Saturday, February 23, 2019

Internet Privacy Essay

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a great opportunity for each fledging enterpriser to expose his goods to buyers all over the globe through the internet. microscopic and medium scale businesses, with the right mixture of products and e-commerce capabilities fag thrive in a global market. Geography is straightway longer a hindrance. wiz doesnt even need a great amount of slap-up outlay to lounge about started. For $ 25 a month, one can get an e-commerce start up kit (Exploring E-Commerce). Every imaginable commodity is now sold on-line. It would be wise for any business minded someone to ride the schooling age.Of course, one ara of concern when it comes to electronic proceeding is protective cover. There have been many instances where address card information submitted to legitimate business related web offices were stolen and used for other purposes. Customers would need some amount of money of guarantee that they are not getting scammed. At the same clock, busin essmen, specially the newer ones, would like to minimize costs of implementing a highly set environment. equivalent everything else, a balance must be reached between shelter for the node and cost for the business possessor.The advantage of a non-secure e-commerce environment is that the business can start right away, even at the comfort of your own household if you prefer. Starting capital would be affordable since one only needfully to register a web put name and post the products he is offering. The place functions as a showroom for global customers. The disadvantage is that the number of hits on the site doesnt necessarily translate to customers. 54% of prospective buyers cancel their transactions because of concerns which include insecurity (Exploring E-Commerce).Another disadvantage is that safe payment options are limited. Because non-secure e-commerce sites are vulnerable to hacker attacks, customers would prefer not to use any kind of electronic payment. This woul d limit the customers options to bank deposits and cash-on- manner of speaking schemes. If trust card payment is offered in an insecure web environment, the risk of stealing is increased. Overly secured e-commerce sites provide the customer with a blanket of safety and toilet facility for both the customer and the site owner.With up to date security measures, the owner opens his business to the more(prenominal) than 1. 2 billion credit card owners, world wide (Exploring E-Commerce). Applying encryption methods such as the widely accepted secure socket layer (SSL) certificates on the business website shields important customer information, like credit card numbers, from hackers and other web predators. One disadvantage of a highly secure e-commerce setup is the cost in putting up the safeguards. Verisign, the play along that offers SSL certificates, charges over $1,000 for an extended SSL good for 1 year (Verisign, 2007).Other security costs include purchasing and updating of an ti- virus software and firewall infrastructure. A baby inconvenience for the customer would be repeated input of customer information including passwords to help secure a transaction. These are not one time only costs. SSL and anti-virus software need regular updates to adapt to relentless hackers and virus code programmers. Even with all of these, there is still no one hundred% guarantee that the e-business is safe since security is meant to manage not eliminate risks (Tung, 2007).If the entrepreneur is new to the e-commerce business and confined with a limited budget, it is advisable that he start with registering the website first and live with the payment limitations. If the product is good, and the owner makes up for the limitations with above average service like on time delivery and packaging, then he may gradually add components that would make his e-business more secure. If money is no object to the businessman, then adding market accepted security features will certainly not hurt and will even decoy repeat business.ReferencesE-commerce 101. Retrieved December 10, 2007, from Sell it on the web Web site http//sellitontheweb. com/ezine/webstore101. shtml Exploring E-Commerce. Entrepreneur. com , Retrieved December 10, 2007, from http//www. entrepreneur. com/growyourbusiness/howtoguides/article81238. html Tung, Liam (2007, November 2007). Friendly rootkits proposed for safe e-commerce. Retrieved December 10, 2007, from ZDNet. co. uk Web site http//news. zdnet. co. uk/internet/0,1000000097,39291134,00. htm? r=2 Verisign (2007). Retrieved December 10, 2007, Web site https//ssl-certificate- center. verisign. com/ action/retail/product_selector? uid=f149c3d301a629c3897d6187982dbfe7

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