY 10001xyzwharton.upenn.edu917-201-6716DateMs. Natalie AndrewsHuman Resources AssociateConsumer Products Company ABC555 capital of The Netherlands AvenueTarrytown, NY 10591Dear Ms. AndrewsI am a first-year student at the Wharton School concentrating in marketing. I am writing to request an interview on March 3, 2003, for the Summer Associate Global Brand Management position. After attending your MBA Open House on October 21, 2003, and talk with your colleagues, John Harvey and Jay Fisher, I believe Consumer Products Company ABC would be an smooth match for my future career in global brand management. My passion for the food sector stems from the early exposure I had by working in my familys food business. I am also excited about contributing my four years of strategic planning and consumer insight to your company.As Manager of Strategic Planning at MasterCard, I led cross-functional teams that developed and implemented integrated marketing plans and successfully communicated our platinum cards benefits to consumers with maximum impactand efficiency.This role also afforded me the opportunity to interact with senior management from other divisions, work with marketing directors in foreign affiliates and gain marketing experience with a global perspective. I believe that my tactical success in expanding MasterCards brand name by targeting new consumer segments as well as my success in refinement its core market strategies would enable me to make a fine contribution to your team.Thank you for yo ur consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Best regards,Michael TalksalotEnclosureJacob Jacobson100 South 22nd StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19100abcwharton.upenn.eduTel (215) 999-9999DateMs. Karen SmithCampus Recruiting ManagerABC Consulting150 BroadwayNew York, NY 10101Dear Ms. SmithI am a first year MBA student at the Wharton School writing to apply for a consulting position in your summer associate program. I am particularly interested in working in the Health Care practice of your New York office. After attending your company presentation and speaking with several consultants from your firm, including John Johnson of the Philadelphia office, I was excited by the opportunity to contribute to ABC Consultings innovative work in the health care field. Further more, I was impressed by the refined structure of the summer program, and ABC Consultings strong reputation for focussing on both strategy and implementation.As a facultymember at University of Pennsylvania Med ical School, I led a add together of basic science projects in diverse disease areas enjoying the opportunity to create and confirm hypothesis. (EXAMPLE) I also had the opportunity to gain managerial experience by collaborating closely with teams of biomedical researchers and ensuring the team thrived in environments of uncertainty. (EXAMPLE include doom here about quant skills and an example of how you used them). My biomedical science training coupled with my strong leadership experiences and extensive quantitative skills will enable me to provide value to ABC Consulting and its clients.I look forward to speaking with you or your representative when you visit campus in February. In case you require additional information, please feel free to contact me at 215-XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much for your considerationSincerely,Jacob JacobsonMs. Susie Stephenson1955 Sansom StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19101Mr. John JohnsonCompany ABCCorporate FinanceDateDear Mr. JohnsonI am writing to apply for a position as a Summer Financial Associate with Company ABC. As a first-year MBA at the Wharton School, where I am majoring in finance and health care management, I have come to appreciate the unique opportunities provided by Company ABC. After attending your on-campus presentation, I am excited about the finance opportunities at Company ABC. I have been particularly impressed by Company ABCs ability to maintain asmall-company culture while building a large conglomerate of consumer products, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.With over four years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, I have not only developed sophisticated analytical skills, but also the leadership capabilities necessary to address the growing financial and strategic concerns facing companies today. Most recently as a Financial Analyst at XYZ Pharmaceuticals, where I provided financial support for two therapeutic areas as well as business development activities, I mobilized my colleagues to offer a struggle business unit better financial support. I implemented more insightful ways to look at value options through financial analyses as well as provided deal support on several out-licensing and codevelopment opportunities.In addition, my previous work advising biopharmaceutical clients at ABC Consulting enabled me to fine-tune my communication skills. With my drive, skills, and experience, I am confident that I can make an immediate contribution towards the growth of Company ABC. I look forward to the opportunity to interview with you or your representative when you are on campus in February. tie please find a copy of my resume. If you have any questions, I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Susie StephensonDateMx. XXX XXXCompany XAddressCity, State, ZipDear XXXX,I am writing to apply for an XXX position with Company Xs ABC stratum. After gaining additional perspective on ABC through my attendance at Company Xs informa tion session and conversations with Benjamin Lim and David Kasper, I am convinced that ABC Division would be an ideal environment tofurther my marketing career pursuits. I am impressed with Company Xs marketing training, street smart drug research and ethics-driven culture. The pharmaceutical sales and marketing strategy insights I gained from health care consulting will enable me to make immediate and invariable contributions to ABC Divisions brand management teams.During my tenure at Consulting unattackable Y, I assisted executives at Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies in devising innovative, multi-channel sales and marketing strategies. By leveraging my creativity and analytical skills, I enabled my clients to differentiate themselves from their competition and enhance physician sixth sense and reach. My strong communication skills will also be valuable in crafting physician messaging and internally sharing information with my Company X teammates. This skill was recognized by upper management at Consulting Firm Y, as I was selected to lead firm-wide training on presentation crafting and storyboarding.Lastly, my porta in developing a corporate knowledge sharing system at Consulting Firm Y reshaping ABC Pharmaceuticals training and vendor qualification system, and serving on the Wharton MBA Curriculum Advisory board demonstrate my leadership and involvement in continued enhancement of the environments where I have worked and studied. I look forward to the opportunity to interview and to continue to learn more about marketing career opportunities at Company X. Should you have any questions regarding my interests or qualifications, please do not swerve to contact me via e-mail or at XXX-XXX-XXXX.Sincerely,Student Name

Nursing Care Delivery Model

Nursing treat Delivery persevering Centered portion out and team Nursing Brittany Saum Pima health check Institute Jim Follbaum, RN, MSN/Edu 17th of whitethorn 2012 Care Delivery Nursing is ongoing and lifelong, for the take for and the long-suffering. It is not limited to the age spent in the hospital, moreover follows the nurse and tolerant for life. It is the nurse that keeps the diligent of going and progress tos to know the patient and it is the nurse that delivers the worry to the patient. The importance of the way the nurse delivers this care to the patient can make all the difference to the patients abide at the hospital and whether any teaching impart be affective or vertical overlooked.This paper is a comparison between two commonly utilise most holdful ways of care delivery forbearing-Centered Care and Team Nursing. Patient Centered Care Patient bear on care is just just as it sounds, care that places the patient first. In even simpler terms, patien t-centered care is a type in which hospital providers partner with patients and their families to identify and pander the full range of patient needs and preferences, while simultaneously livelihood the professional and personal aspirations of their staff (Frampton S. Guastello, Brady, Hale, Smith, & St wholeness, 2011). Patient centered care is the right on care, the highest quality care and the most cost effective care for that one patient (Peraino, Robert A. MD, FACP, 2008). Advantages of Patient Centered Care There are some advantages to patient centered care. The main benefit is continuity of care. Patient centered care also increases breast feeding autonomy. In turn, it assists with consanguinitys between the patient and nurse as intumesce as the separate health care providers conglomerate in the patients care.Patients and families are able to develop a trusting relationship with the nurse who in turn makes it easier for the patient to recover and be happier during th eir stay in the hospital. Patient centered care seems to be more effective when teaching the patient as well. It allows the patient and family to be involved in their health care. This makes them more willing and compliant to continue on their regimens and get divulge sooner. Disadvantages of Patient Centered Care One disfavor of patient centered care is cost.The RNs spend time to do what an unassisted accredited personnel employee can do therefore increasing the costs. One other disadvantage is that nurse to patient ratios have to be low in order to ensure there is enough time to meet the patients needs. This also affects the costs on the hospital. They require more RNs free-and-easy therefore increasing patients costs as well as the hospitals. Team Nursing Team nurse care became more popular during the 1950s. This was a way to ease the shortage of nurses and to address problems with nursing as it was. Team nursing assigns staff into diametrical teams.A team inwardly this mo del usually consists of an RN (registered nurse), a LPN (licensed practical nurse), and a UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel), (Zewekh & Claborn, 2009). The team leader supervises and coordinates all the care provided by those on the team. The team leader is in charge of making assignments for team base on clients needs and asperity, taking in friendliness the assigned nurses strengths and weaknesses. Because the team leader is responsible for delegating specific duties to staff, communicating among team members is a crucial part of this type of nursing.The assignments are disscussed at beginning of jailbreak and a meeting at end of shift is held to summerized care given during the shift and questions and comments about the shift can be made at this point. Advantages of Team Nursing Team nursing evolved as a way to address the problems with a functional approach, (Zerwekh & Claborn, 2009). Team nursing is focused on making assignments based on clients needs and the members. The team leader plans assignments based on acuity of clients needs by taking advantage of nurses strengths.This allows for the client to have better care. One other advantage ot this type of nursing is that the client workload is overlap among the team members. This makes the work easier on all of the staff. The workload is shared allowing everyone to work smarter, not harder. It reduces room for error. Disadvantages of Team Nursing The main disadvantage or team nursing is that the leader is untimately responsible for everyone on the team. They must(prenominal) continually evaluate and communicate with all members of the team to ensure that everything is runnel smoothly.Some team members may not care for this thinking that they are world babysat and non accountable. One of the basis of team nursing is to have group meetings and discussions at the beginning of shift and end of shift. This can be very time consuming which can cause problems due to financial restrictions in use of ove rtime. Conclusion In conclusion, all nursing model types work for different situations. They just need to be tailored to each individual situation. Patient Centered Nursing and Team Nursing some(prenominal) have everyones best interest in mind, the patient and the nurse.If it whole caboodle for the situation whence use the model deemed necessary to make everyone happy. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and both are needed in every healthcare setting. The decision of which model the facility will use may vary, but the goal will always be the same, excellent nursing care.Related essay Ati RN Community health Online Practice 2016 BReferencesFrampton, S. B. , & Guastello, S. (2010). Putting Patients First Patient-Centered Care More than the Sum of its Parts. American Journal of Nursing , 49-53. Frampton, S. , Guastello, S. , Brady, C. , Hale, M. Smith, S. B. , & Stone, S. (2011). Patient-Centered Care amelioration Guide. Retrieved May 15, 2012, from Patient-Centered C are. Org http//www. patient-centeredcare. org/inside/abouttheguide. html Gannett Healthcare Group. (2012, May). Group Team-based care works best against hypertension. Retrieved May 15, 2012, from Nurse. com http//news. nurse. com/article/20120515/NATIONAL02/105280003 Nursing Theories. (2012, January). Models of Nursing Care Delivery. Retrieved May 15, 2012, from Current Nursing http//currentnursing. om/nursing_theory/models_of_nursing_care_delivery. html Peraino, Robert A. MD, FACP (2008). Patient Centered Care. Retrieved May 16, 2012, from Patient Centered Care. net http//patientcenteredcare. net/ Weinstock, M. (2010, March). Team Based Care. Retrieved May 16, 2012, from Hospitals & Health Networks http//www. hhnmag. com/hhnmag_app/jsp/articledisplay. jsp? dcrpath=HHNMAG/Article/data/03MAR2010/1003HHN_FEA_gatefold&domain=HHNMAG Zwewekh & Claborn (2009). Nursing Today, Transitions and Trends 6th edition. St. Louis, MO. Saunders Elsevier.

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Internet Privacy Essay

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a great opportunity for each fledging enterpriser to expose his goods to buyers all over the globe through the internet. microscopic and medium scale businesses, with the right mixture of products and e-commerce capabilities fag thrive in a global market. Geography is straightway longer a hindrance. wiz doesnt even need a great amount of slap-up outlay to lounge about started. For $ 25 a month, one can get an e-commerce start up kit (Exploring E-Commerce). Every imaginable commodity is now sold on-line. It would be wise for any business minded someone to ride the schooling age.Of course, one ara of concern when it comes to electronic proceeding is protective cover. There have been many instances where address card information submitted to legitimate business related web offices were stolen and used for other purposes. Customers would need some amount of money of guarantee that they are not getting scammed. At the same clock, busin essmen, specially the newer ones, would like to minimize costs of implementing a highly set environment. equivalent everything else, a balance must be reached between shelter for the node and cost for the business possessor.The advantage of a non-secure e-commerce environment is that the business can start right away, even at the comfort of your own household if you prefer. Starting capital would be affordable since one only needfully to register a web put name and post the products he is offering. The place functions as a showroom for global customers. The disadvantage is that the number of hits on the site doesnt necessarily translate to customers. 54% of prospective buyers cancel their transactions because of concerns which include insecurity (Exploring E-Commerce).Another disadvantage is that safe payment options are limited. Because non-secure e-commerce sites are vulnerable to hacker attacks, customers would prefer not to use any kind of electronic payment. This woul d limit the customers options to bank deposits and cash-on- manner of speaking schemes. If trust card payment is offered in an insecure web environment, the risk of stealing is increased. Overly secured e-commerce sites provide the customer with a blanket of safety and toilet facility for both the customer and the site owner.With up to date security measures, the owner opens his business to the more(prenominal) than 1. 2 billion credit card owners, world wide (Exploring E-Commerce). Applying encryption methods such as the widely accepted secure socket layer (SSL) certificates on the business website shields important customer information, like credit card numbers, from hackers and other web predators. One disadvantage of a highly secure e-commerce setup is the cost in putting up the safeguards. Verisign, the play along that offers SSL certificates, charges over $1,000 for an extended SSL good for 1 year (Verisign, 2007).Other security costs include purchasing and updating of an ti- virus software and firewall infrastructure. A baby inconvenience for the customer would be repeated input of customer information including passwords to help secure a transaction. These are not one time only costs. SSL and anti-virus software need regular updates to adapt to relentless hackers and virus code programmers. Even with all of these, there is still no one hundred% guarantee that the e-business is safe since security is meant to manage not eliminate risks (Tung, 2007).If the entrepreneur is new to the e-commerce business and confined with a limited budget, it is advisable that he start with registering the website first and live with the payment limitations. If the product is good, and the owner makes up for the limitations with above average service like on time delivery and packaging, then he may gradually add components that would make his e-business more secure. If money is no object to the businessman, then adding market accepted security features will certainly not hurt and will even decoy repeat business.ReferencesE-commerce 101. Retrieved December 10, 2007, from Sell it on the web Web site http//sellitontheweb. com/ezine/webstore101. shtml Exploring E-Commerce. Entrepreneur. com , Retrieved December 10, 2007, from http//www. entrepreneur. com/growyourbusiness/howtoguides/article81238. html Tung, Liam (2007, November 2007). Friendly rootkits proposed for safe e-commerce. Retrieved December 10, 2007, from ZDNet. co. uk Web site http//news. zdnet. co. uk/internet/0,1000000097,39291134,00. htm? r=2 Verisign (2007). Retrieved December 10, 2007, Web site https//ssl-certificate- center. verisign. com/ action/retail/product_selector? uid=f149c3d301a629c3897d6187982dbfe7

Blood Disorders

Lily, a 4-year-old Caucasian female, has she been complaining of being commonplace all told the time. She is pale and is a cross eater. Her start is a single(a) mom with a thin budget to feed a outstanding family. Lily eats only knightlya, breads, and risque dogs, and she drinks only artificial fruit punch. Lily has exhort deprivation anemia. Infants can be infected from the time of birth from plastered forms of anemia. Certain forms of anemia atomic number 18 transmissible.When girls argon not getting the beseeming pith of press in their diet then they may do bid deficiency. There argon much different symptoms of iron deficiency anemia but the close to common are s wellheading of the tongue, drying of the lips, and consume and craving ice. Lilys sire cannot afford the proper food alter with iron so the beaver thing that she can buy for Lily is foods and drinks that ca make use of vitamin C in it, such as orange juice. * * Davon is a 5-year-old African Ame rican male who has fair(a) moved to Chicago, and he is visiting his in the buff pediatrician for a kindergarten somatogenetic.His m different tells the nurse that she carries the reap hook cell property and wants Davon screened for it. Davon may take for the sickle cell trait. I would declare that it would be hard to determine if Devon has a channel unhealthiness be courting he has no symptoms. I do ideate that Devon is at guess of having sickle cell. reap hook cell is a indisposition that is inherited. African-Americans are at greater risk for the disease than any other ethnic group. Sickle cell is caused by genetic abnormality. It is appointd by a declination test. The crinkle test measures the amount of abnormal sickle hemoglobin.Sickle cell can be case-hardened by medications such as inconvenience oneself medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and antibiotics for infection. * * Spencer has noted over the past several weeks that he is having more bruises, or ecchymosed, all over his body. afterwards coughing this morning, he sight tiny red marks all around his eyes. Spencer has thrombocytopenia. I would say that Spencer is at risk for thrombocytopenia. Some symptoms for thrombocytopenia are easy or inordinatenessive bussing, prolonged hemorrhage from cuts, and bleeding from the gums or nose.You can diagnose thrombocytopenia with a physical exam and a neckcloth test. Sometimes no treatment is obligatory for thrombocytopenia because the problem heals on its own. However in some bailiwicks treatment may be undeniable for the underlying cause or perchance a blood blood transfusion from loss of blood. Thrombocytopenia could be prevented by treating the underlying causes that may cause thrombocytopenia. When having any type of blood perturbation the best way to bewilder healthy is by keeping a healthy diet and seeing your physician regularly. * * * * * Sources 1) WebMD 2) Mayo Clinic * * air DisordersBlood indispositions d escribe problems associated with blood components such as red blood cells, platelets, enzymes, germ plasm and white blood cells. The characteristics of blood disorders depend on the real blood disease. Blood disorders can also be associated with hereditary characteristics whereby some disease causing organisms are transferred from parents to children. Blood disorders or diseases lead to continuous bleeding in case of an injury and poor blood curdleting. Blood diseases outgrowth from abnormalities in blood itself or defects in blood vessels.The three granted cases in this paper relates to various blood disorders associated with lifestyle, genetics and injuries. The first case of four years Amy, who complains of tiredness al the time and eats pasta, breads and sulphurous dogs, and drinks artificial fruit punch, is a case of anemia. Amy is a pale and picky eater and her mother is single and cannot afford to feed large family so it means that her daughter consumes unbalanced diet. Anemia is a blood disorder whereby the number of red blood cells is insufficient to supply enough iron to body move (Hadorn Ernst, 1961).Iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia and children are vulnerable to this disorder. Main characteristics of anemia hold fatigue, slow healing of wounds, weakness, somnolence and dizziness. Amy complains of being tired all the time and this is one of the main symptoms of anemia. The blood disorder is diagnosed through examination of blood sample and in many cases the red blood cells are small and pale. Anemia is treated by iron tablets and consumption of vegetables such as spinach and foods rich in iron.Anemia in this case of Amy can be prevented through consumption of well balanced diet and avoiding any circumstances that can lead to excess bleeding such as injuries. In the case of Marcus, a five-year-old African American male whose mother wants the nurse to screen his son for trait is a case of hemochromatosis. It is a case of hereditary blood disorder that has been transferred from mother to son. Hemochromatosis is one of the common hereditary blood disorders that excite body tissues to absorb too much iron. Being a hereditary disorder, hemochromatosis is known to develop from dietary iron intake (King E.John, 2002). The blood disorder leads to severe iron overlap in children and young adults. It is caused by defect in HFE gene responsible for controlling amount of iron observed from food. Children who inherit the defective gene from one parent draw carries of the disease but may not develop it. Symptoms of hemochromatosis include joint pain, abdominal pain, and fatigue and heart problems. The blood disorder is diagnosed by collecting information concerning family history, physical examination and routine blood tests.Hemochromatosis is treated by controlling the amount of iron getting into the body through phlebotomy process. Prevention of hemochromatosis is very technical as it is a hereditary disease transferre d from parents to children through genetics. However, it can be prevented by protect the body from excess iron. In the case of Richard, he is likely to have thrombosis as is analyzed in his body condition of legion(predicate) bruises and tiny red marks around his eyes. Thrombosis is clotting of blood vessels because of blood clot that blocks a vein or artery. Blood clot is caused by wrong of blood vessel or changes in blood flow.Symptoms of thrombosis include numerous bruises, swelling of body parts and red spots as a result of blood clot (Wood M. Stephen, 1997). Physical examination of body parts is the best alternative for thrombosis diagnosis. The blood disorder is treated by an anticoagulant medication that allows thinning of blood. Thrombosis can be prevented through wearing of pressure stockings and use of blood thinners. References Hadorn Ernst, 1961, Developmental Genetics and Lethal Factors, Methuen, Ursula Mittwoch. King E. John, 2002, Mayo Clinic on Digestive Health, Ma son Crest. Wood M. Stephen, 1997, Conguering High Blood Pressure, Perseus Books.Blood DisordersLily, a 4-year-old Caucasian female, has she been complaining of being tired all the time. She is pale and is a picky eater. Her mother is a single mom with a small budget to feed a large family. Lily eats only pasta, breads, and hot dogs, and she drinks only artificial fruit punch. Lily has iron deficiency anemia. Infants can be infected from the time of birth from certain forms of anemia. Certain forms of anemia are hereditary.When girls are not getting the proper amount of iron in their diet then they may become iron deficiency. There are many different symptoms of iron deficiency anemia but the most common are swelling of the tongue, drying of the lips, and eating and craving ice. Lilys mother cannot afford the proper food filled with iron so the best thing that she can buy for Lily is foods and drinks that have vitamin C in it, such as orange juice. * * Davon is a 5-year-old African A merican male who has just moved to Chicago, and he is visiting his new pediatrician for a kindergarten physical.His mother tells the nurse that she carries the sickle cell trait and wants Davon screened for it. Davon may have the sickle cell trait. I would say that it would be hard to determine if Devon has a blood disorder because he has no symptoms. I do think that Devon is at risk of having sickle cell. Sickle cell is a disease that is inherited. African-Americans are at greater risk for the disease than any other ethnic group. Sickle cell is caused by genetic abnormality. It is diagnosed by a blood test. The blood test measures the amount of abnormal sickle hemoglobin.Sickle cell can be treated by medications such as pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and antibiotics for infection. * * Spencer has noted over the past several weeks that he is having more bruises, or ecchymosed, all over his body. After coughing this morning, he noticed tiny red marks all around his eyes. Spencer has thrombocytopenia. I would say that Spencer is at risk for thrombocytopenia. Some symptoms for thrombocytopenia are easy or excessive bussing, prolonged bleeding from cuts, and bleeding from the gums or nose.You can diagnose thrombocytopenia through a physical exam and a blood test. Sometimes no treatment is necessary for thrombocytopenia because the problem heals on its own. However in some cases treatment may be necessary for the underlying cause or perhaps a blood transfusion from loss of blood. Thrombocytopenia could be prevented by treating the underlying causes that may cause thrombocytopenia. When having any type of blood disorder the best way to stay healthy is by keeping a healthy diet and seeing your physician regularly. * * * * * Sources 1) WebMD 2) Mayo Clinic * *

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Conservative, Liberal and Marxist History

bill has been understood divers(prenominal)ly by resistent people. While some cede understood it as the battleground of the noncurrent events, otherwises stool defined it as a record of hu art object actions which have occurred in the ago. 1 However the variety of definitions, it should be pointed out that account statement does non constitute e really affaire that happened in the yesteryear. Only those past activities which have had a bearing on the salute are what may qualify to be worth story. 2 Just as there are some definitions of score, so are there legion(predicate) branches of narrative.This set about is meant to define and gild the importance of three of the braches of news report. These include materialistic, Liberal and bolshy explanation. The essay is organised in two parts. The first part will provide in-depth fellow feeling of the three terms, whereas the second part will show how important each of them is in the probe of chronicle. button -down History is unrivaled historical meter reading of taradiddle which traces its foundation in the say Conservatism. Conservatism literary means preservation of what has always been tradition.It is an ideology which favours status quo and is very indisposed to accept change. Conservatives prefer having things continues as they have been in the past. Any drastic change to tradition is stareed with suspicion. According to this ideology, governmental and other human institutions have endured through ages because of tradition. For this reason, change should save be accepted very gradually. 3 Having looked at conservatism, it may nowadays be imperative to define Conservative History as that branch of history whose writings are establish on maintaining history as has always been written, without altering it.In this vein, this history favours tradition, as no perceptions or any other infrastructure views are non emphasized. Conservative Historians may also write history non t o relieve the past, but to remind society of the good elderen tradition. The goal in this case, is to see societies revert ass to the values of in the first place times. Because of its emphasis on the value of tradition, Conservative History has always perpetuated inequalities, absolutist regimes and domination of the ridiculous by the upper class. 4 Liberal History as the word crowing suggests, comes from the Latin word liber meaning free.The word therefore, has more(prenominal) to do with freedom or liberty. Liberalism advocates for equality of fortune for all and allows level best freedom to individuals while limiting the powers of government. The earliest form of Liberal History was a reaction to the mercenary history, which was being considered as static. Liberal History advocated for the freedom of thought for historians as a way of ensuring the work out of humanity. vegetable marrow to this branch of history is the belief that if historians are to write history wh ich promotes age, then(prenominal) historians should not be controlled in tenseing to seek historical truth.The past, consecrate and future are seen as being interconnected and influencing one another. Therefore, it is not necessary to emphasize one when all the three (past, boon and future) jointly shape history of humanity. According to liberal historians, it is realistic to analyze history fareively rather than look at it as tradition. They totally differ with button-downs who may always want to maintain status quo in areas much(prenominal) as divine rights of kings and hereditary status among many others. They regard traditions as having no value other than hindering brotherly progress.Further, they hold the view that traditions and other kindly practices should continually be adjusted for the gather of humanity. In other words, Liberal History constitutes those historical accounts which are highly critical of certain traditions and cultures, referring to them as u ncivilized, barbaric and primitive. 6 Marxist Historys origin may be traced to the works of Karl Marx (1818- 1853) who analyzed human history and concluded that it was all about class difference of opinions. 7 It is also called understructure History.Marx theorized that in every historical era, there is always a dominate class and an oppressed class, as well as a struggle between these classes. According to him, these struggles are perpetuated by the state and stinting conditions such(prenominal) as capitalism which produces oppressed classes. He contended that capitalists will destroy consider in brutal competitive struggles with each other, thereby giving an opportunity to the exploited laboring classes to rise up against capitalism and overthrow it so that they replace it with communism.In communism, there would be no classes and economic benefits would be dual-lane equitably. 8 Marxist History is therefore, that interpretation of history on the creation of not only social and political factors but also economic factors. Marxist historians asserted that scantness and diseases of the silly people are as a end point of social classes and conditions under which peasants lived and worked. 9 The base of mans problems was to be found in the element of society into classes. Therefore, in order building a society with no evolution is only dependant on the forceful removal of the capitalistsystem.At the centre of constitutional history is the argument that the historical psychoanalysis of mans progress and development is meaningless unless that analysis puts into consideration the economic and social dealing feel. 10 This is unlike liberal history which only emphasizes the social and political factors in the analysis of mans development. So far, it is clear that Marxist History differs considerably from the other two branches discussed. For example, whereas liberal history centres on mans progress, Marxist history is more concerned with ever-changing the world.Marxist historians advocate for a radical novelty of the economic and social conditions by removing capitalist relations. This would have to be done through a knockdown-dragout revolution. An example of radical historians is Paulo Freire who championed the cause of the oppressed in his book, Pedagogy of the loaded. 11 In this book, he campaigned for the liberation of the poor who had been oppressed by the dominant classes. Having discussed the three branches of history in detail, the essay will now focus on the importance of each of these branches in the field of operation of history.Merely delimit the concepts without illustrating their relevancy can render futile the need to understand them (branches) in the study of history. It should be noted from the onset that while all the branches discussed may have their faults or inadequacies, they all are very relevant in the study of history. Many a time, historians align themselves with one of the many branches, and this reflects in their works. The importance of Conservative History can never be overemphasized. What is keep without tradition?No society would be what it is right away without the contribution of past values and traditions. Though arguable, it could be true to assert that the world has evolved into what it is today because of the good values of the past. It is for this reason that caution ought to be taken to examine that societies and politics remain immune to temptations to change. Conservative history is premised on the old adage that the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know. The emphasis on maintaining the status quo will definitely result in continuity and stability of societies and institutions.Conservative history gives an impression that things were better in the past than they are now and that there is need to go back to the olden ways. This is especially true in the area of African education. natural education was better compared to the current western education, which promotes nothing but social stratification and unemployment. The entire curriculum is so irrelevant, bookish, with very few practicable subjects at selected levels of education12. However, looking into the past, it is vivid that traditional education which was attainered ensured a locomote education and comprehensive preparation for real life.There was no such thing as unemployment Owing to the fact the past was much better off than the present, conservative history plays an invaluable role in enlightening the present generations on the achievements of the past. Its stress on the need to return to the values of the earlier times has always been received positively. In Zambia for example, there are moves to ruralize the prepare curriculum so that it includes some of the traditional aspects which have direct relevance to societies.13 Further, tribute should be paid to conservative historians for their role in the re-writing of African History which had been great ly tarnished by some liberal historians. The first writers of African history portrayed it in a very negative way. The African ways of life were seen as heathen, barbaric, primitive, backward and uncivilized. 14 It had to take conservative African historians to try to erase the fabrications, omissions and stereotypes of colonial historians. By eulogizing the African past, conservative historians have made a huge contribution to the study of history.Like Conservative History, Liberal history plays an important role in the interpretation of history. The picture of the past as a continuation into the present and future is very true and important. It is very true in the sense that society is and then dynamic. The conditions of the past may not be the same conditions now. Therefore, societies cannot afford to be static in a fast changing world. For example, in the 1970s, Zambia and many other countries were under collectivist and dictatorship regimes. It worked so well that time. Howe ver, in the 1990s, a wind of change blew, and countries could not afford to remain static.Many socialist governments were toppled and replaced with more democratic and capitalist governments which espoused the principle of liberalization. The role of liberal history in promoting the progress of society cannot be overlooked. Besides, this is the only branch of history which makes it easy to analyze the past in order to understand the present and finally forecast the future. By supporting social progressivism, certain dark elements of tradition can be done away with. Such elements or practices include the divine rights of rulers, hereditary statusand other injustices. 15 In the study of history, this branch helps greatly in the agreement of present events as offshoots of past events. In addition, it is the goal of liberal history to be written from some(prenominal) view points as long as it has mans freedoms at the centre. 16 This branch is very important because it allows for the different perspectives with people try to explain historical events. Without liberal history, there would only be one universal interpretation of historical facts. It concerns itself with the political and social life of societies.These are very cardinal aspects of history which demand for interpretation. Marxist history has an vast contribution it makes in the study of history. As discussed earlier, this branch fills the void left-hand(a) by liberal history. The latter only addressed the social and political aspects leaving the economic aspect which also contributes to mans progress in both(prenominal) political and social life. Though radical in nature, this branch provides a working interpretation or hypothesis of the lively social classes and consequent class struggles in mans history.17 It is therefore, possible to understand the source of the frequent conflicts between workers and owners of the means of production. Conservative and liberal history may not answer the questio ns of about poverty and diseases from which poor people suffer. Yet, these are very important questions in any study of history. Radical or Marxist history hence, becomes imperative because it provides answers to these questions. According to this branch, poverty and disease are as a result of the creation of classes found on economic factors.In other words, capitalism which is the main cause of division of societies is the base of mans problems and exploitation. 18 Another important aspect of Marxist history in the study of history is its role in trying to change the world. This branch of history attempts to cleanse the world of the social ills and inequalities by bringing them out in the open. It therefore, advocates for a radical transformation and liberation of the poors economic and social conditions. Careful analysis of Marxist history offers a good explanation for the under-development of Africa.Colonialism which brought with it capitalism, is blamed for the exploitation of African human and material resources. This knowledge is important in the study of African history. It is necessary to learn how African peasants and workers were stripped of their resources by the acquisitive colonial capitalists. Throughout the colonial period (and even now), Africans did not benefit from their resources. 19 Rather, they have always been suppliers of cheap labour to the capitalists. In summary, this essay has defined three of the many branches of history, namely Conservative Liberal and Marxist.Conservative history bases its writings on the preservation of what has been traditionally followed. It has no room for different and radical views other than the status quo. Liberal history on the other hand, emphasizes freedom of thought for historians as a way of promoting historical progress of humanity. It is a reaction to conservative history. Finally, Marxist history is a radical view of history which emphasizes the interpretation of history on the basis of both soc ial and economic factors.The essay has further, illustrated the importance of each of the branches discussed. Conservative history is cardinal to the understanding and appreciation of the past traditions and cultures. Liberal history facilitates an understanding of present events and projection of the future through analysis of the past. Economic inequalities and problems in mans history can be better explained by Marxist history. It is therefore, clear that historical accounts of all the three branches discussed are highly relevant in the study of history.