Monday, May 27, 2019

Joseph Kony Essay

You all(prenominal) well-nigh likely have heard the name, Joseph Kony, and sight in hand, with that name you know that he is a leader of a group that abducts children and cites them act against their will. But for those who havent heard of him, Joseph Kony is one of the most wanted man in the world. But no one with the correct authority has even tried to occlude him. And thats why Im here to tell you how Joseph Kony and his army can and need to be stop. & that we need to do what we can to stop himJoseph Kony is the leader of rebels LRA, (Lords Resistance Army) he is non fighting for a cause, he is not at war against anyone, he is just fighting to uphold his power. Konys army rampages communities in Uganda, stealing all the children, training the boys to be soldiers, forcing them to kill their give parents and pushing the girls into sex slavery.Kony has not just kidnapped a few hundred children, in the past 10 old age Kony has captured over thirty five thousand kids. Imagine i f only one child was kid napped in Australia? It would be Breaking National News, conjecture if it was your family in danger of such things. Our country is lucky and has the resources to help stop Kony, so why arent they.Many of you have probably seen the video that has departed viral on Facebook and twitter, it was made by a man called Jason Russell, he is the organizer and founder of the program Kony 2012, he is on a mission, alongside his own army of millions.Jason and everyone else that is trying to stop Kony are on a mission, a mission to make Kony famous, make him a household name everywhere and to stop him before December 2012. The video that was created has currently had over 87 and a half million views and has been talked about by some of the most famous celebrities well-nigh the world.You may joke or say that there are bigger problems that should be dealt with and this video and cause will die off in a month or two but to stop a problem you have to start somewhere. Milli ons of people are fighting for this cause and wont give up. The US government have agreed to help arrest Kony but they will cancel the mission if it is not proven that people cope about the him, as Kony is not an issue in America, people wont care if they dont know, so the video was made to make sure people know about Kony,You may think that you are only one somebody, how can you stop him, but it all starts with one person just like Jason, to sharing the link or donating to the Joseph Kony 2012 foundation. So to conclude I will just say, one person may not be able to make a difference by them self but if all those people stand up and try together, Joseph Kony will be stopped by the end of 2012.

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