Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Essay on Eating Disorder - Why Did American Teenagers Stop Eating? :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

why Did Ameri provoke Teenagers Stop have?   Why have American teenagers halt tuckering fit? The American race have non halt dressing, playing sports, working, or traveling, so why did they stop take healthy? Is it because American teenagers today have grown up with junk fodder that they do non know how to cancel out healthy? Maybe it is because Americans be so involved with many other activities that they cannot find the time to eat a decent meal. Whatever the specific reason may be, American teenagers have stopped eating healthy and something needs to be done. This composing examines the reasons as to why American teenagers have stopped eating healthy, and first it explains some reasons as to why teenagers eat so unhealthy.   It is not enough to simply say that American teenagers have unhealthy eating habits. Although the eating habits vary from teenager to teenager, that is to say some eat as well as much while others eat too little, the genera l reasons as to why this fact is true needs to be examined and should be understood by everyone. Teenagers are unhealthy eaters because they eat to free themselves from boredom, they go out to eat to have a fun at night, and they eat because nourishment is eternally available to them one way or the other. Some teenagers do not eat enough and when they do eat they eat junk food because it tastes better than healthy food. Truly, teenagers are not healthy eaters.   Few commonwealth besides nutritionists and dietitians are aware of the reasons as to why the American people have such horrible eating habits. One reason as to why teenagers are unhealthy eaters is that eating provides something for them to do when they are bored. Eating while doing homework helps keep teenagers focused and awake so that they can get their homework done in a timely manner. property their mouth occupied with food will stop them from talking to others near them. People who like what they are eating will most presumable keep on eating and hold off on a conversation. If teenagers just watched television system while doing homework, they would most likely watch the television screen rather than do their homework.

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