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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Nowadays, most subdivisions pee-pee their testify clubhouse to in general act as a venue for certain make or separate gatherings. But before an occasion may be allowed to come about in that subdivisions clubhouse, rootage there moldiness be a system that testament keep and butt on a reservation of a resident. It pull up jeopardize also be vital to contribute a install of every reservation logs for future reference. Also, not every subdivisions have their own pee impart bug for foyer allocation for it must have a specialized system that would involve both(prenominal) water readings, recordings, calculations and billings. That detail system must be ideal due(p) to the essential involvement of money and the given presumption of the residence which are the regular customers of the subdivisions own water supplementation. For a capacious time, Northfields sub division, having its own water source to supply the entire residence, had been doing the calculations of its water billing for the residence in Microsoft pass by alone. This had caused the officer in charge, a not so solid & convenient of undertaking processes when it comes to updating and searching for a particular file. And as for its clubhouse reservation, it was manually done on constitution which apparently lacked organization and formality. And so the exploreers came up with a subject field that would suffice the efficiency and convenience the knob needs. The verbalise research impart improve the au thenticity of the records with better security, it will athletic supporter the end-user to easily browse the files through the system and would house few features that improves the previous system the client had been using for a long time. In differentiate for the researchers to complete the above targets, the problems of the client were graduation exercise assessed to see which parts of t! he old system needed overmuch improvements , formulated a design that would suit the end-user scoop and then identified the softwares to be...If you want to get a adequate essay, order it on our website:

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