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Nursing Care Delivery Model

Nursing treat Delivery persevering Centered portion out and team Nursing Brittany Saum Pima health check Institute Jim Follbaum, RN, MSN/Edu 17th of whitethorn 2012 Care Delivery Nursing is ongoing and lifelong, for the take for and the long-suffering. It is not limited to the age spent in the hospital, moreover follows the nurse and tolerant for life. It is the nurse that keeps the diligent of going and progress tos to know the patient and it is the nurse that delivers the worry to the patient. The importance of the way the nurse delivers this care to the patient can make all the difference to the patients abide at the hospital and whether any teaching impart be affective or vertical overlooked.This paper is a comparison between two commonly utilise most holdful ways of care delivery forbearing-Centered Care and Team Nursing. Patient Centered Care Patient bear on care is just just as it sounds, care that places the patient first. In even simpler terms, patien t-centered care is a type in which hospital providers partner with patients and their families to identify and pander the full range of patient needs and preferences, while simultaneously livelihood the professional and personal aspirations of their staff (Frampton S. Guastello, Brady, Hale, Smith, & St wholeness, 2011). Patient centered care is the right on care, the highest quality care and the most cost effective care for that one patient (Peraino, Robert A. MD, FACP, 2008). Advantages of Patient Centered Care There are some advantages to patient centered care. The main benefit is continuity of care. Patient centered care also increases breast feeding autonomy. In turn, it assists with consanguinitys between the patient and nurse as intumesce as the separate health care providers conglomerate in the patients care.Patients and families are able to develop a trusting relationship with the nurse who in turn makes it easier for the patient to recover and be happier during th eir stay in the hospital. Patient centered care seems to be more effective when teaching the patient as well. It allows the patient and family to be involved in their health care. This makes them more willing and compliant to continue on their regimens and get divulge sooner. Disadvantages of Patient Centered Care One disfavor of patient centered care is cost.The RNs spend time to do what an unassisted accredited personnel employee can do therefore increasing the costs. One other disadvantage is that nurse to patient ratios have to be low in order to ensure there is enough time to meet the patients needs. This also affects the costs on the hospital. They require more RNs free-and-easy therefore increasing patients costs as well as the hospitals. Team Nursing Team nurse care became more popular during the 1950s. This was a way to ease the shortage of nurses and to address problems with nursing as it was. Team nursing assigns staff into diametrical teams.A team inwardly this mo del usually consists of an RN (registered nurse), a LPN (licensed practical nurse), and a UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel), (Zewekh & Claborn, 2009). The team leader supervises and coordinates all the care provided by those on the team. The team leader is in charge of making assignments for team base on clients needs and asperity, taking in friendliness the assigned nurses strengths and weaknesses. Because the team leader is responsible for delegating specific duties to staff, communicating among team members is a crucial part of this type of nursing.The assignments are disscussed at beginning of jailbreak and a meeting at end of shift is held to summerized care given during the shift and questions and comments about the shift can be made at this point. Advantages of Team Nursing Team nursing evolved as a way to address the problems with a functional approach, (Zerwekh & Claborn, 2009). Team nursing is focused on making assignments based on clients needs and the members. The team leader plans assignments based on acuity of clients needs by taking advantage of nurses strengths.This allows for the client to have better care. One other advantage ot this type of nursing is that the client workload is overlap among the team members. This makes the work easier on all of the staff. The workload is shared allowing everyone to work smarter, not harder. It reduces room for error. Disadvantages of Team Nursing The main disadvantage or team nursing is that the leader is untimately responsible for everyone on the team. They must(prenominal) continually evaluate and communicate with all members of the team to ensure that everything is runnel smoothly.Some team members may not care for this thinking that they are world babysat and non accountable. One of the basis of team nursing is to have group meetings and discussions at the beginning of shift and end of shift. This can be very time consuming which can cause problems due to financial restrictions in use of ove rtime. Conclusion In conclusion, all nursing model types work for different situations. They just need to be tailored to each individual situation. Patient Centered Nursing and Team Nursing some(prenominal) have everyones best interest in mind, the patient and the nurse.If it whole caboodle for the situation whence use the model deemed necessary to make everyone happy. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and both are needed in every healthcare setting. The decision of which model the facility will use may vary, but the goal will always be the same, excellent nursing care.Related essay Ati RN Community health Online Practice 2016 BReferencesFrampton, S. B. , & Guastello, S. (2010). Putting Patients First Patient-Centered Care More than the Sum of its Parts. American Journal of Nursing , 49-53. Frampton, S. , Guastello, S. , Brady, C. , Hale, M. Smith, S. B. , & Stone, S. (2011). Patient-Centered Care amelioration Guide. Retrieved May 15, 2012, from Patient-Centered C are. Org http//www. patient-centeredcare. org/inside/abouttheguide. html Gannett Healthcare Group. (2012, May). Group Team-based care works best against hypertension. Retrieved May 15, 2012, from Nurse. com http//news. nurse. com/article/20120515/NATIONAL02/105280003 Nursing Theories. (2012, January). Models of Nursing Care Delivery. 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