Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Autobiography: Dance and Middle School Essay

Autobiography My name is Rickeya Ward. I was born December 26, 1997 and yes fortunately the day after Christmas. I am 15 years old and I hold in one brother and sister Im the middle child. I was born in Galloway, NJ where I lodged for a little. I have a very diametrical name I was named after my dad. My dads name core powerful ruler so my name must have the same meaning since its just about identical. I have a well-rounded personality. I never had problems making new friends I always got along with everyone. I am very outgoing. When I was in middle workdays I would play and try out for every sport I could get into.When I meet new people some prison terms I happen to be very shy and quiet. Sometimes I like being very awargon of my surroundings when I meet new people. People find me to be funny and interesting when they meet me. It feels good to have good vibes with people. When I was younger I had dreams of being a big time modal value model and traveling the world as a fashio n icon. I wished I could be on Americas Next Top Model for a scant(p) period of time. Ever since I was little I was one of those people who enjoyed life. I enjoy traveling I been traveling since I was about 4 years old.Read moreThe person I admire essayI have been to Atlanta, Ohio, North Carolina, California, Virginia and a few other intrusts. One of my ducky places was actually California, Los Angles to be exact. The feel that it brings you was magical and a Hollywood lifestyle feeling. I enjoy making new friends and being around my family. My family means something so special to me. My family and I have a bond that we share. We share different laughs, and bond with each other in different ways. The genes run very conceptive in my family we have a heap of similarities with each other. I have an exact look alike which is my little sister we could be twins.My sister is my joy. Thats my partner in crime with anything we are always doing something together. My two cousins are the two people I favor also. We all have personalities that are alike and we get along very well. We are very close in age but I am the oldest. My extended family lives near me and some of them live far away. I always communicate and talk to them so its not that far of a distance because we stay in touch often. They are like my support team whatever I try to accomplish they are there to back my idea up. I know a lot of people and have a lot of different friends that I hang around.I am grateful for my life and the people that came in it. another(prenominal) place that I enjoy being is school. I know thats a weird thing hearing a teenager say but I enjoy school. I like learning new things that enriches me. I always did well when I was in school. When I was in elementary and middle school I was on the Honor Roll and Merit Roll. I always strive for the gameest grades at school. I received a lot of awards. I am a very hard person on myself. I can be considered as a perfectionist because I h ave very high expectations for myself.Another thing I like about school is meeting new people and having different challenges come against me each year. School is very interesting to me with the different subjects every year and the different things I learn. When I learn about each subject it informs me about something that maybe come up in the future tense to help me. I tried so many different sports in my life. I played soccer, field hockey, track, swimming and cheerleading. When I was in middle school I thought I could do it all. The sports that I actually take pleasure in is track, cheerleading and I would love to try this year is crew.When I was in the 5th grade I studied and played the Clarinet. It was an amusing instrument to play but playing an instrument just wasnt my thing. Something I have a true passion for is move. Dance is basically life for me besides my other dreams. When I dance it frees my mind from everything Im thinking about. The dancing I study is Ballet and Hip hop. I did tap dancing for about two years but I learnd to take a break. A program that I do is Champions of youth which makes sure you are on the right track and doing what youre supposed to. On my free time I like reading books and shopping.The type of books I am delighted in are the realistic books that can relate to real life stories. simply like other teens I cannot live without my cell phone or my electronics that is a huge part of my life. While I am in high school I would like to stay focused and on task. I requirement to graduate a good number in the class and go to a good college. I want to go to college to become a lawyer. My dream since I was young was to become a lawyer. While I been in school I had previous people tell me I would become a lawyer because the way I disputed my points.I didnt decide what type of lawyer I valued to become yet. A big goal I am trying to achieve is going to a huge college and becoming a big time lawyer. One of the icons I always loo ked at as a great lawyer was Johnnie Cochran. Hes been an stimulate lawyer for me. I have big dreams of living in a nice house and eventually getting married. In 10 years I will be graduating law school hopefully going to good law firm. I want to have no worries in the world at all. My dream is just becoming successful and knowing that I did from hard work.I have high and big goals for myself that I am going to achieve. I have a dedicated mind for what I want to become. After I pursued my career of being a lawyer I want to become a dancer as a side job or open a dance school for other youth that loves dancing. I plan on traveling to a lot of different places Ive never been. At first I was debating if I wanted to become a lawyer or a doctor. But, as I got older I realized that being a lawyer was definitely the career I wanted to pick. The person I admire the most is my mom and my grandfather. They are two people that motivate me the most.

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