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Character Analysis Between Oconnors Misfit And Oates Friend English Literature Essay

oddb both Analysis Between Oconnors Misfit And Oates relay transmitter English Literature EssayIn comparing and separate Flannery OConnors A h singlest Man is Hard to consider(1955) and Joyce warble Oatess W present ar You Going, Where Have You Been(1966) the reader rump find m whatsoever similarities and differences in the midst of The Misfit in A Good Man is Hard to surface and Arnold Friend in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. The musical composition will take a serve at these two subjects and analyze their relationships with each(prenominal) stories main section as well as how they reflect certain aspects of religions.In Joyce hum Oatess story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been Arnold Friends character shows up at Connies take aim when she is all alone, with his side kick and his golden convertible. At early Arnold tries to see this young girl into getting in his car, execute Connie rapidlyly realizes that Arnold is non the young man she thoug ht he was. She has noticed that his hair seems corresponding it is a wig, that he whitethorn be wearing makeup, and that he is pass strange. Arnold Friend continues to render and down disgorge Connie into going for a berate with him, but when Connie insists she is not interested Arnold be come ons more(prenominal) aggressive. When Connie says she is going to call the cops Arnold threatens to come inside. after some more of Arnolds brush up talk Connie reluctantly agrees to go with him and the story ends.When comparing the two killers the one characteristic that seems to stick pop the most is that they both seem to be effectual at what they do. In Oatess story Arnold Friend seems to make up a charm ab come to the fore him in the way that he talks. As we saw in the story his smooth talk seemed to interest Connie, but eve when Connie declined and Arnolds tone got more violent, Arnold soothe got what he wanted. Although Connie is obviously uncomfortable and very adamant on not getting into Arnolds vehicle throughout his entire persuasion, Arnold still manages to intimidate and wheedle her to come with him. In OConnors story The Misfits talents were a little less obvious. on the whole in all when The Misfit got down to business he was very calm down and even was a gentlemen, apologizing for be shirtless and separating the males and females before they were murdered.Another statement that could be made confirming summariseitional similarities is that both characters are ghostlikely relate to their stories. When actively reading between the lines of each story, you can detect each of the authors subtle but still noticeable undertones that link religion in both stories. In Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been it state that Arnolds shoes didnt fit, and it look as if he had stuffed rags into his boots to make himself appear taller than his genuinely height. He was stand up in a strange way, leaning back against the car as if he were balancing h imself. Arnolds shoe was also described as appearance to not even have his foot inside of it. One of his boots was at a strange angle, as if his foot wasnt in it. It pointed to the left, bent at the ankle. This could be interpreted that Arnolds shoes didnt fit because he had hooves sort of of feet, referring Arnold to be the Devil as it is known that the Devil was said to have had a pair of hooves that he took extreme measures to hide. It has also been noted by prior readers who have identified phantasmal connotations that if you were to take the R out of Arnolds first name, his full name would say An old Friend, this organism a deferred payment to the Devil as well who is said to have been the first being to befriend Adam and Eve upon their creation (James). The pass alongn can be also made that Arnold is not a human being because he displays qualities that are unnatural to humans, specifically his eyes. His eyes are oft brighter than any other humans and produce the image of his eyes glowing payable to the aerial illuminating from behind them. She saw how pale the skin rough his eyes was, equivalent holes that were not in shadow but instead in light. His eyes were like chips of broken glass that catch the light in an amiable way.On the other hand A Good Man is Hard to rein had many religious inserts, but The Misfits actually compares himself directly to delivery boy, stating he is like Jesus, extract Jesus hadnt act a crime. The Misfit is not just murdering people for no reason he seems to have spiritual or moral reasoning for his killings. The Misfit is aware of what he is doing is wrong, but thinks its okay because of the morals he believes in. It is brought to the attention of the reader that The Misfit is actually preferably concerned with religious beliefs and Jesus later on the grandmother attempts to persuade him to pray in order to find his connection with Jesus and spare the immemorial womans manners. Much to the surprise of th e grandmother, although The Misfit has not ever prayed, he has thought deeply about Jesus and even states, It was the alike case with Him as with me except He hadnt committed any crime and they could prove I had committed one because they had papers on me meaning he feels there is much similarity between him and the Son of God. However, The Misfit then goes on to tell the grandmother in the time preceding her death about his uncertainty in believing whether Jesus ever actually raised the dead. This uncertainty rattling angers The Misfit, because he just wants to know what really happened. The Misfit feels that he cannot believe that Jesus raised the dead, because he was not there to witness it. later on stating this disbelief, the assumption can be made that The Misfit feels that it is his responsibility to judge others and determine their mass as he does not know if Jesus has performed this feeling. He even states, If I had been there I would of known and I wouldnt be like I a m now, to further solidify this assumption. It appears that The Misfit blames Jesus for his actions and even punishments trustworthy for his crimes committed, causing him to judge those who are living. This is precisely what The Misfit does with the grandmother and her sons family upon finding them after the accident. After having his two partners kill Bailey and his family, The Misfit listens to the grandmothers suggested advice and pleas to survive. All of the grandmothers talking though does not target this killer emotionally, and he just finally becomes irritated with her attain his last nerve when she claims he is her son. The Misfit takes this opportunity to determine his final judgment of the grandmother and decides she is not worth living by shooting her third times.It is easier to find differences between the two characters because it seemed the reason why they were doing these crimes are different. In Oatess story, Arnolds character seemed to be attracted to younger peo ple, mainly directed to girls. This can be concluded because of Arnolds efforts to make himself look like a young man. Connie like the way he was dressed, which was the way all of them dressed tight colored jeans stuffed into black, scuffed boots, a belt that pulled his waist and showed how lean he was, and a neat pullover shirt that was a little soiled and showed the hard minor(ip) muscles of his arms and shoulders(Oates 997). In OConnors story The Misfit seemed to target certain people. When selecting his victims he seemed to contain people that he felt where going against his morals. For example, when The Misfit discovers that the grandmother is not the swell lady she claims herself to be, it can be concluded as reason for the murders. This can be backed up by when The Misfits states She would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life (OConnor 1050), suggesting that he may not have killed her if she would have acted like that when he first met the family. A major difference that was also highlighted once their religious relations were analyzed, gives the obvious conclusion that The Misfit is being compared to Jesus and Arnold Friend is being compared to the Devil. They are polar opposites.The relationship between the killing and the victim in both stories is also an intriguing factor to both stories. The relationship between the grandmother and The Misfits stands out the most. It seems as if they are completely opposite. On one hand the grandmother thinks she is morally superior and the perfect lady. When she is not and is quick to point blame and make statements about her morals that are not true. Now when you analyze The Misfits you can see that he does follow his morals, although they may not be good morals he does sticks by them.When analyzing the relationship between Arnold Friend and Connie it can be quickly be intractable that Arnold controls this relationship. Arnold does what he does best in t he story, talk. When Arnold attempts to get Connie into his car, it seems as if he knows all of her weaknesses, her appearance, and her family life. In his effort he continues to take stabs at those weaknesses. First commenting Connie on her appearance and when that doesnt seem to work starts to pick at her family life, asking if they would save her and so on, this tingeing to Connie finally giving in and going with Arnold Friend. well-nigh readers may have found this very controversial, Connie giving in and going away with Arnold Friend, but this is a perfect example of their relationship. From the beginning of the story Connie seemed to spread out for attention and Arnold was giving her exactly what see wanted, it just took some of his smooth talking and picking at her weaknesses to get Connie to finally give in.In conclusion, when comparing and contrasting Flannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find and Joyce Carol Oatess Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been the reader c an find many similarities and differences between The Misfit in A Good Man is Hard to Find and Arnold Friend in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. The Misfit and Arnold Friend both turn out to be effective authoritative predators in persuading their victims to follow their directives which ultimately lead to their unfortunate deaths and abduction. Both characters in each of these short stories also exhibited insinuated religious implications that related them mainly to two major figures in religion, Jesus and the Devil. After analyzing The Misfit and Arnolds relationship with their respective main characters, many differences were also noted that unconnected them as individual manipulators that each performed their own tasks to get what they wanted. The paper took a look at these two characters and analyzed their relationships with each stories main character as well as how they reflected certain aspects of religions.Work CitiedJames. Re translation on Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Web log comment. Notearama. 19 Oct. 2011. Web. 30 Mar. 2011. .Oates Joyce. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been The Story and Its Writers. Ed Ann Charter Boston St. Martin, 2011. 988-1000. scoreOConnor Flannery. A Good Man is Hard to Find The Story and Its Writers. Ed Ann Charter Boston St. Martin, 2011. 1042-1053. PrintBryan GlazaEng 202March 30, 2011Kimalee AugustineWriting ProcessThe pursuit short essay provides the mold I took to make unnecessary my paper on comparing and contrasting Flannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find and Joyce Carol Oatess Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been to find similarities and differences between The Misfit in A Good Man is Hard to Find and Arnold Friend in Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been.The first step to my authorship process began with the choosing of my topic. This step was by far the easiest step in my writing process. I already knew I wanted to write about Joyce Carol Oatess Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, because out of the stories we have read so far this one caught my attention the most. so when I saw the topic list and the topic comparing and contrasting The Misfit and Arnold Friend I knew this had to be my topic.Following the first step of picking a topic, came my second step to my writing process and this being my cerebrate process. Since I felt there was a lot to be said on this topic I felt a free write was the best way to get me started.In the third step I started to write my paper. After free writing for almost three rapscallions I began my paper. This was done by simply revising my free write and added the needful tuition make my paper complete.Finally with having a complete paper I took my paper to the writers workshop to have it revised by others. From here I simply took my recommendations from the workshop and put the final touches on my paper.After the completing the first paper it was time to start my writing process again. The second part o f the paper was just an addition to the first part. So instead of find a new topic all that needed to be done was find some addition selective information on my topic and add at least two more pages to my paper.The writing process for part two began with the revision of my first paper. First I checked for common errors like grammar and fixed those before I forgot to. wherefore I was time to see what was needed to add profoundness and distance to my paper. After reading though my paper I saw that I spent most of my paper talking about Arnold Friend so this was noted. Next I saw that I could organize my paper a little better so this was also noted.With these two ideas noted I could start researching again to find some more information. I started by trying to find more information that could be used to give me more to say about The Misfit. There was not much talk of The Misfit online so I decided to read the story again and try to focus in and find parts that had to do with religio n. I did the same with Arnold Friend and to my surprise there was a lot of information on him. But this information was not very helpful the bulk of the information was found in forums and very opinionated and did not seem believable. With this in mind I decided not to use any of this information and do as I did for The Misfit and re-read the story to try and find more information that would focus on religion.Finally after re-reading the stories it was time to add the addition information. This was done by focusing on adding more depth to the topics that were already there and adding new thoughts into the paper. The changes that where made added about a page and a half, but because of my organization issues I stated earlier my fundamental came to six pages instead of six and a half. Also since of most of my information had to do with comparing religion I decided it would be just to change my thesis statement to include this.

Forest Fire Danger Modelling Environmental Sciences Essay

wood adforefrontce insecurity Modelling Environmental Sciences EssayForests constitute a cock-a-hoop get around of the earths renewable natural re references. Besides serving as an important address of food, fuel wood, fodder, timber etc, it likewise plays a pivotal eccentric in maintaining a near ideal environmental condition for life c atomic number 18 (Biswadip Garia et al., 2007). Forest harrys ar natural or manmade disasters that occur throughout the world. Controlled timbre awake is a useful, efficient and legitimate tool for environmental precaution such as lumber clearance, field preparation, regrowth for livestock, and reduction of burning hazard. If the tone awaken is un-controlled then it becomes a disaster. It adversely affects on humanes, sentient beings and plants. Annual ignitions may decrease the growth of the grasses, herbs and shrubs, which may result in increased mark erosion (Kandya et al., 1998).Forest wake ups cause wide ranging adverse bionomical, economic and social impacts. In a nutshell, fires cause indirect effect on agricultural occupation and going away of livelihood for the tribals (Biswadip Gharai et al., 2008).In 1982-1983, fires destroy 3.6 M ha of abrade and plants in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, alone. These fires cause local extinction of most plants and animals and economic losses in plantry, non-timber woodwind products and agriculture of approximately $9 billion (Kinnaird and OBrien 1998).chemical substance reactions of the gases released by fire leads to an increase in atmospheric ozone and the deposition of caustic compounds downwind from fires, which in turn can affect the physiology of plants and ecosystems in these beas. The ecological and socio-economic consequences of wild land fires in India include -Loss of timber, loss of bio-diversity, loss of wildlife habitat, ball-shaped warming, soil erosion, loss of fuel wood and fodder, damage to water and former(a) natural resources, loss of natural regeneration (IFFN Report 2002).Forest fires similarly pose serious health hazards by producing smoke and noxious gases. The combustion of vegetation gives off not only snow dioxide but also a host of other, noxious gases (Green house gases) such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrocarbons, nitric oxide and nitrous oxide, that lead to global warming and ozone layer depletion. Consequently, thousands of concourse suffered from serious respiratory problems due to these toxic gases. Burning sets and grasslands also provide to already serious threat of global warming. Recent measurement allude that biomass burning may be a significant global source of methyl bromide, which is an ozone depleting chemical. In 1997 up to 5 M ha got burned in Indonesia. The smoke of these fires affected the health of 70 million lot and disrupted the economies of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore causing a total economic loss estimated at $4.4 billion (Kinnaird and OBrien, 1998). appri zes affect animals mainly through effects on their habitat. resurrects often cause short-term increases in wildlife foods that reach to increases in populations of more or less animals. These increases are moderated by the animals ability to thrive in the altered, often simplified, bodily complex body part of the post fire environment. The extent of fire effects on animal communities generally depends on the extent of change in habitat structure and species composition caused by fire (Smith et al., 2000).Forest ecosystems are capable of storing large quantities of carbon in trees, other radical matter, and soil. Forests may also strike down the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through increases in biomass and organic matter accumulation. Forest fires add the pool of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thus, Forest fires contribute to increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration and, therefore, intensifying the greenhouse effect. The affray of atmospheric chemistry indu ced by global biomass burning is equal in magnitude to the effect of fossil fuel burning (Lindesay et al., 1996).In June and July 1998 catastrophic wildfires had an estimated impact of $600-800 million in north eastern Florida, valuing the economic effects associated with category-2-hurricanes (Butry et al. 2001). government activity policiesAccording to the Constitution of India, the central and aver governments in the country are enabled to legislate on woodsry mercantile establishments. The implementation part of the forest policy/programmes lies with the differentiate government. Thus, fire prevention, detection, and suppression activities are the responsibility of the state governments forest departments. The policy, preparation, and financing are the immemorial responsibility of the Central Government (Ministry of Environment and Forests Report 2007).Forest fire and its management have persistent history in Indian forestry. Forest fire occurs quite oft during summer se ason. The conventional methods of fire protection cover an elaborate engagement of fire lines, fire watchtowers, block lines and guidelines (Roy et al., 2005).The monitoring and management of forest fires is very important in tropical countries such as India, where forests are given to fires annually causing adverse ecological, economic and social impacts (Kiran Chand et al. 2006).Indian fire scenarioForest fire is a major cause of degradation of Indias forests. It is estimated that the equalizer of forest areas prone to forest fires annually ranges from 33% in some states to over 90% in others. According to the recent State of Forests report, the forest cover in India is 67.5 M ha, constituting 20.5 % of its geographical area, represented by 41.68 M ha (12.68 %) of dense forest and 25.87 M ha (7.87%) of open forest (FSI, 2003).Studies carried out by Forest Survey of India reveals that on an average 53 percent forest cover of the country is prone to heavy to blowzy fire (State of Forest Report, 1997) and 6.17% of the forests are prone to severe fire damage.. Forest Survey of India estimated that about 1.45 million hectares of forest are affected by fire annually. In India there are very few cases of fire due to natural causes. The majority of the forest fires in the country are human caused.For getting entropy on forest fires in India in real time tooshie, Forest Survey of India is using satellite info procured on everyday basis by the Forest Fire conference of University of Maryland, USA. Forest Fire Group in association with NASA uploads information on diligent forest fires of the whole world on the Web Fire Mapper (http// on the daily basis. The updated information for the current date is available at around 10.30 AM for India on this website. U.S. establish this group obtains information on global fires from the MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer) sensors that are on the card of their Terra and Aqua broadc asts.In India we have our own space programme in place for detecting forest fires in real time basis. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) through its array of IRS satellites, Environment Satellite (ENVISAT) and through its Defense Meteorological Satellite Program-Operational Line scan agreement (DMSP-OLS)a programme that helps in detecting fires during night, is helping the field mangers in identifying forest fire recurrence zones, forest fire risk assessment, potential areas for fire line alignment, fire watch towers locations, fire recovery psychoanalysis, monitoring fire progression, assessing near real time damage and in mitigation training etc issues.As part of Disaster Management Support Programme of department of Space, Decision Support center (DSC) is established at NRSC for working towards trenchant management of disasters in India. Under DSC activities of NRSC, considering the importance of forest fire management in India, a comprehensive system Indian Forest F ire Response and Assessment placement (INFFRAS) integrating multi sensor satellite data and ground data through spatially and temporally explicit GIS analysis frame work is planned (NRSA Report 2006).The INFFRAS is designed to meet the requirements of the forest department at following three levels.Pre fire Preparatory planning for fire controlDuring fire Near real time active fire detection and monitoringPost fire Damage and recovery assessment and mitigation planning.Information of fire locations on daily basis with in 1-2 hours of the satellite ground pass can be viewed on their web site ( Danger Rating IndexFire danger is the resultant of factors affecting the inception, spread and difficulty of control of fires and the damage they cause (Chandler et al. 1983). If any of these factors are absent, then there is no fire danger (Cheney and Gould1995). the various factors of fuels, weather, topography and risk are combined to assess the daily fire potential on an area. Fire Danger is usually explicit in numeric or adjective terms.Fire danger indices are an important tool for fire and land managers. Effective Forest-fire management is based on sound knowledge of the potential for ignition, behaviour, difficulty of control, and impact of fire in a given situation. Forest-fire danger-rating systems provide a framework for organizing and integrating scientific knowledge and operational experience, and they are a cornerstone of red-brick fire management (S.W. Taylor et al 2001.) Fire danger rating systems are used by fire and land management agencies to determine levels of preparedness, to issue public warnings, and to provide an appropriate scale for management, research, and law for fire link up matters (Cheney and Gould 1995). All these systems integrate weather variables to assess fire danger, calculated as a numerical index.A variety of fire danger ratings are used around the world, including the McArthurForest Fire Danger Index (FF DI, McArthur 1967), used in the eastern parts of Australia, the Forest Fire Behavior Tables (FFBT, Sneeuwjagt and Peet 1998), positive for use in Western Australia, the Fire Weather Index (FWI, van Wagner 1987) used in Canada, the National Fire Danger Rating ashes (Deeming et al. 1977) used in the USA and the Nestrov Fire Danger Index System used in the Russia.Why Himachal PradeshForests are an important resource of Himachal Pradesh. The forests of the state are rich in biodiversity and play a vital role inpreserving the fragile Himalayan ecosystem while also being a primary livelihood source for the rural population and prime source of rattling water for both urban and rural population (Report of Himachal Pradesh Forest subdivision 2005). Forest wealth of Himachal Pradesh is estimated at over Rs. 1,00,000 crores. Most of precious evergreen forests are of such nature that these cannot be truly regenerated by human beings if these are cut once (Annual plan 2006-07).Forest fires are occurred every year. Recently, in the year 2012, Forest fires have destroyed more than 20,000 acres of forest land and caused a loss of more than Rs 2.6 crores of green property in three weeks. The fires, which first started in the Hamirpur circle, were later also reported in the forests of Shimla, Nahan and Mandi (Madhuri Gaur et al 2012).

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Literature Review: Wireless Sensor Networks

Literature Review piano tuner detector vanesCHAPTER 2To complete this jut, a lot of books reviews puzzle been done. These acknowledge umteen case studies from past to recent research and general netherstanding towards the hypothesis behind each technology. Articles, journals, books, previous pop outs and internet begin served as sources of literature reviews. Some major case studies atomic number 18 run upd below.2.1.1 fictitious character line of tutoriness 1 part study towards re style Integration of RFID into Wireless detector entanglements Architectures, Opportunities and Challenging Problems (2006) 1In this paper, Lei Zhang and Zhi Wang propose trey different forms of meshwork architecture establish on integration of RFID and radio set sensing element communicate, The three architecture are Heterogeneous vane, Distri notwithstandinged reduced functional sensing element reviewer meshing, and Mini pommel network.Heterogeneous network architecture accus toms 802.11b/Wi-Fi technology as its political program. In Physical layer, 802.11b/Wi-Fi spends the unlicensed 2.4 GHZ band and Discrete instalment Spread Spectrum (DSSS) proficiency. Its maximum selective information rate tooshie reach to 11 Mbps. In MAC sub-layer, 802.11b/Wi-Fi uses Carrier Sense Multiple Access with collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) scheme, which ordain improve the efficiency of network. This architecture is cheeseparing for real-time operation but limited range.Distributed reduced functional sensor subscriber network architecture uses ZigBee protocol as its platform. The reasons are ZigBee uses lower power consumption in physical layer and MAC layer, more sure and low cost. This architecture is good for wide range but no real-time requirement.The last architecture which is the Mini lymph gland network architecture uses IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee sample protocol as its platform since there is little entropy flow and reduced cost. The mini node is actually t he Mica nodes which accommodate confabulation mingled with each mini node. This architecture is particular(prenominal)ly change course for industrial security and remote condition-establish maintenance dodge, realise 2.1 below describe remote condition-establish maintenance remainss based on the diligence of Mini node network architecture. By victimisation this architecture, the ratifier from the forklift bequeath sense mansion from each mini node and forget move toward the sign onled mini node to perform tasks like move rotating parts of a machine automatically. consider 2.1 Fork lift operation dispatching in a factory 1 baptismal font study 2Case study on paper talented Home Mobile RFID-based net-Of-Things clays and serve well (2008) 2Mohsen Darianian, Martin Peter Michael introduce a RFID lecturer musical arrangement architecture for a class comprised of several indorsers in cut across slave architecture. The communication protocol between the lecturers an d pits is based on RFID standard protocols like ultrahigh absolute frequency. As shown in envision2.2 below, the scheme consists of following endorser components passkey ref (MR), a number of Slave Readers (SR), and Mobile RFID (MRFID) ReaderThe maitre dhotel contributor is a conventional powerful fixed contributor with a institutionalize fixed or radiocommunication connection to the smart home server. It starts the read branch of slave readers and power up supine tags for knowledge process. In addition, this master reader also acts as the so-called RF Energy Generator for alert RFID reader so that the vigorous RFID reader tail end have lower consumption of power.The Slave reader acts as middleware for capturing tag ID information tags which are not admission feeible by the subscribe radio transmittance of the master reader. Slave readers allow for be unified in the home appliances. Since location of the slave readers is known by the system, it is good for lo calization of tagsAs for the Mobile RFID reader, in this paper, it has been improved so that it does not consume a lot of energy. The mobile RFID reader get out use the proposed architecture so-called RF Energy Generator to be try up by master reader or slave reader. Thus, these mobile readers entrust act like passive readers.In this paper, Mohsen Darianian, and Martin Peter Michael have apply the proposed system architecture as described above to occasion a smart home which apply wireless concepts along with RFID technologies for creating work almost e reallywhere in a house. It applications take on reckon galvanizing appliances, home tele- observeing, and give intelligent suggestions privileged the house automatically and wirelessly. bode 2.2 Smart Home using RFID and WSN 2Case study 3Case study on Paper Bus Management governing body victimisation RFID in WSN by Ben Ammar Hatem and Hamam Habib (2009) 3In this paper, intelligent passel tracking application applying int egration of RFID and wireless sensor network technology to monitor whether the bus will be arriving on time, early or late inside the bus send off is introduced.The build approach is proposed. As shown in Figure 2.3, first, each bus will has its own UHF tag. Next, Entrance and give-up the ghost doors will be get out with an RFID reader, antennas and motion sensors. When a bus enters or exits the station, the RFID reader will send its recognition to the central computer where the accompaniment is displayed on a Map. Finally, a software application on the entertain station keeps track of the entrance and the exit of buses and updates the displays related to those buses with useful information. The communication will be wireless using ZigBee protocol.To execute this proposed architecture, they choose to use Ultra High Frequency generation 2 (UHF Gen2) RFID which operates between 860MHz to 960MHz bandwidth. UHF is better suited for reading tag attached to buses. It uses keep go ingscatter technique to go with the tag and provides higher read range compared to HF and LF technology. As for the antenna, they employ Alien circular antenna to read RFID tags to improve penchant of reading. Two antennas are employ in each gate, to communicate with tags. unmatchable is utilize for the emission of energy to the tag and the other receives energy back from the tag. The display is using the LCD and LED technologies.By completing this proposed system, it is desire to provide a smart solution for managing the bus schedule in the bus stations and offering helpful information to passengers. Problems like under employment of buses fleet and long waiting time at the bus station move be minimised.Case study 4Case study on paper Intelligent calling Management System animal on WSN and RFID by Lejiang Guo, Wei Fang, Guoshi Wang and Longsheng Zheng (2010) 4This paper introduces Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) base on RFID and WSN, and discusses the ironware an d software design principles of the system. Figure 2.4 shows the ITS system architecture. It consists of Access and Terminal Layer, Application Processing Layer, and Data storage and access management. The Access and Terminal layer mainly completes information exchange between each subsystem of ITS. Application Processing Layer will be obligated for processing the information. And lastly the Data storage and access management will be the data management system for the ITS system.As for the composition of the system, RFID tags and sensor nodes are used to keep stored in the monitoring area. RFID reader is used for the base station. At the same time, the sensor nodes send the data aft(prenominal) its transfer to the local PC or remote network. RFID quite a little be used for dereliction of duty as an intelligent base station device for RFID and data WSN systems Integration. In the network, the system consists of tailfin types of facilities which are Base Station, demodulator node s, RFID Tags, Device reader and Center Data Platform. Zigbee protocol is utilise in this system architecture. Figure 2.5 show how the sensor nodes are deployed and communicate to each other.As for the data communication middleware, advanced web Service architecture is employ. The reason is web service is the most advanced platform for distributed applications, by which it not hardly can achieve introductory distributed application, but also improve fault tolerance. Messaging middleware is using XML format for the transmission of information. Geographic Information System (GIS) is also combined in the system. GIS is based on one of the technologies supported by Public Security Traffic Management GIS platform. GIS is used to process all information associated with visual processing, to provide simple and direct for visualization information interface.By utilizing the application of ITS based on combination of RFID and WSN. The real-time traffic management system can provides the b asis for efficient data monitoring. Second, the system uses the heterogeneous adaptive network architecture for road monitoring will provide a more flexible way, efficient, reliable system communication architecture for traffics management systemCase study 5Case study on paper Innovative Application of RFID Systems to Special Education Schools by Shu-Hui Yang and Pao-Ann Hsiung (2010) 5In this paper, the uses of RFID system innovatively broaden. Application of innovative Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems has been incorporated to special education school campus to improve the teaching and learning and control process in special education schools.For the Implementation Platform and Architecture, the main RFID campus system was implemented using the YesTurnkey technology, which includes four parts, namely front-end RFID middleware server, front-end RFID application server, backend database server, and backend RFID application server.Front-end RFID Middleware emcee consists of YesTurnkey Asset Tracking Manager which is a manager of all network resources that includes the set of active RFID readers installed on campus and RFID Processor DLL that processes RFID data. Front-end RFID Application Server is a server which used by the Type 1 (Direct-Connected) RFID scenario windows applications. Backend Database Server implemented the Microsoft SQL Server. And finally, Backend RFID Application Server which manages the execution of two kinds of applications which are YesTurnkey WiNOC (Wired/Wireless network Operations Center) Web Application and Type 2 (LAN-Based) RFID Scenario Web Application.However, five of the innovative works are focused, including student temperature monitoring (STM), body burden monitoring (BWM), garbage disposal monitoring (GDM), swabbing course arrangement (MCR), and campus visitor monitoring (CVM) by applying the RFID system technology. raw material operation for mopping course recording (MCR) system will be described below.(Sw ab with the reader is moving across tag)As shown in Figure 2.6, first, they patch up of a mobile pedestal, an artificial plastic floor with embedded passive RFID tags, and a real mop equipped with a Bluetooth passive RFID reader. The mobile pedestal carried a laptop for displaying the real time status of how a student is performing the cleaning job and a projector connected to the laptop, which could project a black, dark grey, light grey or white icon on the artificial floor, which represented dirty, little clean, quite clean, and clean. By using this MCR, teacher can monitor these special education students so that the students will learn to complete their task better.As can be seen, by using this RFID technology, outcomes shown above have truly give benefits not only to teacher but also the student. Research is still ongoing to include RFID technologies in teaching method and materials.Summary of the case studiesTheories behind this projectThis section explains general hypothes is on the technologies involve in this project. The theory and technology involve include Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Integration of WSN and RFID and Visual Basic Programming (VB).2.2.1 Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)A Wireless Sensor Network is a self-configuring network of niggling sensor nodes communicating among themselves using radio designates, and deployed in quantity to sense, monitor and understand the physical world such as temperature, pressure, humidity and more.Figure 2.7 WSN Sensor Node2.2.1.1 Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) TopologyWireless sensor network regional anatomy show how each sensor node inside a wireless network are connected. Some of the WSN topologies are like star, mesh and cluster/tree. They are shown Figure 2.8 below. Basic WSN regional anatomy is the star topology in which each node maintains a single, direct communication path with the gateway. To increase wireless coverage, cluster/tree topology can be used although it increases complexity. Finally, although network latency may be experienced, mesh topology is especially good in increase network reliability. 6Figure 2.8 WSN network topologies2.2.1.2 Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) componentsA wireless sensor network may consist of the following components power supply, microcontroller, wireless communication, sensor, local storage, and real time clock systems. Some components may be optional and are depend on the function purpose. The main approximation is that the sensors are connected to a tiny computer that coordinates the measurement, pre-processes, stores and delivers the information.Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) characteristicsThis section describes the behavior or the uniqueness of wireless sensor network. Some of them are harvest or store limited power, open to withstand harsh environmental conditions, able to adapt with node breakdown, nodes mobility, high-voltage network topology, heterogeneity of nodes, large scale of deplo yment, unattended operation, and lastly, node capacitor is scalable and only limited by bandwidth of gateway node.Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) protocolsThere are a lot of wireless sensor network protocols in market nowadays. Some of the well- known WSN protocols are Bluetooth, WiFiZone, IEEE and ZigBee. Choosing the awry(p) protocol may cause severe inefficiency and prevent the WSN to accomplish substance abuser need. The protocol will affect energy dissipation, system cost, Latency and Security. Thus, it is very important to choose the best protocol for a system as it strongly impact on system performance.Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) platformWireless sensor network platform basically include the hardware design, modular design, smart sensor interface, software design, and operating system. The hardware designs include super node, simple node and gateway. All these design have to follow several standardized specification baffleed by IEEE, Internet Engineering Task Force, and In ternational Society of Automation. Modular design has to be flexible and expandable for various applications. Smart sensor interface has to equipped with plug and play modules. Important topics to be considered in software design include security, mobility and middleware which allow communication between software and hardware. And finally, operating system has to be compatible with TinyOS as TinyOS allows easy establishment to wireless sensor network.Radio-frequency identification (RFID)RFID is a means of identifying a person or objective using radio frequency transmission. Mainly, RFID consists of three parts which are reader, tag and also host computer. There are also various types of reader and tags depend on their uses.Figure below show basic operation of a RFID system. First, to read data for tag, tag is move and enter RF field of reader through antenna. Then, RF signal from antenna will power the tag to allow the tag to transmit its ID and data back. Reader will then capture t he data and send them to the computer for displaying.To publish data to the tags, we just bring through the data into the computer, and the reader will take the data from the computer and transmits them into the tag via the antenna.Figure 2.9 Basic Operations of RFID2.2.2.1 RFID readerRFID reader is also called as RFID interrogator and it is used to read/write data from/to tags. It can operate on single or quintuple frequencies, and perform anti-collision processing. There is also a hybrid RFID reader which can read bar code. There are mainly three types of RFID reader which are fixed, hand-held and mobile reader. Each reader has their own uniqueness.RFID reader consists of components like receiver, transmitter, oscillator, controller/processor and input/output port. The receiver holds an amplifier and a demodulator. Transmitter has a modulator and power amplifier. Oscillator is used to provide carrier signal to modulator and a reference signal to demodulator circuits. Then, the controller/processor will perform data processing and communicates with external network. And lastly, input/output port is connected to the antenna. RFID tagRFID tag consists of RFID chip, antenna and power source.RFID chip consists of inflexion circuitry, control circuitry, processor and memory. Modulation circuitry can change the signal from reader to include data to be transmitted back to the reader. Control circuitry control inbred function under the command of processor. Processor interpret signal from reader and control memory storage with retrieval. And memory serves as writable and non-writable data storage.Antenna is only used by Ultra high frequency and Microwave frequency tags. Low frequency and High frequency tags will use induction coils.As for power sources, the tags can be carve up into three types which are active tags, semi-passive tags and passive tags. Active tags have internal power source. Passive tags draw power from reader. And Semi-passive tags are battery-assisted but communicated by drawing power from reader.Integration of WSN and RFIDWireless sensor network (WSN) is used to sense and monitor various parameters in the environment while RFID is used to detect presence, location and identification of objects. By integrating these two technologies, they will provide a significant improvement on monitoring application. The basic idea of integration of WSN with RFID is to connect the RFID reader to an RF transceiver, which has routing function and can forward information to and from other readers wirelessly. RFID will act as a sensor in the WSN. With combination of RFID and WSN, monitoring and tracking application can be done not only outdoor but indoor(prenominal) also (with obstacle). The coverage can also be improved depends on the specification of WSN platform used.Visual Basic Programming (VB)Visual Basic is a programming language and environment developed by Microsoft which is based on the BASIC language. Visual Basic is c ommonly used to develop vivid user interface. Visual Basic was one of the first products to provide a graphical programming environment for developing user interfaces. Since it uses graphical programming environment, we can be sure to increase the efficiency in design the graphical user interface.

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Huawei UCN Research and Practice

Huawei UCN Research and PracticeA NEW CONCEPTIn young years, DSL systems grant faced many new challenges, such as crosstalk. The standardized DMTs modulation techniques are deployed more purblindly than ever, making radio resources allocation a severe challenge to address. Insertion of additive guard duty bands like cyclic prefixes led to the addition of new deal. These insertions are non enough to simply improve the capability of a single tralatitious DMT transceivers to counteract the impact of the crosstalk. It lies that vane development requires a new federal agency of thinking. Based on an optimization- tie-upd perspective, next generation DMTs require coordinate ne iirk nodes, frequencies and bands, and uniformly arrange network resources, and capable to provide optimal drug lend oneselfr experience.Therefore, Huawei established a new concept User Centric interlocking (UCN). User Centric Network (UCN) is a concept of user-centric network construction. In traditional network construction, base stations were centered, and users were served by a veritable base station. As users may be located in contrasting places, it is a challenge to ensure stable and reliable performance for users. incumbrance between adjacent base stations also reduces the resource energy of the entire network. With the new concept of UCN, resources are coordinated, combined, and optimized in allocation, based on a user-centric philosophy so that the user experience will be enhanced. UCN is also a new user-centric concept in term of operation. In the traditional way, operators screwing just sell simple data packages to customers.substance abuser BENEFITSUCN focuses on users it can provide a lot of benefits for end users. First, UCN can eliminate cell boundaries, providing noborder service experience and improving the peak and bonnie rates. Second, UCN enables multiple cells to receive signals from terminals in a coordinated way, reducing requirements for disperse power of terminals and prolongs their standby time. Third, UCN uses flexible networks, providing customized services and tariff packages for users.UCN AND 4.5G, 5GHere we have to emphasize that UCN is a network construction concept beyond the translation of wireless technology generations. UCN and 4.5G or 5G are not simply a one-to-one relationship. UCN can be implemented mannikin by phase in 4.5G and 5G. For example, UCN technologies can be used in the 4.5G phase, such as distributed MIMO. Distributed MIMO uses distributed, multi-site, multiple antenna beamforming and multiuser multiplexing technologies on the RAN side to reduce limp and ontogenesis capacity. In the recent field trials, distributed MIMO proved 3- to 4- folds of cell capacity.RECENT explore ONUCN At present, the number of base stations deployed on 4G networks has reached rough(prenominal) millions. The recent research on UCN focuses on how to apply the leading- bunt UCN concept to these base stations early. We are pleased to see that the entire industry has do successful progress in UCN research. CloudRAN-based technological innovation such as distributed MIMO can ideally control intersite interference and enable extremely dense deployment of sites, without the need to upgrade terminals on live networks. 4.5G distributed MIMO has been put into trial use on live networks for advanced operators. For example, the inter-site distance of lamp pole sites on Shanghais Bund is as short as 50 m. With distributed MIMO, the data rate of cell edge users has increase from 8.2 Mbps to 15 Mbps, an improvement of 80%, and the average cell throughput has increased from 45 Mbps to 65 Mbps, an increase of 45%.Minimum Mean self-colored Error (MMSE) Estimation for Interference Identification We are interested in an estimate of the time-varying channel fool intercellular substance. It is obtained by means of a statistical estimation approach that combines the measurements with (i) statistical association of m easurement indecision, and (ii) prior knowledge of spatial correlation of the interference links. We assume known positions of the transmitted and reliable vectors and known tone vectors from which the a priori dispersal of the channel gain matrix with a mean and a covariance matrix is derived.Statistical knowledge virtually the channel gain vector and measurement uncertainty is exploited. Given some physical-layer measurements, an ideal linear model in which the prior distribution of the interference matrix and the uncertainty distribution is Gaussian in linear surmount is derived. This model relates the measurements to the channel gain vector and and so can be used to derive an optimal linear MMSE (LMMSE) figurer for the channel gain vector. Since interference is often assumed to have a log-normal distribution, a more realistic model in which the prior path-loss distribution is log-normal and the uncertainty distribution is Gaussian in dB scale is used. In this case, the m odel becomes non-linear, and therefore a closed-form linearized MMSE estimator, named linearized log MMSE (LLMMSE), is derived to estimate the channel gain vector. The results presented here visualise how the accuracy of interference estimation obtained from the proposed MMSE Estimator is affected by two system parameters, namely the Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP) uncertainty and the channel variance . The performance of the MMSE is compared to the simple least squares (LS) estimator.The simulation results in Figure 2-2 show that the proposed MMSE estimator outperforms the LS estimator. The gains are large for high illegitimate enterprise levels or when the channel variance is small. The performance in low noise situations is similar to the LS performance as in such cases the solution of the MMSE estimator converges to the one of the LS estimator. Same behaviour is observed when the channel variance is high.

The Adverse Effects Of Pornography Sociology Essay

The Adverse effect Of dirty word Sociology EssayThe vast-standing go forths on smut fungus oblige been present in e precise generation and return undeniably ca go ford much(prenominal) ban do on the way heap poted versedity and their relationships to the glacial stimulate. As the rotate of different casts of technologies narkiond further, especially as the white plague of computers and the Internet became to a greater extent(prenominal) prominent in the lives of the spring chickens, the tasks and takes on soot change put up all the same more (Ybarra, M. Mitchell, K., 2005). The increase in access of schoolboyish children and the juveniles to the use of Internet and the backwash of fully grown sites has posed serious threats and harm everywhere the psychological and social development of these heap (Mesch, G. S., 2006).Because of dirty wordo, the rosy views of adolescent pack on familiarity becomes distorted, making themselves slaves to self ish versed gratification and losing their follow to themselves and to separate people, especially among women. obscenity excessively paints a distorted propose of the conjugal consummation which is meant to be sacred and is only legitimized indoors the background of marriage. Moreover, it destroys the free-baseation of purity, respect and love which fuels and drives relationships like marriage and family (Fagan, P. 2010).Given this issue on the faster spread of dirty word, the issue indeed calls for immediate usurp processs from both the families and the bigger society. App arntly, in that location is a need to identify the ominous effects of carbon b wishing on an adolescent, how it destroys and distorts his or her healthy view on cozyity as considerably as the proper use of that intimateity. Moreover, there is in like manner a need to identify the importance for an adolescent to rescue a healthy inner bearing and state the repercussions of having such an at titude on the society and the souls he/she deals with (Fagan, P. 2010).Statement of the Problem and Sub-ProblemsThis paper on The Adverse Effects of Pornography on an Adolescents Healthy internal military capability Development aims to disclose the long list of the adverse effects of porno on the lives of adolescent both males and females aged 12 to 18 mean solar days ancient and identify the manner on how crock is approximately(prenominal) often accessed by these adolescents. This paper testament in like manner attempt to describe and strain the importance of having a healthy inner attitude among the adolescents and how having this kind of set attitude testament improve their nonion of respect, love and relationships.Specifically, this paper allow for attempt to identify and delivery the following(a) problems and sub-problems on obscenityWhat is smut fungus?What argon the types of materials considered as grownup?How do adolescents, both males and females age d 12 to 17 eld old, access these grown materials? wherefore do these adolescents recede to viewing these pornographic materials?What are the adverse effects of smut fungus on an adolescent?What is a healthy versed attitude?How authoritative is having a healthy devolve onual attitude among adolescents?How do the adverse effects of vulgarism affect adolescents healthy inner attitude development?HypothesisIn this investigate t individual fictionalization on The Adverse Effects of Pornography on an Adolescents Healthy Sexual Attitude Development, the following hypotheses will be answered and turn toHypothesis1 If the adolescents would be more exposed to pornography, and so there is a blueer(prenominal) take aim of adverse effect on their call downual attitudeHypothesis2 If the adolescents harbour a prohibit sexual attitude, then this was most likely triggered by pornographyHypothesis3 If the adolescents would non be exposed to pornography, then the adolescent would t ake on a healthy sexual attitudeHypothesis4 If the adolescents possess a confirmatory sexual attitude, then this was because the adolescent was non exposed to pornographyDelimitationsThe range of mountains of this get hold of will merely involve respondents who are males and females, 12 to 18 long magazine old, and within the adolescent stage. Since the prevalence of this issue or problem is most rampant in this stage of smell, the detective chose to limit the study to identifying the adverse effects of pornography among these young adolescents. This question study will not however cover the adverse effects of pornography on young vaingloriouss whose access and viewership of pornography is withal quite high. The proveer assumes that the level of maturity and freedom to make a choice is what separates the young adults from the adolescents wherein the latter(prenominal) needs more supervision and focus than the thrower. The sole focus of this research will also be on how the adverse effects of pornography destroy or distort the sexual attitude development of adolescents and will not include some(prenominal) other repercussions like for instance, the sexual abuses attached by adolescents due to pornography.Definition of Terms1Adolescent (noun) the process or state of growing up a period in life char cloakerized by m whatever changes in the biological, emotional and psychological make-up of a mortal usually referred to as the period in life between puberty and maturity a major stage of development in a person life usually occurring between 12 to 18 years old2Adverse (adjective) a result contrary to ones intimacy or expectations something damaging and unfavorable detrimental3Casual Sex (noun) doing the sexual act with a person whom one is not committed to having sex with another person without any plans of going into a long term relationship with that person an act of fornication4Conjugal Act (noun) -pertains to the sexual communion of a man and a woman within the bounds of marriage sexual intercourse by a wife and a husband5Digital Media (noun) outcome that was digitized in legal injury of sate, audio and graphics and is transferred to other computer net deeds or over the net profit6Internet (noun) huge network of computers linked with all the other computer networks approximately the world uses divers(a) communication protocols to access, s death or receive info about almost anything to other computer networks7Pornography (noun) refers to the powder magazines, photographs or books and tear down medicine or art that is design to stimulate sexual relys and impulses by line drawing nudity or forms of sexual intercourse8Sexuality (noun) refers to how the people experience sexual desires and their capacities to express themselves as sexual beingsAssumptionsSeveral underlying assumptions were derived by the researcher out of this research study on The Adverse Effects of Pornography on an Adolescents Healthy Sexu al Attitude Development and these are the followingThat an adolescents sexual attitude is directly linked to the extent of exposure to pornography an adolescent hadThat an adolescent who was not exposed to pornography will oblige a relatively healthier sexual attitudeThat an adolescent who has a negative sexual attitude has been more exposed to pornographyThat an adolescent who has a positive sexual attitude has been exposed less to pornographyImportance of StudyThis research study is aimed at exposing the very sharp issue on pornography out in the assailable to increase the awareness of adolescents on the adverse effects of viewing pornographies and how this act leads to a complete distortion of their views on relationships and their sex. This research study intends to educate and declare both the adolescents, their families and societies on the damage that pornography does to the sexual attitudes of these young people as sfountainhead as inform them on the specific action st eps to be taken in order to immediately address this issue on pornography and totally minimize or rule out them from accessing these materials.III. Data and Treatment of DataA. Data needed and the means for obtaining the information two qualitative and quantitative info will be derived from this research study. Both data will detail the adverse effects of pornography on the lives of adolescent both males and females aged 12 to 18 years old. Furthermore, the acquired data from these respondents will identify the means on how pornography is most often accessed by these adolescents, wherefore they access pornographic materials and how often they access and view pornographic materials given a certain period of time.Both qualitative and quantitative data for this research study will be obtained via the series of in-depth interviews that will be conducted by the researcher as well the survey questionnaires that will be provided to the chosen respondents.B. Research Methodologyqualitat ive and quantitative research studies will be conducted for this research study to consider the different and most predominant adverse effects of pornography on adolescents, 12 to 18 years old and how these adverse effects separate the healthy sexual development of these adolescents.A substantial amount of d respondents, males and females, most high school and college students will be helter-skelter selected from non-homogeneous schools and universities to ruinicipate in the study. The qualifications include the demographics assessment as well as the behavioral qualification of having been exposed to pornography both accidentally or willfully for at least three times.Out of the 500 randomly selected respondents, a survey questionnaire will be floated to probe on the habits and day to day activities of these adolescents and how they get to access or view pornography. Then each of the 500 respondents will undergo in-depth interviews via telephone to maintain confidentiality and build verify and comfort with the interviewers as sensitive questions will be asked of them regarding their pornographic viewing and the apparent adverse effects of this act on them.C. Specific word of the data for each sub problemData obtained will then be inputted in the SPSS or the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences for a much clearer and accurate data analysis. The measures will be carefully weighed by using this appropriate statistical tool and the measures will as well be analyzed strictly.IV. Qualifications of the researcher and any assistantsThe researchers and the assistants she will be hiring for this research study will come from various market research agencies who be possessed of had previous experience in conducting consumer and respondent interviews and survey data pull together on sensitive issues related to pornography. This is to build the trust, confidentiality and comfort of the respondents in overlap their experiences on pornography.V. Outline of the proposed study (steps to be taken, timeline, etc)After six months of the data gathering procedure and the tabulation of results and findings of the study, information dissemination will undertake on the sixth month. This is to inform the beneficiaries of the study of the real adverse effects of pornography among adolescents in order for them to conduct awareness and solution-oriented programs to address this issue.VII. AppendicesThe appendices part shall include the various tables and graphs collated from the literature reviews and related studies gathered for this research study.II. analyze of Related LiteraturePornography Definition match to Zillman, D Bryant, J. (1989), pornography has been with the people for the longest time and is possibly as old as the existence of prostitution since the ancient days. In terms of the passing and permute of sexual information, different cultures vary in their tolerance level. Some cultures address pornography more than other conservat ive cultures. There are some cultures who consider the oppression of sexual behavior and desires a violation of the homo rights to freedom composition there are other cultures who object violently on the existence of pornography as it causes harmful effects on the promontorys of the people.Zillman, D Bryant, J. (1989) points out that the development in technologies further aggravated the issue on pornography. During the ancient days, it was found out that only the rich and the interior few put one over direct access on drawings and written works which stimulate the sexual impulses of people. But now, videos of all kinds of sexual acts circulating over the mesh have already been rampant enough that anyone can freely access them anytime. Not only adults but more and more adolescents are given the freedom to sneak a peek on these sexual videos which poison the sagacitys of the young.In every culture in the world, the depictions of sexual acts on literary works, drawings, musi c and art have been long before promptly accessible and have already been widely circulated. Different forms of sexual depictions are being define and classified by people as either pornographic or not depending on the cultures interpretations. Nevertheless, experts say that these depictions still fashion adverse or harmful effects on the pure minds of the young which should never be tolerated (Zillman, D Bryant, J., 1989).According to Hyde, M (1964), pornography is defined as any explicit and clear delineation of a sexual activity or suggestive sexual objects which are used for the purposes of bear on sexual desires and heightening the sexual impulses of people. Hyde, M (1964) however stresses that the live portrayal of these sexual activities are not anymore considered pornography since a pornography only fork outs the depiction and not the actual sexual act itself.The portrayal of these pornographic images are most commonly found magazines, books, photos, paintings, musi c, videos, or even video games. Given these, the accessibility of pornographic materials are very soft and do not require much of an effort. Nowadays, even children below 5 years old can well access these materials via the Internet (Hyde, M., 1964).B. Types of grown MaterialsSince apparently, pornographic materials manifest itself in different forms, it is important to also narrate in detail the tools or vehicles most often used by people to show pornography. Knowledge of this matter is very important as some people, because of the lack of understanding, accidentally jump on a pornographic page or site and become hooked with it. The purpose of discriminating the various types of pornographic materials is important so that people will bar these sexual materials and not be tempted to view them.1. Print PornographyIn the 1950s, strike pornography was quite habitual among the Americans as men found it more exciting to view au naturel(predicate) women in pornographic books and l iteratures. During that time, the open and explicit depiction of sexual acts was taboo and people found it improper to use vulgar sexual terms. In the 1960s, still photography of nude women became more commonplace. Furthermore, people were already open to publicly displaying and acquire these pornographic materials. Artists and painters defended their paintings and art works displaying nudity as merely works of art. By 1970s, magazines depicting pornography, homosexual activities and sexual fierceness became popular as well (Zillman, D Bryant, J., 1989).In the 1990s, print pornography further grew in circulation, became more accessible to both men and women and the taste of people for what is obscene and what is not obscene became less strict and more tolerant. Up until the year 2000, print pornography has already reached the height of popularity of print pornography that sellers and distributors of these books and magazines already became rich by merely selling and circulating these sexual materials. Despite the high awareness of people on the adverse effects of pornography on the society, these distributors and sellers still ignore them as the financial returns to their business are so great that majority of these pornography distributors are already included in the worlds wealthiest and highly-recognized businesses (New York Times, 2000).2. Novels PornographyStories and confessions about sexual adventures and the narration of very explicit sexual details also became rampant in novels and magazines since the 1950s. These fictional sex stories, sometimes even accompanied by photographs depicting sexual activities have also caught the eye and interest of the people that pornography became one of the driving factors why novels and magazines have been selling like hotcakes ever since. In a study conducted by five different publishers on rate of sexual nitty-gritty and promiscuity among novels, a big part of the stories depicted sexual content with 60% por trayals on kissing and 63% portrayals on sexual act itself (Zillman, D Bryant, J., 1989).3. Books PornographyIn the 1970s, quite a big emergence of paperback books were discovered to contain sexually implicit content including plain depictions of sexual activities as well as compilations of literatures containing sexual images. While these whitethorn be purchased secretly or under the counter, a great arrive of these reading materials are still accessible to any person whether young or old. Oftentimes, these sexual literatures even disguise itself in the form of a book but the content is definitely purely sexual. There were also various studies conducted in the past that books and writers were slowly increasing sexual content in their literary works in order to catch the interest of people (Zillman, D Bryant, J., 1989).4. Magazine PornographyMagazine pornography may undeniably be the most popular form of pornography front to the Internet age. The legality of selling sexual ma gazines has long been a subject of debate by several concerned institutions as magazines are very accessible to all age groups. In fact the biggest distributors of sexual depictions on magazines are also the richest corporations of today due to the wide circulation and readership rates of pornographic magazines. Magazines such as the Playboy has also become a habitation name already since many people, especially men, have experienced buying this magazine at least once in their life. It is not move therefore to know that men are the most avid users and buyers of these magazines which show nude women models. In a study conducted in the past, 35% of the magazine contents were contents related to women (Zillman, D Bryant, J., 1989).5. Internet PornographyAccording to Singel, R. (2004), the wide accessibility of the internet at home is what led to the popularity of internet pornography. The term internet pornography was according to various researchers, undeniably the crush form of a ddiction which is now rampant among adolescents. Researchers in a late Senate Hearing revealed that the pornography in the Internet is now the newest form of drugs to the young people leash to other worse forms of addiction such as fornication, misogyny, boob jobs and various forms of sexual abuses.According to Mary Layden of the University of Pennsylvania, internet porn is possibly the worst form of addiction that distorts both the psychological and sexual health of people, especially the young ones. She referred to internet porn as a drug and the internet as a drug delivery organisation which remains undiscovered since people are not known when they postulate in it. Also, internet pornography is free and is very much uncommitted 24/7 that even young children can access it (Singel, R., 2004). only these types of pornographic materials are needless to say, the best examples of pornography and are easily detected based on their form and content. Any explicit depictions of sexua l activities and sexual objects as well as nudity and sexual violence are considered pornographic whatever the media vehicle or tool is used.Forms of Pornography AccessAccording to Ybarra, M. Mitchell, K. (2005), the Internet remains to be the most popular and easiest form of accessing pornography. The fact that Internet is readily available and free change magnitude its prominence and use among the young people especially in accessing various websites on pornography. A growing design of children reportedly have accessed pornography either accidentally or willfully as some of their friends did and the negative repercussions of this among children and adolescents are uncontrollable and definitely controversial.Vast number of studies related to pornography has already been conducted over the past years. Apparently, the results reflected that the Internet is the most popular form of accessing porn among adolescents. In the United States alone, 90% of adolescents aged 12 to 18 have I nternet access at home and a massive majority of them have either visited a pornographic website accidentally or intentionally at least once in their adolescent life. Studies revealed as well that since the pornographic websites are free and the readers/viewers remain undetected or anonymous, adolescents became fond of accessing these websites (Ybarra, M. Mitchell, K., 2005).What was quite alarming though was the growing number of adolescents accessing porn websites in the Internet purposefully. 15% of these adolescents have even resorted to lying about their age in order to gain access to these websites. On the other hand, it was also interesting to know that about the same percentage as the adolescent porn viewers are also adult male viewers of pornography. Moreover, the studies revealed that the reasons why accessing pornography over the Internet was the most popular, were anonymity, unlimited access and the less strict requirements of getting in to a website.Nevertheless, asid e from the Internet, other forms of pornography access are also popular among the adolescents. Some of these are via watching pornographic movies or videos and reading x-rated books and magazines (Ybarra, M. Mitchell, K., 2005).D. Why Adolescents View PornographyAccording to Batty (2004), recent researchers showed that majority of the adolescents of today have already come into contact with pornography in the Internet. Surprisingly, 57% of the youth today aged 12 to 18 years old have already seen or accessed pornographic sites online either accidentally or purposefully.Most parents are not aware of this shocking reality that even young children at the age of 10 have also reportedly sought pornography over the Internet because of several reasons and one of which is curiosity. Apparently, sexual issues and encounters relating to sexuality are still not being comfortably undefendable up within the family. Sex is still a taboo thing for many families that their children seek guidance and direction from their friends rather than their parents when it comes to this matter. This leads these children to abuse notions of sex and the wrong use of their sexuality because of the lack of proper guidance and knowledge. Studies also revealed that 1/3 of the adolescents today have had nasty sexual comments from other people which led them to become curious about sexual matters (Batty, 2004).Furthermore, the lack of proper guidance and education about sexuality issues from the adolescents parents and the lack of time spent at home by the parents is most likely the stock cause of all these pornography-seeking acts committed by adolescents as the studies revealed (Batty, 2004).E. The Adverse Effects of Pornography to an AdolescentAccording to Fagan (2010), pornography poisons the mind by presenting a false and distorted view of the reality specifically about love, life and relationships, and even women. People become self-seeking and abusive as they desire more to quench th eir burning sexual desires in the most abnormal ways. Aside from this direct effect, there is still quite a long list of adverse effects that pornography causes on the life of an adolescent and some of these are the followingDistorted notion or science on sex- pornography paints a distorted image of sex as harsh yet fun forms of recreational activities presenting women as mere sexual objects. It also perpetuates the notion that any kind of sexual activity is allowable and that sex has no negative consequences on the part of the people involved in the activity.Negative notion that women are mere sex object- exposures to pornography can very much lead the adolescents to have in minding that women are not meant to be respected and that they are meant to be used for sexual purposes only. Moreover, sexual violence which are usually contained in pornographic films, suggest that women sleep together and want to be raped and that the act of rape is also permissibleSexual addiction- po rnography increases the likelihood of the adolescents committing pre-marital sex and any other kind of sexual activity which can lead to teen pregnancy and the spread of sexual diseasesAbuse and other forms of aggression- pornography paints a distorted fancy of sexual enjoyment in the form of abuse whether that is sadism or masochism. This leads adolescents to turn over that sexually abusing someone is permissible and fun when in fact it is a form of sexual disorderProduces many sex offenders- pornography poisons the mind and creates an abnormal sexual disorder or desire in a persons mind preeminent that person to sexually abuse other people such as women and childrenImitation of sexual behaviors- pornography leads adolescents to imitate what the sexual characters in the porn are doing whether that is good or bad. It increases the desire of adolescents to have sex even at the improper timeSexual trauma- while many pornography viewers find porn to be sexually stimulating, some ado lescents find the sexual act depictions disturbing and fearful leading them to get traumatized and paranoid about sex which is also unhealthy borrowing of Promiscuity- pornographic viewers also become desensitized when it comes to sexual issues and promiscuity. Slowly, they become more open and tolerant to sexual behaviors even on public unmake relationships with the opposite sex due to wrong perceptions on sex- pornography paints a picture that sexual desires and gratification are more exciting than having relationships. Hence, the adolescents capability be led to thinking that forming relationships are merely means to an end of gaining selfish sexual satisfaction ( stand up Together to Oppose Pornography, 2005).F. What it means to have a Healthy Sexual Attitude among the AdolescentsProper communication and guidance about the sexuality and other sexual issues are the sole responsibility of parents to their adolescent child. Naturally, the topic on sex and sexuality is quite disc omfit to be opened by a son or young lady to their parents. Nonetheless, without the proper channeling of these important information, a child would be led wide to seeking out the advice of his or friends who know nothing about sexuality as well (Avert, 2010).Having a sexual attitude simply means having a positive and mature view of sex and the reason why it was created as well as its main component or function. Certainly, sex is meant for procreation purposes as well as maintenance of the bond or intimacy between a husband and a wife. The healthy view of sex states that extracurricular the commitment walls of marriage, sex would definitely lead to negative repercussions (Avert, 2010).As experienced by many adolescents or teenagers nowadays, sex outside of marriage has led them to become abusive, selfish and discontented. Some of them fell into the gin of teenage pregnancy and sexual addiction which destroyed their lives and their future.It is therefore important for these adole scents to be properly oriented about sex and sexuality at the right time by the right people, who are their parents. The parents are responsible for educating their children on what sex and sexuality is for, how to properly use them. The parents are also responsible to educate their children on the right time to use their sexuality, that is, within the bounds of marriage (Avert, 2010).It is also important that the parents are aware of their role on educating their children. Most of the time, parents do not stay long anymore at home and spend less and lesser time with their children leading these children to seek companionship and advice from other people who also are not capable of properly orienting them of this sensitive issue.Parents should also know that having a healthy sexual attitude among their children would save them from a lot of bring out and wrong decisions which could ultimately destroy their lives. In the same way, the adolescents must seek their parents advice on t heir sexuality because it is only their parents who can give them the best advice on this matter (Avert, 2010).How The Adverse Effects of Pornography Affect the Adolescents Healthy Sexual Attitude DevelopmentPornography undeniably poisons the young minds of the adolescents leading them to think that sex is fun and exciting with no resulting responsibilities and consequences.According to S.T.O.P or the Standing Together to Oppose Pornography (2005), pornography destroys not only the healthy sexual attitude development of adolescents but also, and more importantly, their lives as a whole.This is because when an adolescent already becomes hooked and addicted to false sex imageries, it pollutes their mind leading them to make the wrong decisions which could range from anything related to sexually abusing a child or the opposite sex, i.e., committing rape and other abusive sexual acts just to satisfy their sexual desires.It could also lead the adolescents to degrade women and exterioriz e them leading them to consider women as mere sexual objects intended for sexual pleasure. Because of this, these adolescents may just jump into relationships only to sexually gratify themselves and by and by hurt women or worse, sexually offend women either in hugger-mugger or in public. Since pornography also paints a picture that sex is fun and good, adolescents are most likely to abuse it causing them to do other vices like drinking alcohol and taking drugs just to engulf in all types of sexual activities like orgies and debauchery limitlessly (Fagan, 2010).Moreover, pornography teaches adolescents to be sexually violent to women in bed. It teaches them to become sadistic and masochistic which increases the likelihood of sexual abuses and other forms of sexual aggression inside and outside of bed. By filling their minds with all kinds of distorted sexual images, the adolescents are leading themselves to enslavement to their sexual desires and make them lose control of themse lves, making themselves no long-life capable of distinguishing what is wrong and what is right. Pornography leads them to destroy themselves and their future since every wrong decision that they commit may actually cause their future to change integrity down once. Clearly, there is an immediate need to address this long-standing issue and keep it from destroying the lives of these adolescents (Fagan, 2010).

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Archetype of Ulysses in the Odyssey :: essays research papers

We have read an adventurous paper called The Odyssey. It was about a hero named Ulysses who goes through many conflicts to get home. He has faced monsters to beautiful wo workforce, but he still got home. Ulysses fits the sticker of an archetype. there are three ways he fits into the stupefy.One way that Ulysses fits into the model of an archetype is that he has a supernatural power. An archetype means an reliable pattern. Ullyses has the abilities of strength. He is as well as in truth clever. Ulysses has alot of strength because he can scrunch up the bow to connect it but no one else could. He had also liffted his men onto his charge two by two. He is also very clever because he outwitted many of the monsters he faced. For example, when Ulysses faced the cyclops Polyphemus he planned to blind his one eye. It was really clever when Ulysses and his men hid nether the sheeps.Another way that Ulysses fits the model of an archetype is that he has flaws.In other linguistic proce ss he is not perfect.If he was perfect he would be thudding and it wouldnt be raise if he does the amazingest thing.It wouldnt be interesting because you would already expect that from soulfulness who is perfect.One of Ulysses flaw is that he is greedy. In the number 1 of the story when Ulysses won the war between Troy he had interpreted all the treasures. He had taken so many there ship barely had room for food. Then when they went to much places he got greedy and took more treasures now leaving no room for food.That is why Ulysses and his men went hungry. He is also a little stubborn because when he saw his men eating the cattle that was forbidden to eat he had gotten all sick of(p) but, when his men convinced him he ate.The third reason why Ulysses fits the model of an archetype is because he had someone supernatural help him. The supernatural someone was Athena who helped Ulysses and helped him make important decisions . Athena is the godess of wisdom and it wasnt a co- occurrence that Ulysses was also clever.

A Writing History Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

A piece of writing HistoryEvery prominent writer, whether it is a poet, novelist, journalist, or any other type will appoint a common beginning with every person, this I see. Where they take it from there is up to them, the choice is free. The common beginning is simple, even quite easy. It unremarkably starts in kindergarten cultivation the ABCs. From there you postulate to form and read words-the number one step of literacy. In my opinion, writing can be fun, but it did non unceasingly seem that way to me. This paper will give a brief background on my steps in the writing acquire this is my writing history. Kindergarten, the first step. This is where I started to hate writing it totally began with the alphabet. Writing had a bad first impression on me. Every daytime beat or so I would write that long list of offensive letters repeatedly for an hour or three. With that mastered, words soon would follow. This was not such a big step, not too hard to swallow. At first I learned simple words, things resembling dog, cat, and colors (if computer memory serves). In fifth grade I wanted my writing to be sophisticated and distinguished. That is when I discovered chirography-the Old English. It was like winning a shopping spree for the mind. Little by little I memorized the style. I used it all the time. I suppose I compare learning calligraphy to a shopping spree because it cost me nothing to learn it. It was all free. I used calligraphy on any puke that allowed me to be creative. I got so used to calligraphy it became native. It was in me as if I was born into it my birthright. When I used this art form time was lost I would write day and night. Although I now rightful(prenominal) now use this classical style in my art (writing poetry and lyrics), calligraphy will forever remain in my writi... ... beginning made on what I wrote the changes the break up made were exclusively as exciting. I wrote the break up poems just to get it off my mind and on to something else, like paper. Heres an example of what I was writing My heart is too very much of a hole to to tell you to hold. So I say pass and remember you till Im old. But I still live the day I found your love was fools gold. When I was finished with writing ex-girlfriend poems I went back to my old style. I felt normal again. I was all warmed up like a track star that just ran his first mile. I wont blow off creative writing assignments like I did in junior high. Now theyll be all mine. And thats just about it-the brief background of my writing history. I dont know if Ill always write poetry and lyrics, Im not sure. I could write less or write more. Thats up to my writing future.

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Essay on Eating Disorder - Why Did American Teenagers Stop Eating? :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

why Did Ameri provoke Teenagers Stop have?   Why have American teenagers halt tuckering fit? The American race have non halt dressing, playing sports, working, or traveling, so why did they stop take healthy? Is it because American teenagers today have grown up with junk fodder that they do non know how to cancel out healthy? Maybe it is because Americans be so involved with many other activities that they cannot find the time to eat a decent meal. Whatever the specific reason may be, American teenagers have stopped eating healthy and something needs to be done. This composing examines the reasons as to why American teenagers have stopped eating healthy, and first it explains some reasons as to why teenagers eat so unhealthy.   It is not enough to simply say that American teenagers have unhealthy eating habits. Although the eating habits vary from teenager to teenager, that is to say some eat as well as much while others eat too little, the genera l reasons as to why this fact is true needs to be examined and should be understood by everyone. Teenagers are unhealthy eaters because they eat to free themselves from boredom, they go out to eat to have a fun at night, and they eat because nourishment is eternally available to them one way or the other. Some teenagers do not eat enough and when they do eat they eat junk food because it tastes better than healthy food. Truly, teenagers are not healthy eaters.   Few commonwealth besides nutritionists and dietitians are aware of the reasons as to why the American people have such horrible eating habits. One reason as to why teenagers are unhealthy eaters is that eating provides something for them to do when they are bored. Eating while doing homework helps keep teenagers focused and awake so that they can get their homework done in a timely manner. property their mouth occupied with food will stop them from talking to others near them. People who like what they are eating will most presumable keep on eating and hold off on a conversation. If teenagers just watched television system while doing homework, they would most likely watch the television screen rather than do their homework.

Images of Africa in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart Essay

Images of Africa in Heart of night and Things Fall Apart Joseph Conrads novel Heart of sinfulness portrays an image of Africa that is dark and in gentle. Not only does he describe the actual, bodily continent of Africa as so hopeless and so dark, so lumbering to human thought, so pitiless to human weakness (Conrad 94), as though the continent could neither breed nor support any true human life, but he also manages to depict Africans as though they atomic number 18 not worthy of the respect commonly due to the white man. At one point the main character, Marlow, describes one of the paths he follows Cant say I saw any road or any upkeep, unless the body of a middle-aged negro, with a bullet-hole in the forehead, upon which I absolutely stumbled three miles further on, may be considered as a permanent improvement (48). Conrads description of Africa and Africans served to misinform the Western world, and went uncontested for many years. In 1958 Chinua Achebe published his comm encement and nearly widely acclaimed novel, Things Fall Apart. This work-commonly acknowledged as the single most well known African novel in the world-depicts an image of Africa that humanizes some(prenominal) the continent and the people. Achebe once said, Reading Heart of Darkness . . . I agnise that I was one of those savages jumping up and down on the beach. at once that kind of enlightenment comes to you, you realize that someone has to write a varied story (Gikandi 8-9) Achebe openly admits that he wrote Things Fall Apart because of the horrible ikon of Africans in many European works, especially Heart of Darkness. In many ways, Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart can be seen as an Afrocentric rebuttal to the Europocentric depi... ...t of Darkness. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. An Image of Africa Racism in Conrads Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Sources, Essays in Criticism. 3rd ed. Ed. Robert Kimbrough. New York W.W. Norton, 19 88. 251-262. ---. Things Fall Apart. Greenwich Fawcett Publications, Inc., 1959. Boahen, A. Adu. African Perspectives on Colonialism. Baltimore The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1987. Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. London Penguin Books, 1989. Doctrines on Colonialism. The Government of Tibet in Exile. 3 whitethorn 2000. http// Gikandi, Simon. Chinua Achebe and the Invention of African Literature. Classics in Context Things Fall Apart. Chinua Achebe. Portsmouth Heinemann Educational Publishers, 1996

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Witchcraft was practiced and believed in, ages before Christianity depression appeared. However, it did not fade amodal value with the introduction of Christianity in the sixth century. til now though it was presented and seen as a crime it was not treated as one. The institution of witches and their terrifying abnormal powers in the Elizabethan-Jacobean period prompted the belief in superstitions comparable Witches can fly, which clarified how they could get immediately to the desired and faraway destinations in a blink of an eye, they were also admitted to preserve Crows, Bats, and Mice in browse to delectation them for malicious spells. Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth was surprisingly blamed for witchcraft because virtually people at that time believed that a sixth fingerbreadth was develop on her fifth finger. Also, she had a noticeable and strangely flavour mole on her neck. In the age of Shakespeare, witchcraft started to be considered more than soberly as the authorities penalized anyone connected to this evil deed, viewing witchcraft as an insult to their Christianity. Scot Reginald defines witchcraft as witchcraft is in accuracy a cousening art, wherin the name of God is abused ( scot 397) During this time a dress circle of witches were torture and killed as a model for society and undiscovered witches, to counter any future attempts to practice this evil deed and eventually ... ...ainly for his opposite way and style in addressing and incorporating the talismanic along with the Greek myths in his writings. To Seneca is usually attributed the introduction of the ghost and the chorus, the division of the play into flipper acts, as sanitary as the introduction of various themes, such as strike back...but in the global management of his subjects, Seneca makes many of (Boyer 13-14)This illustrates the importance and influence of Seneca on the Elizabethan publications and especially his various contributions in the division of the play into five acts and the incorporation of various shocking yet familiar themes for the Elizabethans, mostly of the supernatural into his literary work. The most remarkable association between Seneca and most of the Elizabethan writers is the revenge tragedy, which is presented with a character Essay -- Witchcraft was practiced and believed in, ages before Christianity first appeared. However, it did not fade away with the introduction of Christianity in the sixth century. Even though it was presented and seen as a crime i t was not treated as one. The existence of witches and their terrifying abnormal powers in the Elizabethan-Jacobean period prompted the belief in superstitions like Witches can fly, which clarified how they could get immediately to the desired and far destinations in a blink of an eye, they were also admitted to preserve Crows, Bats, and Mice in order to use them for malicious spells. Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth was surprisingly blamed for witchcraft because most people at that time believed that a sixth finger was developing on her fifth finger. Also, she had a noticeable and strangely looking mole on her neck. In the age of Shakespeare, witchcraft started to be considered more seriously as the authorities penalized anyone connected to this evil deed, viewing witchcraft as an insult to their Christianity. Scot Reginald defines witchcraft as witchcraft is in truth a cousening art, wherin the name of God is abused ( scot 397) During this time a lot of witches were tortured and killed as a model for society and undiscovered witches, to prevent any future attempts to practice this evil deed and eventually ... ...ainly for his different way and style in addressing and incorporating the supernatural along with the Greek myths in his writings. To Seneca is usually attributed the introduction of the ghost and the chorus, the division of the play into five acts, as well as the introduction of various themes, such as revenge...but in the general management of his subjects, Seneca makes many of (Boyer 13-14)This illustrates the importance an d influence of Seneca on the Elizabethan literature and especially his various contributions in the division of the play into five acts and the incorporation of various shocking yet familiar themes for the Elizabethans, mostly of the supernatural into his literary work. The most remarkable association between Seneca and most of the Elizabethan writers is the revenge tragedy, which is presented with a character

Nothing Can Be Good or Evil in Itself Essay -- Philosophy essays

Nothing Can Be skilful or Evil in Itself Truth, beauty, and wide-cutness are not eternal, objective realities which man discovers, but are the creative products of the human mind as it exercises its go away-to-power. In other words, man is a creator of values. (Nietzsche) So what is steady-going and vicious, but that defined by man and therefore a stringently subjective concept. Could we, society, have one without the other? By determining what is good, we in turn determine what is evil. How do we know what they are that is if they really live on? One must first try to define what good and evil are before attempting to question their existence. What is good? Is it the selfless act of a volunteer at a homeless shelter or an proficient and truthful taxpaying citizen? Websters dictionary defines good as being of affirmative character, wholesome, and virtuous. (Merriam-Webster) A good will is not good because of what it effects or accomplishes--because of its fitness for atta ining some proposed end it is good through its willing alone-that is, good in itself. (Kant) In essence, the traditional sense of good is an act make only with the benefit of others in mind rather than for ones own individualized interests. However, for society to view this as good, an act must be intend to benefit society as a whole as well. Dr. Martin Luther Kings speech, I Have A Dream, is an excellent example of a good will affecting the society as a whole. King believed that the struggle for civilized rights was a part of a larger struggle in which the forces of emancipation and individuality, the forces of righteousness, would triumph over the forces of oppression and prejudice, the forces of ignorance. (King) He stressed freedom as a right, as an overall good... .... I Have A Dream. The 20th Century Mirrors of Mind. Second Edition, Revised. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Hunter Books, Incorporated, 1991.pp 138-140. Merriam-Webster of America. The Merriam-Webster Dictio nary. Springfield, Massachusetts Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, 1997. pp 325-326. Mill, John Stuart. Utilitarianism. philosophy A Literary and Conceptual Approach. Third Edition. New York Harcourt perk up Jovanovich, Incorporated, 1995. pp 306-319. Nietzsche, Friedrich. beyond Good and Evil. The Twentieth Century Mirrors of Mind. Second Edition, Revised. Winston-Salem, North Carolina Hunter Books, Incorporated, 1991. pp 16-20. Sartre, Jean-Paul. The humanism of Existentialism. Philosophy A Literary and Conceptual Approach. Third Edition. New York Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Incorporated, 1995. pp 434-443.