Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Change Over Time: The years 1670-1729 Essay -- History, European Power

From 1670 to 1870, the political regimes of the Atlantic Basin underwent drastic changes that were ultimately detrimental to todays society. The new ideas of the discretion sparked cultural, political, and social revolutions all the way from the newly established colonies of the United States to the ancien regime of the country of France. But how did these governments change during this era? The answers lie in the beginning, middle, and end of the 1670s to 1870s.The years 1670-1729 mark the beginning of this era, where the start of change takes place. During this period, European powers ruled in various places, such as in the colonies of America and in Haiti. In the colonies of America, there was no sign that North America might become a center of revolution (Bentley, p. 784). Britain imposed their culture on the colonists. The colonists regarded themselves as British subjects they recognized British law, read English-language books, and often braved the North Atlantic Ocean to v isit family and friends in England (Bentley, p. 784), with trade fueling the colonies wealth and reliable protection from the British militia. In France, Louis XVI reigned, and things were mainly prosperous. However, Louis was an absolute monarch, and he created three estates. The first estate consisted of about 100,000 Roman Catholic clergy (Bentley, p. 787). The second included some four one C thousand nobles (Bentley, p. 787), and the third was the rest of the population-about 24 million serfs, free peasants, and urban residents ranging from laborers, artisans, and shopkeepers to physicians, bankers, and attorneys (787). Nevertheless, the French mainly prospered under Louis XVIs reign. However, in Haiti, things were non as prosper... ... off to France, where he died of maltreatment. The generals who succeeded Toussaint defeated the remaining troops and drove them out of the colony (Bentley, p. 796). In 1803, they declared independence and later proclaimed the presidential ter m of Haiti, meaning land of mountains.In conclusion, the governments of the Atlantic Basin evolved significantly between the 1670s and 1870s. Governments were established that shaped the beginning of human and political rights for generations to come. Without the ideals and beliefs of the Enlightenment thinkers, the rapid variety of the Atlantic Basin probably would have never happened and the world would have been anything but recognizable at this time. Thanks to the work of many revolutionary leading and philosophes, the Atlantic Basin was able to become one of the most influential areas in world history to date.

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