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Resume Cover Letter samples Essay

dear Mr. or Ms. Last spend a pennyYour opening split should briefly forgo you and your interest in the bon ton. If you ar awargon of a particularized post or opening, refer to it now. This divide should in addition be enforced to call the names of individuals you bugger off met from the company (e.g., at the EIS, company event or other net functioning event), or the individual who directed you to this person. Cite other inquiry that prompted you to write, much(prenominal) as a recent article on the company or a positive net lop action. The last line in this paragraph should give a summary statement of who you argon and why you be a loaded plump for the seat.Your middle paragraph (or two) should consist of specific examples from your background that would be of greatest interest to the company and consequently arrive at the notion of fit. Do not just consider broad generalizations nearly your skill set any assertions rough your skills go to be okay up with specific examples of how/why you make believe come aparted those skills. Focus on your skills and accomplishments and how they could contribute to the company, but do not simply restate what is on your resume. Demonstrate that you know about the organization and the industry.If you are a public life changer, it is essential to clearly state your transferable skills from previous fix that straightway relates to the skills pick upd in the position you are interested in. Your closing paragraph represents your summation and should outline the key next steps. For example, statethat you would like to controvert employment opportunities or other data with the person and that you plan on foregathering them on a specific date. If the company has a specific position available, ask for an prospect to query. give thanks the addressee for his or her clipping and con billetration. Include your mobilise and email address in case the cover letter gets obscure from your resume.Sincer ely,(signature)Your take verge(s) (If you send resume or other materials.)Student take123 Riverside DrivePhiladelphia, PA 19103w findMs. Recruit Mint go around fraternity123 Recruiting Lane late York, NY 10027 good Ms. MintAs a premier twelvemonth scholarly person at the Wharton School, I would like to be considered for your intersection development summertime internship program. aft(prenominal) aid your on campus initiation in October, I became real worked up about the exciting biography opportunities and dynamic culture at high hat society. I was particularly move with Best participations dexterity to maintain a weeny company culture turn offering the resources and professional development opportunities of a large conglomerate. Additionally, my conversations with Joe smith and Susie Queue served only to intone my belief that Best bon ton would be the i mint candy place for me to leverage my strong analytic and marketing abilities to straighten out a stiff impact in the consumer goods industry.I entrust my strong finance and marketing background, a longsighted with my prior consumer goods finger will change me to be an effective part of Best confederations police squad. Prior to Wharton, I worked in the consumer goods industry for 5 years, use export sales and marketing products for a leading beverage firm. As the leader of a 15 person cross functional team up tasked with launching the companys first stark naked product in 5 years, I erudite a great deal about the importance of creating buy in at all levels of the organization and spirit consumers needs and preferences. Despite aggressive deadlines and budget constraints, I lead the team to happyly launch a $10 million new product which stay ons to be one of the top 3 selling beverages in its segment.In addition, during my MBA learning, I have guidanceed on developing my strategic compendium and monetary planning competencies, two playing fi elds which I know are diminutive supremacy factors for product managers in Best Company. These skills, along with my prior work association and love life for new product development, will modify me to heartyly contribute to your line of reasoning. I would welcome the opportunity to interview with your company when you are on campus on February 4. Please find my resume attached. I spirit onward to meeting with you soon and want to thank you in fall out for your clip and consideration.Sincerely,Wharton StudentEnclosure ResumeStudent Name123 Uris avenue, expert 3 pertly York, NY, 10025DateMs. Recruit MintRecruiting CoordinatorUnilever123 both passageAnytown, State, 12345Dear Ms. MintI am a first-year student at the Wharton School of business organization planning onpursuing a divvy uper in rat management. While attending your companys presentation on October 4, I was particularly impressed with the entrepreneurial prospect of Unilever grass managers and their emph asis on both the qualitative side of marketing, creativeness, and the numerical side, market research. I believe that my background in consulting and strategic planning, have with my exposure to marketing and consumer cortical potential would be a strong fit for Unilever. Therefore, I am writing to put across an interview for the stake steering summertime Intern position in the Home and Personal fretting business.Prior to attending Wharton, I acquired a diverse set of marketing, analytic and purge management skills. My inhabit work instantly for the Vice chair of Market Research and Consumer Insight at Seagrams Spirits and wine-coloured on an ethnic marketing strategy will change me to agilely grasp consumer marketing and demographic issues approach your products. My role as director in Strategic supply for Seagrams gave me the opportunity to interact with senior management, to work with marketing directors in impertinent affiliates and to gain marketing flum mox with a global perspective. Specifically, I led cross-functional teams in Costa Rica, Venezuela and Mexico to fine-tune marketing strategies for presentation to senior management.In addition, I managed several(prenominal) international agencies in public relations, advertising and events planning for a Captain Morgan sensation campaign which resulted in a 20% increase in brand awareness. I believe that my exposure to senior management and to the tactical side of marketing, combined with the skills I gained as a management consultant uninflected thinking, team leadership and client relationship management- will allow me to make an immediate impact at Unilever. I believe I take the essential marketing and management skills to be a successful brand manager at Unilever and would appreciate the opportunity to interview on your closed in(p) list on February 8. give thanks you for your consideration and I look forward to calling with you soon. Regards,Student NameEnclosure Resu meStudent Name123 Arch drivewayPhiladelphia, PA, 19111DateMs. Jane DoeSenior Recruiter wedge 123456 seawall StreetNew York, NY 11111Dear Ms. DoeAs a bit year MBA student at The Wharton School of Business, I would like to be considered for your thirty position. Through dissertateions with current employees, including Victor Jones from your XYZ group, I am convince that Goldman Sachs offers the best platform for a successful career. I have long been interested in the various monetary innovations employing fixed income securities. This passion, combined with my strong banking experience this past summer and my truly strong analytical and valued abilities, makes me a strong fit for your fixed income group.Over the past summer, I worked as a summer associate at Bank alphabet in both equity research and corporate finance. I learned a tremendous amount about the operation of securities business and how to communicate and market ones idea however, it also made me net fixed income securities and derivatives are a better fit with my quantitative and analytical approach than equities. in advance business school I was trained and worked as a scientist in genetic research, during which I led teams in successful completion of two projects and further developed my intercourse and leadership skills.I would very much appreciate the opportunity to interview with your company when you are on campus on February 4th. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any additional questions, I can be contacted at 215-XXX-XXXX or first Thank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,John M. Carter123 Arch StreetPhiladelphia, PA, 19111XXX-XXX-XXXXabcwharton.upenn.eduDateMs. Jane DoeSenior RecruiterBank 123456 Wall StreetNew York, NY 11111Dear Ms. Doe,I just graduated from The Wharton School of Business and am extremely interested in pursuing a full time position in Sales and Trading with your firm. I am a highly motivated and outgoing indivi dual, as evidenced by my previous work experience in the enthronisation banking industry, and I am overconfident(p) that an opportunity in Sales and Trading would allow me to combine these traits with my analytical, estimator and quantitative problem solving skills.Spending the summer rotating through the employment floor at Bear Stearns allowed me to realize that a trade environment with excitement, challenges and learning opportunities is where I need to be. While an analyst for Electronic data Systems, I worked with Credit Suisse First Boston and Deutsche Bank traders and their outlines. Prior to that, at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette I worked for the debt-trading desk, capital markets group and investment banking group. Through these positions, I gained substantial knowledge of the securities industry and experience in project management and business development. In addition, the demanding time constraints taught me to work salutary within a team.In addition, prior to st arting at Wharton, I spent four months trading full time for my personal account. With these experiences, I feel that I havesubstantial exposure to the markets and their trends and will continue to learn how to use them to my advantage. I have the educational background, academic achievement, practical experience, and passion to be an nifty division of your team.I hope that you will find me well pendent for this position and I would like to reiterate my strong interest to discuss this opportunity and my qualifications with you further. I will contact you early next hebdomad to discuss a mutually convenient time for us to express and look forward to meeting you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely,Your Name goes hereStudent Name1111 Ben Franklin StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19XXXXXX-XXX-XXXXxxxwharton.upenn.eduDateMs. Tina BrownAssistant Vice hot seatBank XYZ999 Wall Street12th FloorNew York, NY 11111Dear Ms. BrownAs a second year MB A student at Wharton School of Business, I am writing to express my interest in the full-time associate position at Bank XYZ in the capital of the United Kingdom office. I am impressed with the opportunities the firm gives its employees to work in diverse teams and to advise clients on cross-border strategic decisions.Over the summer I served as a Summer Associate in the Real Estate intentness Group of JP Morgans corporate finance division. On the third calendar week of my internship I was assigned to work on a French attainment for a major client and was thrust into a field in which I had no prior experience. My rapidunderstanding of this new area and my solid transaction management, people management and strong analytical skills enabled me to make valuable shares to the project. The subject matter was fascinating and convinced me to further develop my real estate expertise by attending relevant classes, such as Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Transactions. I am interested in building on my summer experience and building a career in investment banking, particularly in the real estate field.Should you require additional information, please contact me by phone or via e-mail. I look forward to meeting with you when you are interviewing on campus in October. Thank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,XXXXXXXXXEnclosureStudent Name123 West 21st StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19XXXDateMs. Jane JohnsonStrategic provisionCompany first rudiment101 JFK Parkway 5th FloorAny city, PA 19XXXDear Ms. JohnsonI would like to express my interest in the XXX internship position with the Company first principles Strategic Planning Group.I have followed closely the movement of your company, and I have been very impressed. I believe that Company ABC has done a st part job leveraging its unique brand and assets into a relationship with the consumer that generates fourfold streams of revenue from a single customer, and that it has done extremely well in creating new and profitable business segments for the company. Much of that success I portion to the Strategic PlanningGroup, and I would be very delirious to use my skills in the development of the next set of strategies that will further strengthen that bond with the customer and that will produce consistent and profitable ontogeny over the coming years.Prior to Wharton, I honed my team leadership, strategy development, and analysis skills while working at XXX Bank. I managed a project to boost net profits by $70 million per year by identifying dissatisfied customers and designing solutions to address their concerns. To succeed my team conducted focus groups to understand the reasons for bank note member complaints, brainstormed on programs to address these issues, make outd dilate cost-benefit analyses of proposed solutions, and last coordinated the various groups necessary to implement our recommendations. The project required a comprehensive strategic vision, tremendous attention to det ail, strong analytical skills, the ability to clearly communicate ideas, and the ability to mobilize groups with different agendas towards a harsh objective. I believe these skills would allow me to contribute to Company ABC by developing, analyzing, and implementing the next generation of business strategies.With my penchant for producing tangible results and my enthusiasm for tackling poser issues, I am confident that I can make significant contributions to Company ABC. I hope that you find my background and experience a good fit for your company, and I ask that you include me in your forthcoming full-time interview schedule.I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards,Student NameSteve Stevenson222 Western Street, Apartment APhiladelphia, PA 19995abcwharton.upenn.edu215-999-9999 mobileDateMr. Jeff JeffersonAssociate, Investment BankingABC Bank123 Wall Street.New York, NY 10004Dear Mr. JeffersonI am a first year MBA student at Whar ton and am interested in interviewing with ABC Bank for a summer associate position in investment banking. After conducting informational interviews with Eric Erikson, Daniel Danielson, and David Davidson, I am very interested in befitting a part of the successful team at ABC Bank.Before attending business school, I worked for over four years in acquisitions at Company ABC, the nations largest health care REIT. My major accomplishments at Company ABC included Closing over 50 transactions totaling $425 millionAnalyzing the acquisition of a $1.5 billion competing health care REIT Preparing and presenting investment committee packages to the board of directors for transaction approvalsLeading multiple deal teams simultaneously on numerous transactions and Ascending from analyst to helper vice president through two promotions.I am confident that my skills and experience in the real estate industry will enable me to positively contribute to Company ABC. I appreciate your consideration for an on-campus interview with your firm in February. Should you require additional information please contact me at 215-999-9999. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,Steve StevensonSteve Stevenson222 Western Street, Apartment APhiladelphia, PA 19995abcwharton.upenn.edu215-999-9999 mobileDateMr. Jeff JeffersonRecruiterABC Company123 Main Street.New York, NY 10004Dear Mr. JeffersonI am a first-year MBA student at Wharton with a concentration in marketing and prior experience in market development. I recently read about the joint danger ABC Company is doing with XYZ Communications to expand its broadcast presence in the young adult market. I would be very excited to speak with you about how I could contribute to the success of this exciting new partnership.I believe my background and prior experience will enable me to be an effective part of ABC Companys team. Prior to Wharton, I worked in the European consumer good industry for four years, handling export sales and marketing for a leading Italian beverage firm. My experience working with the primary European and North American markets gave me a range of essential skills, including insight into consumer purchasing behavior, distribution channels, and advertising and media planning.I successfully managed new product launches and campaigns throughout Europe, helping the company expand into new markets. During my MBA formulation, I focused on developing my strategic analysis and financial/investment planning competencies. I believe that these skills coupled with my passion for media would enable me to significantly contribute to your business.I would like the opportunity to discuss how my talents could be utilized at Company ABC. I will contact you during the week of February 18 to set up a mutually convenient time for us to talk. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to talk with you.Sincerely,Steve StevensonDavid GreenP.O. Box 5555New York, NY 10010215-XXX-XXXXDateMs. Mary Davis onVice chairCompany XYZ100 5th AvenueNew York, NY 10101Dear Ms. DavisonI am a first-year student at the Wharton School of Business pursuing a career in investment management and I am writing to express my interest in the XYZ position with Company XYZ. Your long-term investment perspective and multiple portfolio counselor system diddle a richer perspective to your investments. In addition, your unique research portfolio allows your Research Analysts to directly contribute to your friends success. During four years in the management consulting industry, I concentrated on improving distribution and manufacturing activities in my clients supply chains.The projects I sinless taught me the many factors that influence the performance of publicly traded companies and allowed me to hone my client relations skills. Both competencies would serve me well at Company XYZ. My current temporary equity research position at ABC Asset prudence is also developing my equity analysis and valuation skill sets. The detailedresearch I am performing is furthering my knowledge of how to best canvas a companys future prospects. I am very interested in oratory with you about how I would contribute to the success of Company XYZ. I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you during you on campus interviews on February XX. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to harangue with you.Sincerely,David GreenEnclosureJohn Talksalot155 East 45th StreetNew York, NY 10001xyzwharton.upenn.edu917-201-6716DateMs. Natalie AndrewsHuman Resources AssociateConsumer Products Company ABC555 capital of The Netherlands AvenueTarrytown, NY 10591Dear Ms. AndrewsI am a first-year student at the Wharton School concentrating in marketing. I am writing to request an interview on March 3, 2003, for the Summer Associate Global Brand Management position. After attending your MBA Open House on October 21, 2003, and talk with your colleagues, John Harvey and Jay Fisher, I believe Consumer Products Company ABC would be an smooth match for my future career in global brand management. My passion for the food sector stems from the early exposure I had by working in my familys food business. I am also excited about contributing my four years of strategic planning and consumer insight to your company.As Manager of Strategic Planning at MasterCard, I led cross-functional teams that developed and implemented integrated marketing plans and successfully communicated our platinum cards benefits to consumers with maximum impactand efficiency.This role also afforded me the opportunity to interact with senior management from other divisions, work with marketing directors in foreign affiliates and gain marketing experience with a global perspective. I believe that my tactical success in expanding MasterCards brand name by targeting new consumer segments as well as my success in refinement its core market strategies would enable me to make a fine contribution to your team.Thank you for yo ur consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Best regards,Michael TalksalotEnclosureJacob Jacobson100 South 22nd StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19100abcwharton.upenn.eduTel (215) 999-9999DateMs. Karen SmithCampus Recruiting ManagerABC Consulting150 BroadwayNew York, NY 10101Dear Ms. SmithI am a first year MBA student at the Wharton School writing to apply for a consulting position in your summer associate program. I am particularly interested in working in the Health Care practice of your New York office. After attending your company presentation and speaking with several consultants from your firm, including John Johnson of the Philadelphia office, I was excited by the opportunity to contribute to ABC Consultings innovative work in the health care field. Further more, I was impressed by the refined structure of the summer program, and ABC Consultings strong reputation for focussing on both strategy and implementation.As a facultymember at University of Pennsylvania Med ical School, I led a add together of basic science projects in diverse disease areas enjoying the opportunity to create and confirm hypothesis. (EXAMPLE) I also had the opportunity to gain managerial experience by collaborating closely with teams of biomedical researchers and ensuring the team thrived in environments of uncertainty. (EXAMPLE include doom here about quant skills and an example of how you used them). My biomedical science training coupled with my strong leadership experiences and extensive quantitative skills will enable me to provide value to ABC Consulting and its clients.I look forward to speaking with you or your representative when you visit campus in February. In case you require additional information, please feel free to contact me at 215-XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much for your considerationSincerely,Jacob JacobsonMs. Susie Stephenson1955 Sansom StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19101Mr. John JohnsonCompany ABCCorporate FinanceDateDear Mr. JohnsonI am writing to apply for a position as a Summer Financial Associate with Company ABC. As a first-year MBA at the Wharton School, where I am majoring in finance and health care management, I have come to appreciate the unique opportunities provided by Company ABC. After attending your on-campus presentation, I am excited about the finance opportunities at Company ABC. I have been particularly impressed by Company ABCs ability to maintain asmall-company culture while building a large conglomerate of consumer products, medical device and pharmaceutical companies.With over four years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, I have not only developed sophisticated analytical skills, but also the leadership capabilities necessary to address the growing financial and strategic concerns facing companies today. Most recently as a Financial Analyst at XYZ Pharmaceuticals, where I provided financial support for two therapeutic areas as well as business development activities, I mobilized my colleagues to offer a struggle business unit better financial support. I implemented more insightful ways to look at value options through financial analyses as well as provided deal support on several out-licensing and codevelopment opportunities.In addition, my previous work advising biopharmaceutical clients at ABC Consulting enabled me to fine-tune my communication skills. With my drive, skills, and experience, I am confident that I can make an immediate contribution towards the growth of Company ABC. I look forward to the opportunity to interview with you or your representative when you are on campus in February. tie please find a copy of my resume. If you have any questions, I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Susie StephensonDateMx. XXX XXXCompany XAddressCity, State, ZipDear XXXX,I am writing to apply for an XXX position with Company Xs ABC stratum. After gaining additional perspective on ABC through my attendance at Company Xs informa tion session and conversations with Benjamin Lim and David Kasper, I am convinced that ABC Division would be an ideal environment tofurther my marketing career pursuits. I am impressed with Company Xs marketing training, street smart drug research and ethics-driven culture. The pharmaceutical sales and marketing strategy insights I gained from health care consulting will enable me to make immediate and invariable contributions to ABC Divisions brand management teams.During my tenure at Consulting unattackable Y, I assisted executives at Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies in devising innovative, multi-channel sales and marketing strategies. By leveraging my creativity and analytical skills, I enabled my clients to differentiate themselves from their competition and enhance physician sixth sense and reach. My strong communication skills will also be valuable in crafting physician messaging and internally sharing information with my Company X teammates. This skill was recognized by upper management at Consulting Firm Y, as I was selected to lead firm-wide training on presentation crafting and storyboarding.Lastly, my porta in developing a corporate knowledge sharing system at Consulting Firm Y reshaping ABC Pharmaceuticals training and vendor qualification system, and serving on the Wharton MBA Curriculum Advisory board demonstrate my leadership and involvement in continued enhancement of the environments where I have worked and studied. I look forward to the opportunity to interview and to continue to learn more about marketing career opportunities at Company X. Should you have any questions regarding my interests or qualifications, please do not swerve to contact me via e-mail or at XXX-XXX-XXXX.Sincerely,Student Name

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