Thursday, May 9, 2019

The corporate social responsibility practices Case Study

The corporate social responsibility practices - Case Study ExampleRasgas firm is the second take firm in the production and supply of gas to both the local and international markets. The firm has been exercise for the last 14years and it has grown its links with various stakeholders which involve the communities it serves. With this strong links, the indispensability of Corporate Social duty is inevitable. This report seeks to explore various aspects of Corporate Social duty with a bias on the necessity of breeding to companies and its benefits to human resource development.As a point of departure, like any world atomic number 82 organization, the aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility is inevitable. The organization has endeavored to position its CRS policy on four initiative cornerstones, which include education, community, environment, information and health. The four aspects are aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030. The Corporate Social Responsibility has over som e time now played a critical role in beef up the companys ties with the rest of the community. The organization believes that through a clear policy on CSR fountainhead integrated with the National Development Strategy, it will positively engage the community through activities which involves practical assistance, donation of equipment, employee volunteer and financial contributions (Porter, 2000). These activities work towards increasing awareness of the organizations produced and these efforts are reflected in the general revenues and profit margins. In the case of education which is attributed to acquiring information the organization has endeavored to support numerous knowing students to the UK Universities for both undergraduate and Masters programmes. These programs and activities are aimed at attaining maximum level of sustainability.In the case of the CSR information to companies and its benefits relative to human development, the Rasgas firm has a big role to play in a conspire to update other

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