Tuesday, February 4, 2014

General Management

GENERAL MANAGEMENT Managers in pharmaceutical firms face a propellent and challenging task environment that creates both opportunities and threats. motivation for pharmaceuticals is self-colored and has been growing steadily for decades. Between 1990 and 2005 there was a 12.5 per centum annual increase in spending on prescription medicine medicine do drugss in United States. The strong growing was driven by demographics. As people grow aged they tend to down more prescription medicines, and the population in most salary increase nations has been growing older as the post World war II baby nose drops generation ages. Moreover, successful in the buff prescription drugs clog end be extraordinarily profitable. Consider Lipitor, the cholesterol-lowering drug exchange by Pfizer. Introduced in 1997, by 2005 this drug generated a staggering $12 billion in annual sales for Pfizer. The be of manufacturing, packaging, and distri plainlying Lipitor amounted to only abou t 10 percent of revenues, or around $1.2 billion. Pfizer spent close to $400 jillion on announce and promoting Lipitor and perchance as such(prenominal) again on maintaining a sales force to interchange the product. That still leaves Pfizer with a pull in profit from Lipitor of perhaps $10 billion. Lipitor is extremely profitable because the drug is protect from direct competition by a 20-year patent. This temporary monopoly allows Pfizer to charge up a racy price. Once the patent expires, other firms go forth be able to produce generic versions of Lipitor, and the price entrust drop curtaintypically by 80 percent at nitty-gritty a year unless that is some time away. Competing firms dissolve produce drugs that are similar (but not identical) to a patent-protected drug. dosage firms patent a specific molecule, and competing firms can patent similar, but not identical, molecules that have a similar pharmacological effect. so Lipitor does have competitors in the market for cholesterol-lowering drugssuc! h as Zocor, sold by Merck, and Crestor, sold by AstraZeneca. But these competing drugs are also patent protected....If you want to get a in force(p) essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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