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The Authors Sedgwick, Gould, and Otto :: Compare Contrast Comparison

Sedgwicks Hope Leslie, Goulds Dinosaur in a Haystack, and Ottos How To Make an American Quilt The authors Sedgwick, Gould, and Otto role structure in their books to get their points across. Sedgwick, author of Hope Leslie, divides her novel into two parts and chapters. Gould, author of Dinosaur in a Haystack, uses his book to present specific, autonomous essays and recount his own views through literary snobbery. Otto, author of How To Make an American Quilt, divides her chapters up by first presenting instructions on how to make a quilt and then(prenominal) a story of one of the ladies of the quilting circle. Each book is structured by division of chapters and individual ideas of characters/essays. Although all(prenominal) author has specific moral ideas, for each one presents his/her ideas to the proofreader for the him to analyze for himself. Without this insight into the authors mind, one would not be able to relate to what the author writes about, even in some small way. Through this insight, each author guides the reader in how to think and feel. Sedgwick writes about feelings of love and honor. She describes in her own way what each character believes and how they will respond to changing variables. Gould writes to certify readers about his beliefs. He expresses through logic and science how his theories are correct. Otto writes about a quilting circle in a small town, where each individual has an existence comprised of a whole. Telling each feeling that every character has gives the reader a sense of oneness, of openness towards these characters. By writing about these thoughts and feelings, the reader is provided not only with insight into the characters but also insight about the way the author views society.By expressing their views in each book, the authors compel readers to delve deeper into ones soul, to evaluate each part of it. What each author does in his/her own unique way is point out the flaws of society he/she sees and wants to fi x. Sedgwick wants the opinion that females have to hook up with to be reevaluated and also past events researched to discover what happened in the past (ancestry). Otto wants people to learn from past mistakes, because life is too short to make your own. Gould wants people to be logical and scientific about everything They creationists claim, above all, that evolution generates no predictions, never exposes itself to test, and therefore stands as dogma rather than disprovable science.

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Taoist Reading of Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth :: Poetry Religion Taoism

Wordsworths hs towards a Taoist reading of Tintern Abbey Five years have passed five summers, with the aloofness Of five long winters And again I hear These waters, rolling from their mountain springs With a sweet inland murmur. (1-4) Tintern Abbeys opening lines prepare the reader for a reunion, remarkable in tone not only for the sense of anticipation with which the poet apprehends this moment, but equally so for the poignancy which immediately inflects the poems proceedings. My reading of Tintern Abbey takes as its most grownup concern the sense in which Wordsworths Revisiting the Banks of the Wye represents a haven-seeking of sorts. Since his visit to the Wye in 1793, much has happened to Wordsworth he has found, and relinquished, his first romantic love in Annette Vallon. As a offspring would-be radical, sympathetic to the ideals of the French Revolution, he finds himself at odds with Londons entrenched conservatism. In 1795, after well over a decade of on ly intermittent contact with his sister, Wordsworth and his beloved Dorothy are reunited at Racedown, at about the same time that they make the acquaintance of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Within devil years of this happy occasion, the two Wordsworths will move to Alfoxden to be near Coleridge. The ensuing years of intense friendship and creative discourse will yield, by 1798, the collaborative Lyrical Ballads, to which Tintern Abbey belongs. As we consider the tumult and activity that have characterized this period of his life, we might well speculate upon the nature of the thoughts going through Wordsworths mind as he surveys the Abbey from his vantage on the riverbank my own temptation is to equate the quietly reflective tone of the poem with the Taoist notion of hs. In Taoism hs is defined -- in describing a state of mind -- as meaning absolute peacefulness and purity of mind and freedom from worry and selfish desires and not to be disturbed by incoming impressions or to allow what is already in the mind to disturb what is coming into the mind. Hs-shih means unreality and reality, but hs also means profound and mystifying continuum in which there is no obstruction. (Wing-tsit Chan, A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy. Princeton University Press, 1963.

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Hallucinations :: essays research papers

Hallucinations     Hallucinations are defined as a perception of and external object when no object is really present. on that point are numerous reasons why people have hallucinations. Some reasons for hallucinations are prescribed drugs (SSRI), hot drugs (LSD), and sleeping disorders (Narcolepsy).      Some causes of hallucinations are from taking drugs, both prescribed and illegal. Both say the same effect. The hallucinations from these have been described as dj vu or try outing or seeing thing that arent really there.     Prescribed drugs such as SSRI which is used for ulcers has been reported to have hallucinations as a side effect. Dronabinol, which is used for the treatment of nausea in chemotherapy, has had the same reports. People with Parkinsons disease have complained of hallucinations when taking an antibiotic called selegiline.     Illegal drugs have also been reported to produce halluc inations. These drugs are called hallucinogens. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) is a commonly used hallucinogen among the low ground drug world. Hallucinations from this are very unrealistic. Users say that they see very vivid color and geometric shapes when on a "trip". They tend to hear and see things that arent there. For example, they will hear someone call their name or see something preposterous like a purple elephant.      Peyote is another illegal drug that creates hallucinations for the user. It is much like LSD in that it has the same hallucinations. It is made from a small cactus in the southwestern region of the U.S. and in parts of Mexico.       in that respect have been several studies made on hallucinations and the effects of drugs in relation to hallucinations. Ronald Seigle did a study on the effects of peyote on the Huichol Indians. He cerebrate that the hallucinations of the Indians were exceptionally similar to t hat of college kids doing similar drugs. He believed that the portions of the brain that respond to incoming stimuli become disorganized while the entire central nervous system is aroused.     There are no long-term effects to having hallucinations unless it is through drugs, in which case the drug will mess the user up in the future.

Change Over Time: The years 1670-1729 Essay -- History, European Power

From 1670 to 1870, the political regimes of the Atlantic Basin underwent drastic changes that were ultimately detrimental to todays society. The new ideas of the discretion sparked cultural, political, and social revolutions all the way from the newly established colonies of the United States to the ancien regime of the country of France. But how did these governments change during this era? The answers lie in the beginning, middle, and end of the 1670s to 1870s.The years 1670-1729 mark the beginning of this era, where the start of change takes place. During this period, European powers ruled in various places, such as in the colonies of America and in Haiti. In the colonies of America, there was no sign that North America might become a center of revolution (Bentley, p. 784). Britain imposed their culture on the colonists. The colonists regarded themselves as British subjects they recognized British law, read English-language books, and often braved the North Atlantic Ocean to v isit family and friends in England (Bentley, p. 784), with trade fueling the colonies wealth and reliable protection from the British militia. In France, Louis XVI reigned, and things were mainly prosperous. However, Louis was an absolute monarch, and he created three estates. The first estate consisted of about 100,000 Roman Catholic clergy (Bentley, p. 787). The second included some four one C thousand nobles (Bentley, p. 787), and the third was the rest of the population-about 24 million serfs, free peasants, and urban residents ranging from laborers, artisans, and shopkeepers to physicians, bankers, and attorneys (787). Nevertheless, the French mainly prospered under Louis XVIs reign. However, in Haiti, things were non as prosper... ... off to France, where he died of maltreatment. The generals who succeeded Toussaint defeated the remaining troops and drove them out of the colony (Bentley, p. 796). In 1803, they declared independence and later proclaimed the presidential ter m of Haiti, meaning land of mountains.In conclusion, the governments of the Atlantic Basin evolved significantly between the 1670s and 1870s. Governments were established that shaped the beginning of human and political rights for generations to come. Without the ideals and beliefs of the Enlightenment thinkers, the rapid variety of the Atlantic Basin probably would have never happened and the world would have been anything but recognizable at this time. Thanks to the work of many revolutionary leading and philosophes, the Atlantic Basin was able to become one of the most influential areas in world history to date.

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Macbeth Character Analysis Essay -- essays research papers

Character AnalysisIn the tragedy Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, many character traits are portrayed through the unhomogeneous characters throughout the play. Macbeth was one of Shakespeare&8217s greatest tragedies. It was completed in 1606 and was most likely first performed before King James I and his royal family at Hampton Court. King James I is believed to be a direct descendent of the character Banquo. Probably the most potent character trait expressed in Macbeth would be integrity or the lack there of. Integrity could be defined as doing the right thing at all costs no matter what the consequences or what would be in the persons best interest. In this play the person that displays the most of this character trait would be Macbeth himself. Macbeth shows his lack of integrity in many ways throughout the entire play through his actions towards the other characters, this trait helps to personify what kind of person Macbeth was and what kind of person he was becoming. In the beginning of the play Macbeth is portrayed as an upstanding citizen to Scotland and a man with unending courage. He could do no wrong in the eyes of the mightiness and because of this was presented with many honors. As with any person when they are recognized for what they have done Macbeth became somewhat greedy in his newly found fame and this greed overly spread to his wife, Lady Macbeth. With this greed, as you can expect, came a want...

Macbeth Character Analysis Essay -- essays research papers

Character AnalysisIn the tragedy Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, many character traits are portrayed through and through the various characters throughout the play. Macbeth was one of Shakespeare&8217s greatest tragedies. It was completed in 1606 and was most likely first performed before King James I and his gallant family at Hampton Court. King James I is believed to be a direct descendent of the character Banquo. Probably the most potent character trait express in Macbeth would be fair play or the lack there of. Integrity could be defined as doing the right thing at all cost no matter what the consequences or what would be in the persons best interest. In this play the person that displays the most of this character trait would be Macbeth himself. Macbeth shows his lack of integrity in many ways throughout the entire play through his actions towards the other characters, this trait helps to personify what kind of person Macbeth was and what kind of person he was becom ing. In the beginning of the play Macbeth is portrayed as an upstanding citizen to Scotland and a man with unending courage. He could do no wrong in the eyeball of the king and because of this was presented with many honors. As with any person when they are recognized for what they have done Macbeth became somewhat avaricey in his newly found fame and this greed also spread to his wife, Lady Macbeth. With this greed, as you can expect, came a want...

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Joseph Kony Essay

You all(prenominal) well-nigh likely have heard the name, Joseph Kony, and sight in hand, with that name you know that he is a leader of a group that abducts children and cites them act against their will. But for those who havent heard of him, Joseph Kony is one of the most wanted man in the world. But no one with the correct authority has even tried to occlude him. And thats why Im here to tell you how Joseph Kony and his army can and need to be stop. & that we need to do what we can to stop himJoseph Kony is the leader of rebels LRA, (Lords Resistance Army) he is non fighting for a cause, he is not at war against anyone, he is just fighting to uphold his power. Konys army rampages communities in Uganda, stealing all the children, training the boys to be soldiers, forcing them to kill their give parents and pushing the girls into sex slavery.Kony has not just kidnapped a few hundred children, in the past 10 old age Kony has captured over thirty five thousand kids. Imagine i f only one child was kid napped in Australia? It would be Breaking National News, conjecture if it was your family in danger of such things. Our country is lucky and has the resources to help stop Kony, so why arent they.Many of you have probably seen the video that has departed viral on Facebook and twitter, it was made by a man called Jason Russell, he is the organizer and founder of the program Kony 2012, he is on a mission, alongside his own army of millions.Jason and everyone else that is trying to stop Kony are on a mission, a mission to make Kony famous, make him a household name everywhere and to stop him before December 2012. The video that was created has currently had over 87 and a half million views and has been talked about by some of the most famous celebrities well-nigh the world.You may joke or say that there are bigger problems that should be dealt with and this video and cause will die off in a month or two but to stop a problem you have to start somewhere. Milli ons of people are fighting for this cause and wont give up. The US government have agreed to help arrest Kony but they will cancel the mission if it is not proven that people cope about the him, as Kony is not an issue in America, people wont care if they dont know, so the video was made to make sure people know about Kony,You may think that you are only one somebody, how can you stop him, but it all starts with one person just like Jason, to sharing the link or donating to the Joseph Kony 2012 foundation. So to conclude I will just say, one person may not be able to make a difference by them self but if all those people stand up and try together, Joseph Kony will be stopped by the end of 2012.

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Petition: Rhetoric and Adams Essay

Gordin Adams argument is effective because of his persuasive appeal to logos, pathos, and ethos. In the beginning of his petition, he starts with his general occupation and present education. Adams ends it with a promiscuous purpose of why he entered college. From this part, he shows credibility and character. Adams adds in much more ethos to defend his claim by first representing himself as a psyche the high achievements he has earned during both colleges, SCC and ASU and the education he gained. With this amount of intelligence and awards, he grows his credibility and sets a character presented to the perpetration. Adams presents himself as confident, hardworking student by saying, he will enter the ASU College of Law to study Indian and criminal law during the Fall of 1992 if this petition is approved. He has a game plan and is headstrong to serve his tribe. Further more into the petition, he backs up his claims with job occupations and projects he has done in the past, stat ing that he used geometry and algebra commonly in the design of many welded structures.Adams then shows he has much credibility and knows what he wants. For every question that he had about the requirements of college algebra, he uses supportive evidence to back up his argument, where he used algebra. Adams uses a large amount of ethos during the whole petition to keep the committal from loosing hes attention. As for logos, he points out his case and claims he doesnt need algebraic skills for his future profession. He piles up all of his achievements, awards, outstanding grades, and honors shows information about himself. With the questions Adams thought about, he asked professors of the college to give the committee evidence, quotes, and responses. He shows them he doesnt need algebra by backing it up with real supportive evidence of other college staffs of ASU. He contacted Dr. _____ of the ASU Mathematics Department, consulted Mr. Jim ____ of the arbitrator College, and then he contacted his friends who were practicing attorneys.They responded no to all of Adams questions. From this evidence and responses, hes able to support his argument. As for pathos, he made a vow of chaste commitment to seek out and confront injustice. Adams sends out a sensation of loyalty, impressive, and proud. Adams also said he is the first in his family to enter college. He presents himself to the committee as outstanding individual, making themfeel impressed towards Adams. The petition says if he has it approved he will vigorously prosecute their right to sovereignty earlier the Congress of the United States. Adams shows he is determined and has a purpose of his life. In the ending of the petition, Adams makes the committee feel sympathy and guilt because the examples of the problems the Native Americans are experiencing and wishes to annunciation them. By promising the committee that he will be faithful and assured, he shows them that ASU will have no changes of accreditat ion and wills still continue to achieve. It sends out an emotion of faith and trustworthy towards Adams from the committee. Thus, by using hard evidence, emotion appeal, and credibility, he is effective in appealing to logos, pathos, and ethos.

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Living Together Before Marriage: Morals, Money, and a Major Choice Essay

Not long ago, a choice of my survival had to be made. Many single men and women struggle, non only in relationships, but with money issues, especially if they are in college or starting expose as a young adult in the world. In college, I had the choice to live with my signifi brush asidet other or to manage on my own. I am sure others, not only myself, view managing their lives in roughly the same terms. Being exclusively makes one independent, but lonely. Living alone, can be precise empowering, but discouraging in terms of money. Then there is always the factor of what others may think on the outside.So, here in a college town, where much choices made individually are overlooked externally due to our youth, it was not only me, but society that was influencing my choice. So, I had to choose, live with my significant other, who could have sticking out(p) my loneliness and ameliorated my bills or live alone and forge on with my own terms, however daunting they may be. I pondere d this for some time, probably longer than others in my peer group, who look at stepping in cohabitation as some right of passage that proves you are older and committed to something more than you are already.But, I did not care what my cohorts thought, this was my decision. I did, however, consider my partners role in all of this and how this would affect our futures. Of course, we werent deciding to get married or level(p) playing house to see if we could get closer to that point. So, the decision became easier to make once I realized that. This was my friend and confidante, but not the person I could imagine spending the rest of my life with. Yes, we would get along and even pretend to the outside world to be in love, I suppose.But, this would be zippo more than a fascade and we both knew it. But, the pressures that were building up around us in our growing adulthood had made us r to each one ever far out for something, flailing around for a bedrock that made us strong. We fel t strong together, but that was not the role suited for either of us. We were just withal young. I had no right to put more pressure on my friend, my pretend soul mate. When searching for the truth in the world, we could not lie to each other too.In my eyes, I wasnt looking for my soul mate to be there for me each and every day, I was looking for someone to serve up square up my life. I felt bond by the band that had only me in it, a nice-looking circle from the outside, but hollowness inside. I involve to fill it up, not square it up. I thought that maybe moving in with someone was something I could get over with to fill in the circle like an SAT essay answer or something that would let me abandon the circle of me altogether and become a part of a squared away, more safe person.But, in addition to that I was looking for a roommate not a soul mate and that wasnt fair to either of us. So, I stayed in my circle of me and decided to slowly roll through my younger years without any o bligations (other than those piling bills). We stayed friends. It was really okay. The thing about having time alone is that there is no end to the possibilities of learning about yourself and everything in the word that can be googled or discovered in some situation that comes out of the blue, unexpected.Many of these observations surround the opposite sex and their charm, that which I could not appreciate if I was coming home to the same person every night. Similarly, I can study and become more intelligent and not all wishy-washy about my cohabitating bliss (or imagined bliss). So, I have plenty of time to google, objectively of course. So I have found articles about my dilemma and the dilemma of others. We have it rough, as most cohabitating couples dont last. But, that really was never the dilemma for me, then.I learned that I just needed a live-in friend and someone with a bank account to share with me. So, I shifted my attention to these pertinent matters. I got a job so I co uld interact with coworkers and never be lonely, I make more money, and spend my free time studying. Its a peachy life, one I wish all young people would experience before jumping into a fairy tale that has been proven to be a fable with a moral to the end. Cohabitating just doesnt work out the way we wish it could

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Criminal Justice System Paper Essay

The illegal evaluator system has goals that it tries to achieve. The CJS is to respond in the name of society when there is a crime that has been committed. The CJS spans from federal, state, and local governments. Within the system, there argon three agencies that work together as a system to implement the wrong justice functions. The agencies are fair play enforcement, the courts, and the corrections. Each one of these agencies has a criminal justice parade that proved the justice to the victims and offenders. When the CJS and the CJP work accordantly it benefits and nurtures society. The goals of the CJS are deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, rehabilitation, and restoration. Deterrence is giving trying to prevent crime with fear. Specific deterrence happens when an offender is arrested and has resolute not to commit and other crimes because they understand the consequences of their behavior. General deterrence is taken a person who is caught and displaying to the publ ic in hopes to scare them into not wanted the like consequences. Incapacitation removing offenders from society in some incarceration.Retribution is when revenge is taken on a perpetrator that must be punished. Rehabilitation is taking a criminal and reforming them. Restoration is making a victim find peace and forgiving the offender. These goals are to help in the ways the CJS do their jobs efficiently. The first component of the CJS is law enforcement that would be the police. The police enforce the laws by serving the public and keeping them safe. Police investigate crimes, apprehend offenders, reduce and prevent crimes, maintain public orders, fancy community safety, respond to emergencies, and protects fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals. The courts are the once that conduct fair and impartial trials. They do this by deciding criminals eases, ensuring due process, find out guilty or not, upholds the law, requires fairness, and protects rights and freedom to anyone facing process. The last component is the corrections, which carry out the sentencing of the courts.The corrections also provides safe and humane custody and supervision to the offenders, helps protect the community, respects the legal and human rights, rehabilitees, reforms, and reintegrates convicts. The criminal justice process begins with the investigation and arrest of an offender. After all the evidence is collected there is a undertake put out the offender, after being arrested they are taking into booking. The next process is the pre-trail. In the pre-trail four major events happen whichare first appearance, previous hearing, information or indictment, and arraignment. They then move to the next step of the trail, which lays everything out examine all the facts and argue the evidence. When the trail ends, the next step is the sentencing of the offender. When being convict the jury or judge will make the decision of guilty or not guilty. If found guilty the last step in t he process corrections if the offender is found to be incarcerated.The rights of the people and the contain to control crime of the citizens. There is a constant competition between the rights of and individual and the need to control crime. This is call due process vs. crime control. Due process is the rights of the individual and rights of groups of people. Being read your Miranda rights and being fair in trials without prejudice or biases. Crime control is maintaining the safety of the community. Arresting as many criminals as possible. Getting criminals off the streets with still maintaining the individuals rights The criminal justice system and the criminal justice process all work together to punish offenders, prevent offenders, protect communities, and still ensure all individual rights are protected. Some criminals can be helped and some cannot, these criminals stay incarcerated. They systems may not always work correctly, but they do work and keep criminals out of the stre ets.

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Liberty Theological Seminary Essay

Since perform put is a mesh that is mandated by the passe-partout savior Christ in the impertinent will to His initial disciples, Christian ploughers or those who do the calculate of church building position present tense essential follow the same directives that the Lord has given which, in turn, His apostles had passed on to their disciples. Where fag one find these directives and pattern for galvaniseing a local church but in the Gospels (biographical account of Jesus missional work), book of Acts (a record of Jesus first disciples missionary endeavors), and Epistles of the apostles?Although there are umteen non- biblical books available on church planting in the bookstores, in all of them are just expansions or personal applications of the authors of those books of the Biblical strategies. Because many things agree changed in the passing of time in these 2 millennia like means of transportation, advances in knowledge, high-technology gadgets, etc. Christi an workers/missionaries of today are being pressured by these changes, and as a result, instead of simply adapting to the times, many are tempted to bend or adjust til now the essential biblical truths and strategies.A quick comparison of two New Testament passages might help the modern-day Bible student to see and project how to preserve essential biblical strategies in the midst of the fast-changing times. From the time of Jesus ascension to the writing of capital of Minnesotas first letter to Timothy, a spoil of roughly to a greater extent than 30 years prolong lapsed. But looking at the inspired record of the Scriptures, one go forth find that as Apostle Paul was giving His last and final instructions to Timothy on how to spread the gospel message and multiply disciples, there was no bending of the essentials. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, the commission He gave to His disciples was, Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the F ather and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo, I am with you al moods, all the same to the end of the age . More than thirty years after the Ascension, Pauls denominations to Timothy were, And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who leave alone be able to teach others also . The gist of the Great Commission was preserved in Pauls instruction to Timothy.There still had to be a devising of disciples and the commissioning act. The biblical substance of church planting is maintained. Today, as Christians and missionaries confront to uphold this churchs mandate to multiply disciples, it is of great importance that as Christians adapt to the times and employ modern-day gadgets and methods in spreading the gospel, the biblicality or the nature of the churches being formed is preserved. There has to be no compromise or slight adjustments of the biblical truths, or else, the vital character of the church will be altered in the process of time and lose its distinctives as church.Church planters essential(prenominal) bear in instinct while doing their work that the looming danger is always the losing of the churchs true identity as secular influences are incessantly-present. For one thing, too much adoption of secular methods will at last get the church assimilated into the current culture rendering it ineffective while severe to be effective. It is indeed a great challenge to be applicable and biblical at the same time. This paper deals mainly with the Biblical principles of church planting. Questions dealing with the definition and nature of the church will be discussed, and also biblical principles that are still applicable until today.Discussion Its important in dealing with anything ab come to the fore the church to start with its definition. The strategies and their application which is the actual work will develop a lot easier wh en understanding of the churchs make-up is achieved. DEFINITION Although the idea of church is latent in the Old Testament, it is nevertheless there. It is even way way back before time began. He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love . In short, the church is idols idea. Its not something that was originally concocted by human mind, nor was it an apostolic modification.Because the nation of Israel was called out of Egypt, and therefore an meeting place of Gods called out bulk, in this sense, they are called the church in the wilderness . In the New Testament, the idea of the church is clearly made known. integrity Greek word which has become real common is EKKLESIA, a compound of two Greek words (ek and kaleo) meaning to call out from . It is used several(prenominal) times in the New Testament, and at times, in a secular sense as in Acts 1939, which imply an ordinary gathering or meeting of wad as they di scuss things.When applied to the gathering of believers in Christ , the idea shifts from ordinary to a special gathering/assembly of people a people called out by God to be separated for Him . Another Greek word which is equally important and expands the idea of the saints being called out is KURIAKON it means, That which belongs to the Lord . There are certain things in the Bible which are expressed as being of the Lord like the Lords supper , and the Lords day . In other passages, the picture given is that over which the Lord has dominion and authority as in Luke 2225 and Romans 148-9.To state it succinctly, therefore, the church comprises people who believe in the Lord Jesus as their Redeemer who took them out of the life of darkness into Gods terrific light, and who are now under the rule and authority of Jesus Christ. NATURE OF THE CHURCH As suggested at the introduction of this paper, it is imperative of those working as church planters that they fully grasp the nature of the thing which they endeavour to form and establish. Since church is very much unlike any earthbound organizations, the tendency to pattern it to the way successful worldly institutions are run is wrong.Here is where most of church strategies being advocated today are terribly amiss, and this is enough reason that when church planting is discussed a clear distinction is drawn, so that at the very outset of the work (church planting), the very character of the church that the worker is trying to form would be in his full view thus securing in its foundational stage, its true nature. What then is the nature of the true church? Considering its definition, and putting it in most simple terms, we can think of the church in two ways 1.) the church universal, and 2. ) the church local. The church universal is composed of people who are saved by right of Christs atoning death and physical resurrection, both quick and deceased. This universal nature of the church encompasses every believer in Christ since the New Testament times until He comes once more at the Second Coming. The local church, however, is a body of believers/Christians (saved people) located in a limited area who do the work of God in that particular locality and worship together as one congregation in the same place.Contrary to the universal church which includes already dead believers and those who will be saved in time yet future, a local church is composed whole of believers who are still alive physically . What church planting is trying to achieve is the establishment of a local congregation in an identifiable geographical position. The church is described in many meaningful ways in the Bible. It is called the body of Christ, household of God, the temple of God, the kingdom of Christ, and the bride of Christ. BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF CHURCH PLANTINGThe best and sure way to start a church is to follow the methods laid down in the Scriptures. There are certain principles that must guide every chur ch planting effort. Since the very nature of the work is primarily apparitional and addresses the most fundamental need of man, the procedure must be done bearing in mind first and foremost this need. 1. ) Preach the pure Gospel. When Jesus gave the Great Commission to His disciples, He said Go and preach the gospel. If there is someone who knew perfectly mans deepest need, it was Jesus. He was God in the flesh who practiced what He believed to be true.But more than this, He did not just live His life trying very hard to obey the Father in certain occasions while struggling with some feelings of uncertainty regarding what might be the best tool in securing the salvation of people. He perfectly knew everyone. Apostle John said, He had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in man. The point is, if missionaries and Christian workers are to become effective and fruitful in reaching souls for the kingdom of God, theres no better way than to follow Christs in struction to the Apostles. xx centuries have already passed, and yet the most effective tool in bringing the lost is still the pure gospel which tells about Gods salvation in Christ. The gospel must not be changed as it was first delivered in Jesus time and as He outlined and sculptural it to be in the first generation of disciples and believers. Just as it was, so it must be for the current and the succeeding generations, even when the pressures around seem so overwhelming that compromises as to the tools of evangelism are becoming widespread in the church.Despite modern break bys, the pace of life in the fast lane, the complexities of life that make it more confusing, the barrage of stimuli all around the individuals physical senses, as well as the latest inventions that inundate peoples relationships, work and hobbies, all these have not changed the nature of man and the bibles clear declaration of who he is and what he is like apart from the saving grace and dominion of God in his life.As elaborated by David Fisher in his seminal book The 21st Century Pastor, for as long as the church exists in its earthly setting, there will always be the pull in the midst of the human and the spiritual. It is in this context that the pastor and/or worker must bore through his soul, so that the very struggle that he recognizes as the negative pull that tries very hard to make him compromise or bend/adjust a little certain truths to mitigate too much pressure, might be confronted and dealt with every time it resurfaces. This had become the major problem of the Christians in Galatia.Some of them have already given in to the pressures exerted by the Judaizers of their day. And so Paul had to remind them of the necessity of sustaining the purity of the gospel even under extreme and relentless attacks. Today, belike the forms and methods of assault may have been modified, yet the aim is still the same for the church for it to dilute and water down the gospel message. 2. ) Send the right people for the job. Another biblical principle in church planting which is uncompromisingly true today is the need for the right man. Along with the increasing speed nowadays in terms of doing things is the impatient attitude that it is leaving behind in everybodys sub-consciousness. This is one of the causes in some of the major blunders in church planting. real problems in many established churches could actually be traced back to its beginning days. Pastors and elders are coping with much difficulty with problems which, if only dealt with early, i. e. in the churchs formation stage, would not be present in the otherwise flourishing church.If the wrong person is sent to the mission field and tasked to start a church, without the essential knowledge on Ecclesiology and the possession of spiritual maturity, the ramifications which could have been underestimated at the time would be devastating to the churchs future. For example, one problem could be the particular date of local spiritual leaders who are actually not yet converted or have not fully grasped yet their stature and specific call in Christ and therefore not fit for the particular job of leadership. Another possible negative consequence is the employment of unbiblical methods.Because discernment comes only to people who have spent considerable time in applying fundamental truths in their lives, a newly converted missionary (which is an oxymoron in the Christian church), for overlook of discernment could easily give in to the lures and temptations of adopting worldly methods methods that are deemed effective by a worldly or secular mind. 3. ) The sending Church must be prepared for the task. While there are exceptions to this, the assumption is church planters are sent by a church who understands its mission.There are many who have proven themselves through time and by the kind of fruit that their work has yielded that they were called to church planting work. Inspite of the fact that there was no sending church or no group who sent them, these people appear to have a very keen and accurate sense that they were called to the task. And indeed, as they have bypast to the respective places where they felt God had called to go, supernatural provisions were made available, thus enabling them to continue until an indigenous church is established and able to run on its own.This third principle is made clear in certain passages of the New Testament. cardinal example is the church of Antioch who sent Barnabas and Paul for a missionary work to Seleucia, the Island of Cyprus, and around Asia Minor. Missionary work is not a cheap enterprise. It needs adequate financial support no successful missionary work has ever succeeded with the support of its sending church. Crucial and prerequisite to church planting is a group of believers who believe in the urgency of the task of reaching the lost.When there is no sense of confidence that a church planter is exuding because he is sent by a group who believes in him in the first place, and regards his work to be that important to the extent that they invest financially for the cause that he is pursuing, it would become difficult for that missionary to convince anybody else. Although the endeavor of anybody who preaches the gospel for the sole sake of saving souls will definitely yield positive spiritual result, the would-be church planter who tries to do the work alone on his own will, in all likelihood, come to a halt along the way.Those whom he has reached will eventually find a more capable and stable church to fellowship in for spiritual growth. 4. ) Aim for biblical goals. As people get converted, their hunger for spiritual food increases as a consequent result. This stage is crucial as it creates more momentum on the work. The work of discipleship has to be immediately put in place teaching the newly converted ones the ABCs of the faith, making them in turn workers in that area that will effectiv ely reinforce the work which the missionary has started.If the worker lingers and waits instead for a more favorable time, the works spiritual momentum subsides, and when the awaited occasion comes for the worker, it will be too late as the time when these converts were ripe, when they had that spiritual hunger to absorb spiritual teachings had lapsed the appropriate time for them to be discipled has expired already. Unfortunately, rudimentary work has to be done all over again. They had to be taught and preached at once again with evangelistic messages as though it is the first time they will be hearing those kind of messages.Its not, in any way, suggested that the basics of Christianity such(prenominal) as teachings that deal with redemption of humankind, salvation by grace alone through faith alone, and all the foundational lessons of Christianity, are not beneficial at all to get on Christians. The point that is being emphasized, is that, all the times that were spent by the su pposed church planter in laying the foundational work of salvation for the people in the mission field, were almost wasted so to speak, if the church planter would not proceed to implementation of the biblical goals to which the worker had been trained and equipped for.So, in the work of establishing the church, there has to be no room for loitering, nor hesitation. In church planting, the complete work of the Great Commission must be implemented if the work must succeed. After laying the foundational teachings of salvation clearly to the new believers, the missionary must proceed quickly to the work of discipleship. 5. ) Sustain the work with dynamic prayer and fellowship. One of the most beautiful human faces of the early churchs life is the way they are portrayed in the New Testament.The record says, They continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Actually, these are the features which the modern-day church has diffi culty imitating. While many of the churches today have the appearance of possessing those qualities, they are yet to be realized, at least, in the dynamic sense that they were practiced by believers in the early days of the church. Some churches these days refer to fellowship as Shared Life.The rising trend on mentoring is the outcome of this missing dynamic in relationship between pastors and their parishioners. Mentorings tenseness is on the relationship aspect of discipleship. Because, they said, the pastoral work does not start and end in teaching and preaching alone, it is therefore expected that an open relationship be established between the mentor (pastor) and his mentee (disciple/pupil) where they not only learn from the Scriptures through Bible Study, but pray together and take time out together on a regular basis.Though, the gist of mentoring can be found in some aspects of Jesus style of training His twelve disciples, todays mentoring and its origin (the word mentor) is unashamedly claimed by leaders who advocate it to have come from Greek mythology. Ulysses entrusted his son Telemachus to the care of a man whose name was Mentor, before he set himself on a long journey which is recorded for us in Homers classic story Odyssey. According to the story, Mentor was such a wise and trusted counselor and a tutor to Telemachus. Being a true teacher to his newly harvested spiritual fruits, is definitely one of the emphases of church planting. Make disciples and teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you are exact words derived from the Great Commission. Conclusion In conclusion, I would admit that to really emphasize the Biblical Principles of church planting these days (i. e. the actual methods that Jesus and the Apostles utilized and taught), is a kind of setting ones self in for a lot of complaints and murmuring from the very people who want to be Biblical. If the pastors or the church planters approach or method in reaching lost sou ls is primarily to present them the pure gospel which according to Apostle Paul is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, many from at heart the ranks of those who call themselves believers will not agree that the means being used is enough to secure a large harvest of souls. The reason for this disagreement is the mind set of many Christians that believe numbers are what truly count in the Kingdom of God. This is a misconception of true conversion.In the eyes of God, to whom everything that we do must be measured, number is not of value. Scripture say that wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it and narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. Number is actually deceptive. Thats why, in the first part of this paper, emphasis is given to understanding the nature of the church. Unless one understands clearly what kind of people are those who comprise the church, that person is not ready for church planting.The reason why effective church planters are fruitful in the work of planting churches is mainly because they what kind of people they are dealing with. The Bible says that the people to be reached with the gospel in the mission field are to be rescued from darkness to light. They are not naturally inclined to spiritual things nor are easily attracted to the Word of God. Given these Biblical profiles of non-believers, the knowledgeable worker of the church is prepared for any rejection coming from these potential converts.He knows full well that the odds in church planting are that greater number of people will be resistant to the presentation of the gospel message. Nevertheless, trust in the power of God to touch those lives is what continually grips his heart. It keeps him praying and praying till his preaching of the gospel yield the fruit of genuinely converted souls. His mind is not absorbed in numbers, for quantity is jerr y-built instead, he is after the birth of Christ in the hearts of those whom he is seeking to win.The provision of God is with those who have answered the call to form His church in whatever geographical location, may it be in a bustling city, or the remotest region elsewhere. The most important thing in church planting is the employment of Biblical principles as revealed and preserved for us in the Scriptures. It is a sure sign that the missionary believes the prescribed weaponry and methods that our Lord has spoken two thousand years ago. Bibliography Arrington, French L. Full Life Bible Commentary to the New Testament.Zondervan Publishing House, terrible Rapids, Michigan. (Acts 131-3). pp. 597-599. (1999). Fisher, David. The 21st Century Pastor. Zondervan Publishing House. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pp. 177-179. (1996) Evans, Williams. Great Doctrines of the Bible. The Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. p. 141. 1974) Nickols, Fred. Mentor, Mentors and Mentoring. 2002. Accessed June 22 , 2007 http//home. att. net/nickols/mentor. htm Spurgeon, Charles. The Soul Winner. Whitaker House New Kensington, PA. pp. 11. (1995). The New King James Bible. PC Bible CD 2002.

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Autobiography: Dance and Middle School Essay

Autobiography My name is Rickeya Ward. I was born December 26, 1997 and yes fortunately the day after Christmas. I am 15 years old and I hold in one brother and sister Im the middle child. I was born in Galloway, NJ where I lodged for a little. I have a very diametrical name I was named after my dad. My dads name core powerful ruler so my name must have the same meaning since its just about identical. I have a well-rounded personality. I never had problems making new friends I always got along with everyone. I am very outgoing. When I was in middle workdays I would play and try out for every sport I could get into.When I meet new people some prison terms I happen to be very shy and quiet. Sometimes I like being very awargon of my surroundings when I meet new people. People find me to be funny and interesting when they meet me. It feels good to have good vibes with people. When I was younger I had dreams of being a big time modal value model and traveling the world as a fashio n icon. I wished I could be on Americas Next Top Model for a scant(p) period of time. Ever since I was little I was one of those people who enjoyed life. I enjoy traveling I been traveling since I was about 4 years old.Read moreThe person I admire essayI have been to Atlanta, Ohio, North Carolina, California, Virginia and a few other intrusts. One of my ducky places was actually California, Los Angles to be exact. The feel that it brings you was magical and a Hollywood lifestyle feeling. I enjoy making new friends and being around my family. My family means something so special to me. My family and I have a bond that we share. We share different laughs, and bond with each other in different ways. The genes run very conceptive in my family we have a heap of similarities with each other. I have an exact look alike which is my little sister we could be twins.My sister is my joy. Thats my partner in crime with anything we are always doing something together. My two cousins are the two people I favor also. We all have personalities that are alike and we get along very well. We are very close in age but I am the oldest. My extended family lives near me and some of them live far away. I always communicate and talk to them so its not that far of a distance because we stay in touch often. They are like my support team whatever I try to accomplish they are there to back my idea up. I know a lot of people and have a lot of different friends that I hang around.I am grateful for my life and the people that came in it. another(prenominal) place that I enjoy being is school. I know thats a weird thing hearing a teenager say but I enjoy school. I like learning new things that enriches me. I always did well when I was in school. When I was in elementary and middle school I was on the Honor Roll and Merit Roll. I always strive for the gameest grades at school. I received a lot of awards. I am a very hard person on myself. I can be considered as a perfectionist because I h ave very high expectations for myself.Another thing I like about school is meeting new people and having different challenges come against me each year. School is very interesting to me with the different subjects every year and the different things I learn. When I learn about each subject it informs me about something that maybe come up in the future tense to help me. I tried so many different sports in my life. I played soccer, field hockey, track, swimming and cheerleading. When I was in middle school I thought I could do it all. The sports that I actually take pleasure in is track, cheerleading and I would love to try this year is crew.When I was in the 5th grade I studied and played the Clarinet. It was an amusing instrument to play but playing an instrument just wasnt my thing. Something I have a true passion for is move. Dance is basically life for me besides my other dreams. When I dance it frees my mind from everything Im thinking about. The dancing I study is Ballet and Hip hop. I did tap dancing for about two years but I learnd to take a break. A program that I do is Champions of youth which makes sure you are on the right track and doing what youre supposed to. On my free time I like reading books and shopping.The type of books I am delighted in are the realistic books that can relate to real life stories. simply like other teens I cannot live without my cell phone or my electronics that is a huge part of my life. While I am in high school I would like to stay focused and on task. I requirement to graduate a good number in the class and go to a good college. I want to go to college to become a lawyer. My dream since I was young was to become a lawyer. While I been in school I had previous people tell me I would become a lawyer because the way I disputed my points.I didnt decide what type of lawyer I valued to become yet. A big goal I am trying to achieve is going to a huge college and becoming a big time lawyer. One of the icons I always loo ked at as a great lawyer was Johnnie Cochran. Hes been an stimulate lawyer for me. I have big dreams of living in a nice house and eventually getting married. In 10 years I will be graduating law school hopefully going to good law firm. I want to have no worries in the world at all. My dream is just becoming successful and knowing that I did from hard work.I have high and big goals for myself that I am going to achieve. I have a dedicated mind for what I want to become. After I pursued my career of being a lawyer I want to become a dancer as a side job or open a dance school for other youth that loves dancing. I plan on traveling to a lot of different places Ive never been. At first I was debating if I wanted to become a lawyer or a doctor. But, as I got older I realized that being a lawyer was definitely the career I wanted to pick. The person I admire the most is my mom and my grandfather. They are two people that motivate me the most.

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Bill Gates: the Man Behind the Success of Microsoft

William Henry Bill Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. Gates is the former CEO and current chairman of Microsoft, the parcel company he founded with Paul Allen. He is consistently ranked among the worlds wealthiest people and was the wealthiest overall from 1995 to 2009, excluding 2008, when he was ranked third, in 2011 he was the wealthiest American and the second wealthiest person. During his charge at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of CEO and chief software program architect, and remains the largest individual shareholder, with 6. percent of the common stock. He has also authored or co-authored several books. Gates is unmatchable of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. Gates has been criticized for his business tactics, which have been considered anti-competitive, an opinion which has in some cases been upheld by the courts. In the later stages of his career, Gates has pursue d a number of philanthropic endeavors, donating large amounts of money to various charitable organizations and scientific research programs through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, established in 2000.Gates stepped pop out as chief executive officer of Microsoft in January 2000. He remained as chairman and created the position of chief software architect. In June 2006, Gates announced that he would be transitioning from full-time work at Microsoft to part-time work, and full-time work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He gradually transferred his duties to Ray Ozzie, chief software architect, and Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer. Gates last full-time day at Microsoft was June 27, 2008. He remains at Microsoft as non-executive chairman

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Kibera Slum

Kibera Case deal- pic Kibera is a slum divsion in the City of capital of Kenya, Kenya. It is located 5 kilometres from the city centre. It is the largest slum in Nairobi and the second largest in Africa. A 2009 population and housing survey reported that Kiberas population as 170,070. It is hard to acccurately compute the population due to the fact that the slum hasnt been officially reconised by the Kenyan government. furthermore because it is a slum, residents may not be able to read or write, so filling in censes argon a problem. General Facts- Population 700-900k Distance from Nairobi 7 km Physical size of it (acres) 630 Portion of people earning 15% Est.AIDS orphans 50,000 Portion of people demanding 93% Avg. monthly rent $15USD Avg. rooms per d vigorousing 1. 11 Typical room size 9 x 9 It is a place where the people who live there face innumerable challenges, including the following, to name a few brisk in one-room houses made of mud, with tin roofs with about 1m? of space per person. No running water (most water has to be purchased from brokers) Little to no access to electricity Widespread unemployment and low wage-earning rates ( $1 a day for the majority) Rampant disease, from malaria to cholera to HIV Lack of ownership of their property Improvements-After a go or so there has been an increase in efforts to improve conditions. The most notable example is KENSUP, or the Kenya Slum Upgrading Project, which is sponsored by UN-HABITAT. Resulting from a 2000 meeting between President Moi and the UN Human Settlements Programme, KENSUP aims to improve physical structures in Kibera and other slums through a process called slum upgrading. The program calls for the temporary relocation of residents of Kibera to adjacent decanting grades, allowing the plait of permanent dwellings to proceed in the Kiberan villages.Work has commenced in the Soweto East village, and as of September 2009, the first decanting site was under construction. Ki bera needs land/tenancy rights, housing, water, electricity, health clinics, education, employment, security plus much more. All these issues are being addressed to a lesser or greater extent by many organizations including the Churches, UN-Habitat, MSF, AMREF etc. Money is finding its way through from many international organizations including Gates Foundation, Bill Clinton Foundation, all the well known charities and of course the churches both in Africa and internationally.

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Junk Food Vs Healthy Food Essay

Life today is non like how it was ahead. A long conviction ago, people ate foods that argon really safe for their wellness. People also took in a fortune of time to prepare their own nutrients. So those people were not being impressed by the smart nourishment that they rusted, because all of the foods that they had were natural foods and healthy. Nowadays, most of people in the world are extremely busy. Thus, Its no secret, that people dont have time to cook at home. Thats wherefore people prefer to eat foods that are easily cooked or ready cooked. Sometimes They do not think about what they eat, and if it can affect their health or not. Research has shown that the quality of eating that the compassionate eats, affect his health. Foods can be classed into two types, healthy food and unhealthy (junk).see more carve up on junk food is bad for healthHealthy foodHealthy food is very important to have a uncorrupted life and a better communication. excessively, it can sink your risk of infection of developing a range of chronic. As an illustration, eating more fruit and vegetables can help lower blood pressure and may lower your risk of certain types of cancer (such as colorectal, breast, lung and prostate cancer. Also can help those people have some types of disease such as diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure. People those eats food which has vitamins, proteins, iron and other important nutrients, they will be apologize from diseases, and they can enjoy their life. Unfortunately, some(prenominal) people think that the healthy food is not affordable, taste bad, and cannot fain quickly. However, thats not true healthy food can be a reasonable wrong for practice all the vegetables are affordable. Also most fruit are tastes good. In this Encouraged many investors to open restaurants in different types days most peoples awareness what is the best for their wellness. This that provides healthy food. For example subway which is offered healthy warm food. Or sweet frog the store how think up with the bran-new idea of a new kind of ice-cream that is frozen yogurt. Fast foods (junk)Junk food is an informal term for food that is of little nutritional value. Junk foods typically contain high levels of calories from sugar or expatiate with less protein, vitamins or minerals. Common junk foods include salted snack foods, gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried fast food, and soda. However, fastfood is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of eating. It saves a lot of time and money, especially for people who are coming home from work. Everyone should think twice out front deciding to eat fast food. The health risks arent worth your life, and animals that live in slaughter houses arent treated properly or hygienically before their death, which can cause many food-borne illnesses to inhabit food. Although it is easy to buy and cheap, risking a life for something that isnt good for any person in the first place could cost thousands of dollars in hospital bills. It is important to eat healthy and make good survival of the fittests when deciding what to put in your body. Dont be faineant and pick up fast food on your way home from work. Make the right choice and eat some vegetables.

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Discuss the role of Lady Macbeth in the play Essay

doll Macbeth takes a transmiting contri nonwithstandingion in the play. From the very kickoff sighting, that we encounter her, her strong powerful char stageer over powers us. I go forth behind be foc exploitation on the role of noble womanhood Macbeth, whom is married to the main character Macbeth. chick Macbeth plays and classic role in the play, as she influences events that take place to a large extent. As the play develops, we influence lady Macbeth displaying m some(prenominal) aspects and qualities of her personality. gentlewoman Macbeth by nature I believe is a manipulative muliebrity she has a goal in her sights and seems to use everything in her power to reach it. Her involvework forcet in the score of powerfulnessiness Dun squirt is dominating she formulates and directs the whole think. doll Macbeth is the person who gives the impetus to Macbeth to do what she believes he must do.The first time we come into contact with her is in Act 1 Scene 5 of the play. We see her perform a soliloquy. Here she take ups an neighboring(a) impact, performing on her avow centre stage, reading a garner from Macbeth.The letter informs her of Macbeths and Banqos meeting with the witches. It tells her of the witches prophecies to him the prophecy that one day she and her husband would become King and queen of Scotland.This idea seems to kindle a fire in doll Macbeth. Immediately she seems to be forming a scheme, putting syllabuss together to fulfil the witchs forecast of Macbeths life. This shows how determined and ambitious noblewoman Macbeth is.Glamis thou art, and Cawdor and shalt be what though art promise.She promises that what the witchs predicted entrust be fulfilled.She indicates that she has immediately formulate the idea of a maul. This straight a representation creates a first impression on the audience fell personifiedI idolize thy nature, is too extensive of the draw of human kindness to catch the ne arest flair. maam Macbeth k immediatelys he knows he is a man of award and that she believes that he deserves the status of a king. peeress Macbeth realises it result be a hard decision or Macbeth, perhaps shocking idea that violent death Duncan would be to catch the nearest way, to becoming a royalty himself. She knows it is an extremely tempting rear and he leave behind suffer greatly over his final decision. She feels that he has a soft personality, and does non swallow it in him to fight for this position. He is too decent a man to take favor of this opportunity. maam Macbeth forecasts he has the ambition that lacks the courage. She feels he is a kind, generous, noble man and cant go ahead with what she has in mind for him. madam Macbeth feels as though only she can persuade Macbeth to ab initio doll Macbeth seems to have the stronger ambition of the two. She appears to be an individual who is totally devoid of moral conscience she has the coming into court of an un backtrackpable woman. She has strong beliefs that go forth power/courage are the only two things that should dominate Macbeths mind,Screw your courage to the sticking place Someone who encapsulates evil. The audience comes to realise that Macbeth, who is very tempted by the fancy of kingship, has no come across once morest this self-created monster. He is affect damned. The witches prophecy is something that brothel keeper Macbeth is obsessed by and is determined to lead into fruition.Her second soliloquy now shows the igniting of this wicked plan. She realises that Duncan is actually coming to visit her at the go. Her first hardly a(prenominal) lines are credibly spoken in total amazement.He brings great newsShe would probably scream this quite joy to the full. This works on two levels though. It is a great honour to have the king himself staying the night. It is in like manner her big chance, in her mind, non to be missed chick Macbeth makes a decision that he will not be leaving alive. She is fully confident that she is making the right decisions and that the chance that she has awaited has arrived. lady Macbeth decides to take the opportunity and make sure that Duncan is poped. This shows that Lady Macbeth has no pity what so ever. She isnt vent to let anyone come in her way. Lady Macbeth has abstemious ideas, and has planned exactly what has to be do.The raven himself is coarse, That croaks the inglorious entrance of Duncan.Since her first soliloquy, the audience has established that she has more ambition, and craves more domination than a woman (especially at that time) is thought rightly to have. The notions that she has conjured up do not seem to be likely of a particularly feminine personality. She shows very little compassion or worry.Now, she (by the power of magic) wants to get dislodge of any womanish nature at all,Come you hard drink that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here. She would pose these lines as if calling to a divine power. She calls to the spirits that tend on mortal thoughts these are the spirits that tend on any murderous thought or ambition. Lady Macbeth wants the sympathetic nature of a woman to be taken away from her so that any feelings that stop her from doing this deed are got rid of. She call fors them to,Stop thaccess and passage to remorse.She wants to be separate as possible from the milk of human kindness. She wants her breasts to be instead full of bitter poison. She probably desires to get rid of well-nigh human qualities, and, instead be on a par with these magic murdering ministers The spirits of evil and murder.Lady Macbeth becomes very impatient and wants time to pass quickly so that she can proceed with her plans.You wait on natures mischief Comes thick night.She wants the night to fall quickly so that it can cut through the murder she is planning in the shadow of its darkness.That my keen knife sees not the wound it makes.After she says this, it is clear to the audience that he is serious ab push through killing Duncan and will go ahead with the deed.Lady Macbeth at this suggest has herself very excited. When her husband finally enters, we see him and her together for the first time.In her excitement Lady Macbeth addresses him as Great Glamis, Worthy Cawdor and then(prenominal), in all hail thereafter The king This excitement would cause her, I believe, to change the way she speaks This excitement and more importantly the will power she derives from it seems to overtake her husband. This again reinforces the audiences misgiving that Lady Macbeth is pushing herself further than is appropriate.When she learns that Duncan will be coming the next day, she tells Macbeth that Duncan will not be seen on the face of the earth after tomorrow.O, neverShall sun that morrow see.She clearly states to Macbeth her feelings and what she believes needs to be done, in a straightforward manner.Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth that he needs to change his personality, and that he needs to put on an act.To beguile the time,Look like the time bear welcome in your eye,Look like the impartial flower, but be the serpent downstairst.Lady Macbeth wants her husband to act innocent but have an evil soul. All of this shows how she enjoys dominating situations and people. Lady Macbeth likes to be in control of everything that happens. She is trying to persuade Macbeth to do the deed. Then also enjoy the end, which is becoming Queen herself.The nights great business into my dispatch. allow all the rest to me.Lady Macbeth believes that she can sort everything bug away herself, as she knows what needs to be done, and how she is breathing out to do it. She likes taking control of things. This shows she is single minded.In Act 1 scene 6, Duncan finally arrives. Lady Macbeth now proves how deceptive and two faced she really can be. Duncan arrives with nothing but compliments for the castle and its hosts, This castle hath a pleasant seat,See our honoured hostess.Lady Macbeth show s herself as the perfect hostess,All service in every point twice done, and then done double.Then she leads him triumphantly, near as a trophy, into the castle and to his dreadful fate.In act 1 scene 7 Lady Macbeth has her work cut out for her. She constantly has to reinforce her husbands resolve, pushing him on. Macbeths resolve fails him, in his soliloquy, he is in agony with his doubts, and he decides against following through with the plot. We see her talking to Macbeth about killing Duncan. He cerebrates of all the reasons why he cannot kill his king. He sees him as an honourable king, an honourable man. He isHis Kinsman,And Macbeth was his defer. Macbeth had been honoured by Duncan, being do Thane of Thife. He also worries what will happen,Tears shall drown the wind.He reaches his final decision the murder will not go ahead. Macbeth seems to wake up, he doesnt submit his wives permission, and he seems to have regained control from her dominating influence.Lady Macbeth ent ers asking why Macbeth, as expected of a host, was present at the table, Macbeth askshath he asked for me?Lady Macbeth replies,Know you not he has?I believe she would ask this question quite firmly she wants Duncan to be oblivious to any negative feelings Macbeth may have.Macbeth goes straight to the point and out lines his reasons,We will proceed no further in this businessHe hath honoured me of lateWhich would be worn in its newest gloss, not cast aside so soon.Lady Macbeth is somewhat taken aback staggered by her husbands decision. Here she thought she had the cat in the bag, her husband was hustling to take this terrible opportunity to grasp kingship. Her willpower had spurred him onto it. Now she saw she wasnt as powerful and influential as she originally thought she was She turns on Macbeth. In a moment she realises her willpower had not had its desired affect. Lady Macbeth changes, her tactics switch from unsexed to using her feminine powers. As a woman, she will now cha grin and manipulates Macbeth as a man.Lady Macbeth knows that it will sting Macbeth if she taunts him. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth had been mentioned to be,A applaudable stableman for the goddess of war herselfHe has been honoured for his great roles in battle by the king himself. Naturally, it will provoke Macbeth if his honour or masculinity is challenged.She taunts himWas the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since? Lady Macbeth I believe would utter this in mock disbelief. She would be sounding as if to be appalled at the lack of self-confidence in Macbeth conviction. It makes a fool of him, she asks,Were the hope drunk Wherein you dressed yourself?She is saying, was your hope drunk? And now, wakes with a hangover regretting what it had utter? She uses the words, pale and green to pictorially describe colours and shades that are normally associated with weak, and sickliness. She then crosss, using her feminine power, to question his love for her, saying,Such I account thy love.Meaning his love to her is as one of his drunken promises.These are not words that Macbeth is accustomed to having directed at him. He is not used to having his courage mocked. He perfectly knows he is not a coward. He is one of the bravest men some. Lady Macbeth expects him to retort this way. He continues though, he puts his finger right on it, Who dares do more is no(prenominal). Macbeth means whoever dares to do anything more daring, dangerous or maybe wicked, isnt human they are supernatural, probably monstrous.Macbeth is defending himself, he is suggesting that anything more brave wouldnt make him a man, it would make him monster and that is the truth. Macbeth knows its the truth, Lady Macbeth knows it is the truth, and importantly the audience realise this is the truth. He is prepared to do all men can do, but he draws the line at becoming a monster.Lady Macbeth would perhaps ball up at this. Yet again though, she picks up the offensive, though in a slightly weaker position perhaps. She takes a risk by replyingWhat beast wast then, that made you break this wicked enterprise to me?Lady Macbeth shifts the foot back onto Macbeth, claiming he was the one to hatch the plan, the crucial words being you break thisto me. The audience will pick up on this, realising that it was never Macbeth who ever originated the idea, it was in fact Lady Macbeth. Macbeth fails to see this though and she carries on.She reasons that when he (Macbeth) had proposed this enterprise to her, then he were a man. Lady Macbeth tries to change Macbeths perceptual experience of what is manly. She tries to change what Macbeth perceives as man, being brave and daring to doall that may become a man,to a man being almost a killing machine. She does this by sayingWhen you durst do it, then you were a man.Lady Macbeth thinks that a man is someone who would do anything to make himself bigger, stronger or more powerful.Lady Macbeth then uses a slightly di fferent tack she uses shock tactics to process how she feels about following through with the murder. Lady Macbeth brings to mind the most grotesque image that she can think up. She says she would take a child, hers, andwhile it was smiling in my faceand bucket oned the brains out, had I so swear as you Have done this.By this, Lady Macbeth reveals a side to her to her audience. She is evil and she will stop at nothing.What she meant by killing her child like this was to show her strength of conviction and willingness to carry out her wordhad I so sworn to you Macbeth.It appears to work, and Macbeth falters saying (indicating a change of aggregate)If we should fail?Lady Macbeth has now re-engaged him, and Macbeth is curious again. Again Lady Macbeth shows her strength of conviction and will,Screw your courage to the sticking place and well not fail,Lady Macbeth I think hits these words with a real sense of belief, urging Macbeth to think about it. Failing? Lady Macbeth declare s that this is impossible. She proceeds to outline her plan, believing she now has Macbeth back onboard. She will make Duncans guards drunk and she and Macbeth will commit the murder, leaving the guards to take the fall for it. The plan is ruthlessly simple and cowardly. The audience cannot help but realise this Lady Macbeth has thought this through non-stop and has made her plan as efficient and as fool proof as possible. Lady Macbeth makes it so safe, and has reconfirmed Macbeths original intentions but still Macbeth will know in the back of his mind, this is all wrong.Lady Macbeth has potently changed Macbeth, using his moral weaknesses exposed by his ambition, to change his mind. Macbeth has let his wifes iron will destroy his conscience and his somewhat sophisticated moral sense. Again though, the audiences are left with sub-conscience doubts about Lady Macbeths appearance of unshakeable strength.In Act 2-scene 2 there is more talking between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, about k illing king Duncan. Here she displays he having controlled and authority over Macbeths mind and actions, but also how support she can be towards him.One of the things that particularly stood out was her inability to commit the murder herself. For all the boasting and the character she built up of herself, Lady Macbeth cannot do any of which she said she was so sure of. Lady Macbeth was supposed to commit the murder herself, but she goes in and comes straight back out again, being startled by a birds cry as she stands there. Macbeth comes up the stairwell and sees Lady Macbeth there she seems to make some excuses for her being there saying,I am afraid they have awaked, then she admits, And tis done. Th attempt and not the deed.Lady Macbeth has faltered, and she cannot bring herself to the deed she swore she would do even if she had to dash her own childs brains out. She came into the chamber and almost I would imagine bawls the line, Hark I set the daggers ready.Lady Macbeth is ang ry I think with herself, as if she is ashamed. She makes the excuse that she entered, saw Duncan and saw he was like her capture in his sleep and could not kill him baring in mind she was prepared to kill her own child.Macbeth nevertheless has killed Duncan. Macbeth is almost immediately feeling the consequences he recounts it as if he suffered immediate guilt whilst he was doing the murder. Macbeth has started to crack he is breaking down, saying that he heard voices saying he would no longer be able to sleep.What Lady Macbeth now faces is what ultimately destroys her. She has now to bear up to Macbeths faltering conscience amidst her own despair. Lady Macbeth tries to silence Macbeth, trying to drive the thoughts of guilt out of her mind trying to remain strong sayingA foolish thought to say a sorry sight.A few lines on Lady Macbeth prophetically says,These deeds must not be thought. After these ways so, it will make us mad.It is here that Lady Macbeths character has its bigges t and final test.Lady Macbeth now reverts into a controlling wife, as she tries to distract her mind from what has happened by snapping into gear and sorting out what has happened. She is practical and tells her husband to go and wash himself of blood, and then she summons some(prenominal) courage she may have left to go and put the daggers with the guards to ensure that they have the blame. Again Lady Macbeth is practical, there is a knock at the door of the castle and she re business lines her husband from answering it. Lady Macbeths mind is in full gear with this murder. She sees that it would be strange if they were to answer the door at this bit of the night saying,Get on youre night-gownAnd show us to be watchers.Lady Macbeth is in full control of her faculties at this point, whereas her husband is starting to really break down, already wishing hed not done itWake Duncan with thy knocking. I would thou couldst.Lady Macbeth is not the strong person she appears to be though.Fo llowing on in Act 2 scene 3, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth perform an amazing swordplay to dupe them, and prove their innocence. Macduff arrives at the gate and goes to see the king in his chamber, and returns with the news of his death. The blame patently falls upon the guards and Macbeth convincingly puts up a show that he loved Duncan so much that he kill the guards on the spot, Thus, removing any ability for them to defend themselves. Now, this does temporarily shift suspicion towards Macbeth, but he gives such an intricate and heartfelt speech, that combined with Lady Macbeth swooning and starting to faint,Help me hence, hoShe draws the anxiety away from Macbeth, it is enough to convince the others of their innocence at least for the moment.The murder also frightens Duncans sons they fear that they might be next this is probably true, since in order for Macbeth to have a good chance to become King, both of them must be killed. Therefore, they flee, and this puts them under suspic ion. It could be reasoned that they might have killed their father in order to quicken their ascension to the throne. Again, all of which are complete lies. Such harmonious co-operation when under pressure shows that Lady and Lord Macbeth do indeed work well together, and have an excellent relationship.In Act 3-scene 2 Macbeth is crowned King, one of the first things Macbeth does, is have Banquo assassinated. It is important to note that he does this severally of his wife his coronation seems to have given him new courage. We see Lady Macbeth being impatient. Lady Macbeth is again telling Macbeth to put his past behind him,Whats done is done,Putting more strain on their relationship. Macbeth obviously however has taken over, he hints to Lady Macbeth that he has a plan in action and she should be,Innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck.Lady Macbeth knows something is going on, however see isnt fully aware of it. She thinks this after a conversation with Macbeth as he means to be uns ettled and sneaky.Lady Macbeth tried to lighten things with Macbeth by telling him not regret anything.Things without all remedy She is telling him not to think about something that cant be corrected.Lady Macbeth is the opposite however she is at heart a weaker woman than Macbeth is the stronger man. She does start to feel guilt and consequences for her actions she cannot keep the ruthless monster image up.Lady Macbeth wants to know what Macbeth is planning behind her back, however he refuses to tell her that he is plotting to kill Banquo.Whats to be doneLady Macbeth shows that she is curious and dislikes being left out with Macbeths plans. Macbeth even teasingly knows this, saying in affect that she would prefer not to know the details of his plan.Lady Macbeth herself however, is doubtful in her new tack together power she is troubled by their present state. However, she does tell Macbeth this, who is already worried, almost to the point of suicide by his speech. Instead, she comfo rts him again, advising him not to brood on the past. However, he is still deeply concerned. He tells his wife of his plan to kill Banquo, and for a change, she asks him what to do. He tells to do as she has told him to put on a false face, and imagine nothing has happened. Macbeth does however, suggest his discontent about his deceitfulness, but recognises its necessity. This switching of roles due to Macbeths increased confidence and Lady Macbeths lack of is perhaps quite important. It shows that their relationship is changing.The Lady Macbeth of Act-1 has lost its initiative in evil.Act 3 Scene 4Lady Macbeth becomes increasingly worn down by her husbands own mental deterioration. Macbeth makes quite a scene at his feast, holding a party to celebrate his form of address of king. It starts with him not sitting at the table and instead having a furious conversation with one of the murderers of Banquo. Lady Macbeth hurries in saying thatYou do not give a cheer. The feast is sold,Mac beth is acting oddly to his guests, but this is not the strangest thing to happen yet by far. Macbeth becomes hallucinated and colour drains from his face and he begins to shout because of seeing a ghost, only visible to himself a ghost of Banquo.Lady Macbeth immediately covers for him,Sit worthy friendsLady Macbeth realises that Macbeth is about to give the whole game away and has to desperately rescue herself and her husband. She tells the guest that Macbeth is having a fit, but he will soon recover. She calms Macbeth down, by calling him out the room to ensure he doesnt say anything he shouldnt.You have displaceLady Macbeth is totally confused to why he is acting like this she then goes on by asking the guests, with a complete lack of ceremony, to leave immediately.Stand upon the order.Lady Macbeth is very rude in telling the guest to go, as she fears that Macbeth might say something he shouldnt.This surely wears her down and worries her of what the guests may think.Lady Macbet h tries to pull Macbeth together, but it has no effect. She is undergoing along with her husband a state of intense mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. This is the last time the Macbeths are seen together as one working unit. Lady Macbeth says little at this point and cannot seem to duad her husbands vigour. Macbeth says,I amoerMeaning he admits that he is too far-gone, it is simpler to carry on his bloody ways than to turn back now. Lady Macbeth urges him to stop, telling him he lacks sleep and needs to go to bed. Macbeths range of evil has outstretched Lady Macbeths, she is beyond it all.This is the last time that Lady Macbeth is seen as sane. In fact, Lady Macbeth is not present in any of Act-4, not appearing until into Act-5. Scene I is where the most obvious change of Lady Macbeth unfolds. The long absence of Lady Macbeth until Act-5 reinforces her appearance as the mad, delusional woman in scene ii. Her mental stability reaches its terminal point and this once monster, becomes nothing but a nervous wreck. The human traits of guilt, conscience and common human feeling all catch up with Lady Macbeth.She could not run from them forever, and now they have reduced her to a pitiful state. Lady Macbeth walks around her bedroom, shuffling nervously, crying out when she cannot remove a figurative spot of blood or guilt. Lady Macbeth recounts her guilty deeds but as a sign of her mental disarray, she cannot tell them in any chronological order. I would imagine an actor playing the part of Lady Macbeth telling each nonessential that she calls to mind, as if it cuts her mentally breaking up her mind.The agony that Lady Macbeth passes through will eventually lead to the last part of her deterioration. Her agony will drive her to despair and ultimately, she is mentioned to have committed suicide.In act 5 scene 5, we learn that Lady Macbeth is dead.This is a bad end for Lady Macbeth though, a woman of powerful ambition and driving force, and a person in an i nfluential position she dies pathetically. This end runs gibe to the events of the play and reflects on the outcome of the theme of evil throughout. Lady Macbeth thought she was as evil as she could wish to be, as unconnected from other womanly and human qualities as she might choose. She believed ambition and will power were everything yet it was all these things that ultimately lead to her end.Lady Macbeth thought that her ambition and worldly succeeder would justify any move she made. Lady Macbeth would not accept that evil is self-destructive. Her impressions of overpowering evil were in the end of a day only an impression.Her conscience first shows its greater power when she is unable to kill Duncan herself. Her next step was when she had to come to terms with her and her husbands reality of evil. The mounting guilt becomes heavier and heavier on her, with the killing of Banquo and the guards. She has to continue to keep up her appearances and her husbands resolve, excusin g his behaviour, supporting him, all whilst keeping on top of her own mental groom until he overtakes her in evil. This has its obvious end she has no way of escape, which further tortures her mental condition. The only way out of her self-created downward spiral was her own death.

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The bear ruled over the land with all his might

Once upon a time there were two spacious lands separated by a great wall. One of the lands had an oppressive and dictatorial feign and the an other(a)(prenominal)(a) one was ruled by a greedy and cruel tiger. The bear ruled over the land with all his might and place and did not look after the needs of the red mice in his dominion. The greedy and cruel tiger remained tatterdemalion of the unappeasable mice citizenry.At dawn all the mice, both red and blue, in individually land would wake up and start working hard on their lands. You could see the joy and cheer on their faces as they shave the trees and water the plants.At noontime, the mice had the routine job of gathering the finest fruits for their mastersthe tiger and the bear. However, it seemed that the tiger and the bear had no speck of satiety, for e very time the mice offered them the finest fruits of their land, the tiger would swiftly glance at the bountiful fruits and look up to the other slope of the wall saying, I wish I could have what is behind that wall. I think I deserve more than the fruits of this land.In the same manner, every time the red mice would offer their bear the fruits of their toil, the bear thought to himself saying, I am the mighty bear and mighty bears rule the largest lands. It did not take very long before the bear approached the great wall and in all curiosity peeped inside a small hole on the wall to see what was behind it. The tiger also approached the wall and motto the bear and his land, which was similar to the tigers land.Because of the bears covetousness, the land on the other side of the fence looked so alluring and enticing. In all bravado, he beamed, This is my land and you all must be under my control. Suddenly an old eagle with resonating crystalise and long white wings came from blue sky and said, You can not do this to each other. You scare the mice and disrespect the walls. Who cares about the mice? the bear replied pointing his drop dead to all the land saying, This is my land. The tiger roared at the eagle and in an instant scratched and wounded the eagles right wing with his sharp long claws.This made the eagle bleed profusely. Suddenly the resonating light vanished and both lands looked so gloomy. The sky turned into red with overcast black shadows as the two leaders broke into a vicious fight. In an instant, both the tiger and bear were locked in each others mighty claws, biting and fiercely wrestling each other. They ordered their own mice to fight the other troops and a deadly battle ensued.After the air had cleared, most of the mice on both camps were dead. However, the bear and the tiger were only slightly injured. In the end, the two leaders ruled over their land that stayed weak and defeat with a few mice to lead. This left the tiger and the bear puzzled over what led them to destroy each others kingdom instantly in a fit of rage.

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Cabin Crew

Answers for the Cabin Crew Final wonder by Kara Grand www. Fllght helperCentral. Com 2011 Flight Attendant Central. either rights reserved. Welcome to Flight Attendant Central This special 25 Questions and Answers report is a powerful dent when preparing for your c all told into question. I compiled this list based on the most commonly take awayed cabin crew final examination Interview questions. You forget find the questions, the guidelines on what your decide should or should non be and a sample answer. fool likewise Included a blank bea at each question where o baffle the space to fill in your answer as it applies to your experience.I am giving this away to help as many people as I force out. I believe that the more you give, the more you receive. The key to mastery in your cabin crew assessment day is preparation. Knowing what to expect and showing the best you can be atomic number 18 crucial factors in the process. I hope this guide gives you a view into approx imately of the important things you need to think about as you prepare for your final interview. I am also looking forward to sharing a lot more powerful training and information with you tick off you up there, Kara Grand Creator, FllghtAttendantCentral 1. pick out me about yourself. Remember to stay professional during your final interview.This question is meant to ask you about your career and detailed cut back history. It is non about your childhood, home or hobbies. Remember that you are be interviewed for a cabin crew Job, so your response should be focused on the relevant customer service Job experience. Try to keep it short, this question is Just a conversation starter. Do non reveal information that you dont want your future employer to eff. SAMPLE ANSWER l perk up been operative(a) for the past 4 years for Company A. I started out as damp- measure junior gross revenue associate and have been promoted to senior sales associate and most recent to parentage assista nt manager.Meanwhile I graduated from College B with a major in Economical Studies. YOUR ANSWER www. FlightAttendantCentral. Com 0 2011 Flight Attendant Central. All rights reserved. 2. Why do you want to work for our airline? Do not go to your interview without doing some research about the company you would like to work for. Browse their website and read the About us or History sections. The first part of the assessment day consists of a series of informative videos about he airline, how it was created, plans of expansion, financial results, life in their city, career prospects and other relevant information.Take some notes and review them before your final interview. You dont know much about, be h matchlessst and tell them so. I know that your company has been one of the hurrying growing airlines in the world, with numerous awards won (give some examples here) and openness towards cultural diversity. I would be honored to be part of such an ambitious team. 3. Tell me about you r dream Job. take a breather away from a specific Job. If you say another Job, you will give an impression that you might be dissatisfied with he cabin crew Job. If you say cabin crew, and so your credibility might be questioned. communion about the corroborative aspects that the Job will bring to your life rather than naming a position. My dream Job will give me the opportunity to travel and discover new cultures and interesting people. It is the Job that gets me excited to wake up e truly day, go to work and constantly learn something new. 4. Do you work better in a team or alone? This is not an easy question to answer, however it is frequently asked during final interviews. You are interviewing for a cabin crew position. A key requirement for this Job is team- ark. Do not answer It depends on the situation. L prefer to work in a group, but I also bang having a part of the work that is my personal responsibility. 5. How would your friends or coworkers describe you? Prepare s ome quotes from your coworkers or friends. Stay focused on the skills and traits that are relevant for the cabin crew Job. Do not get into lengthened stories about your friends or coworkers. Both my friends and coworkers would say that I am a reliable individual. They all know that they can count on me to listen to their problems and try to help them find a solution. Errors he knows because my ambit was always clean and I never left home before tidying up the days work. 6. Tell me about a time when you helped someone. Be prepared with some examples of situations when you helped either a customer or a colleague. Stay focused on the required skills for the cabin crew position. Use the names of your colleagues or customers. Mrs.. Smith, a regular guest in our hotel has Just checked in together with her niece and twin babies. We were not informed that the babies will need sleeping cots, so the arrangements have not been done and we only had one cot available.I talked to our manager an d explained the situation. We ordered a new cot that was delivered in the same day, so I made sure that the room was arranged, together with complimentary toys and blankets and the schedule of the baby sitter. Both Mrs.. Smith and her niece were very grateful, and my manager also praised my efforts. 7. Tell me about a time you made a suggestion to improve business. Talk about the time you gave a suggestion that was further used to benefit the company. Do not tell the interviewers about suggestions that were ignored at the time only to be implemented later.If this never happened to you, then answer honestly and focus instead on the efficiency of the company you worked for. In the restaurant I worked we used to have scrape packs on each table. We were consuming a lot of those packages every week. I suggested to my supervisor that we introduce sugar cubes on the trays when we serve coffee or tea. He told me that this cut the sugar consumption in the restaurant by 50% and the new set -up looked nice. 8. Tell me about the most gambling you ever experienced on the Job. Discuss a successful project you enjoyed completing, not the workplace cafeteria ranks.Take this feel to reinforce your team player skills. Keep the answer short and professional. Every December we have a sales person of the year competition. Last year, the sales associates divided into 2 teams and we had our own competition to see who sells the most. We had dandy fun making daily charts and posting them for everyone to see. We sold so much that month, we became the best selling store and we were all praised by our manager. 9. What are your strengths? The interviewer expects you to give examples of how you have excelled in your previous Jobs.Prepare 4 or 5 traits that are relevant for the cabin crew position and be prepared to also give examples of when you displayed these strengths. Talk about your strengths in the area of customer service, team work, communication, attention to detail or prob lem solving. Do not discuss your strengths outside your work area. l am a team player with sharp attention to detail. I provide personalized service to my customers while aiming to go beyond all expectations and tick off that my customers receive the best possible service. I also have the ability to adapt in a fast paced environment. 10. What are your weaknesses? Do not give information which could hurt your professional image or decrease your retrieves of getting the Job. Disclose a weakness only when you have already taken step to compensate for it. Describe a challenge a how you overcame it, stating what you learned during the process. Do not say that you have no weakness. l feel that my attention to detail is my weakness. I want everything to be perfect. Sometimes I get so caught up in small details that I forget to see the sorry picture. Let was pointed out to me and I was able to improve myself.I am now constantly finding says to sense of balance both the details and the overall situation. 11. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a colleague who wasnt doing his/ her fair share of the work. What did you do and what was the outcome? Keep your answer professional, short and clear. Focus more on what you did to deal with the situation, rather than how much you positive experience. Sofia was my shift colleague. During lunch service I saw her being slow to take orders and attend to the new customers. I had to step in her area and do part of her work. After the service was over I asked her what was happening.I learned that her ornamented was gravely ill and she Just received the news that morning. I helped her out for the next days until she felt better. She appreciated my willingness to do something for her and we are now working very well together, taking extra work from each other whenever is necessary. 12. Tell me about a time you misjudged a person. Use an example where you underestimated psyche, rather than an example when you thought that somebody was trustworthy and in the end they disappointed you. End your answer with a summary of what your learned from the experience. Our office boy was a very shy and reserved person.One day I started to talk to him and I found out that he was actually an engineer in his country, but came here to provide a better future for his children. He was doing the Job to learn the language better and understand our culture. We became friends and he was even giving me advice with some of the projects I was working on. I told to my manager his story, and after 1 year he was given a chance to interview. Now he is working in the planning department. I learned to never Judge somebody Just by the Job they are doing. 13. Tell me about a challenge at work you faced and overcame recently.Talk about the complaints you solved, issues you had to organize, conflicts that you had to resolve. Focus on the problem-solving, not on the problem itself. Do not cat anybody else in a bad light. We recei ved a new computer software that would take not only the reservations for the day, but also the customer details, the orders and the home-delivery schedule. It was taking a long time to input all the data while the customers were waiting. I asked the manager to get some training from the IT Company. In only 30 minutes they taught me all the shortcuts and I managed to be efficient when operating it. 14. Tell me about a time you resolved a