Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Case: Texas Roadhouse Won’t Scrimp on Making Employees Happ

Assignment 4 Case: Texas Roadhouse Wont scant on Making Employees Happ If we absorb care of our employees, they will sprout care of our customers is a common phrase. In your experience, is it really in force(p) or is it just a cliché on the wall? cause the implications of your answer. I study that this phrase is fareual true. I thinkd that it is rattling practiced in a lot of places. I believe in the saying that if you treat your employees right than they will defend sure the customers are happy and will return to that business. When a customer receives naughtily service nine times apart of ten they do not return. This means that they also keep an eye on their family and friends not to visit this company because of the cock-a-hoop service and/or food. When I go to a place to spend my money, I like good customer operate as easily as good food. If the food is good I king come back if the service is bad. If the food and service is b ad I will not come back without occupancy the manager. I also talk or so it to my friends to allow them populate of my experience. I enjoy going to places like Chik Fil A because the services and the people there are so kindly and so I could go there every twenty-four hour period if possible. I also feel that when a person likes their note it shows in how they treat the customers. If they love their jobs, when the customers complain they try to destine the occupation and not have an attitude. When the company is good to them they act otherwise because they want to keep their jobs. I have seen an employee fix direct home in middle of their shift because several(prenominal) customers complained about the service they had gotten and it was because the person was upset they did not produce along the arise they thought they should have gotten. Texas Roadhouse uses money as a motivator for employees. In todays economy, describe alternate(a) methods that coul d be used to motivate their employees. ! In my opinion, money is the ruff motivator. In todays economy people need the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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