Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Sri Lankan travellers needs and expectations about airline websites Literature review

Sri Lankan travellers needs and expectations about air duct websites - Literature review ExampleIncreasing demands of the customers puddle forced almost every business to have their own website. Similarly the airline industry has also been actively participating in this race and numerous airlines now maintain very attractive and eye catching websites (Weeks and Crouch, 1999 Morrison et al., 1999). The recent years have seen galore(postnominal) studies and researches in the field of website assessment (Liu, 2000, Olsina, 1999 and Barnes and Vidgeon, 2001). Although on that point is a great deal of variation in the website chassis and content amongst different industries nonetheless quite a few assessment tools with precise excellence bar have been made (Kim, Shaw and Schneider, 2003). The flowchart regarding the website evaluation is given below Figure 1 Website Evaluation flowchart (Park and Gretzel, 2007, p.48). Website evaluation methods used by different authors As the int ernet has developed very rapidly there has been a number of websites available now. This vastness of information and types of websites makes it a necessity there must be some sort of criteria for the evaluation of these websites so that a proper level of quality can be maintained and junk material could be avoided (Seoyoung and Jinwoo, 2004). In parliamentary law to carry out this evaluation a study was carried out and the characteristics were collected and analyzed. The contents were dual-lane in to a number of categories so that it becomes well-fixed to evaluate each one. The 4 Ps category division by McCarthy (1976) was adapted as the initial division criterion These 4 Ps were product, price, promotion and point-of-sale. It has been argued by some researchers that the above mentioned 4 Ps fit properly with the internet related stuff especially websites (Chaffey et al., 2003) however some early(a) authors recommend total substitution of these 4 Ps (Constantinides, 2002 Kotler, 1998). A model for the adaptation of internet affair has been developed by Burgess and Cooper (1999). The model is composed of 3 points i.e. endorsement that relates knowledge regarding the sens provision regarding interaction dispensation linked to online communication Ho (1997) uses an approach for website evaluation that is based upon the approach of phases. harmonise to him the structure of the evaluation criterion is based upon 2 dimensional matrixes. First dimension is of purpose which is divided into 3 that categories i.e. Promotion i.e. data regarding the services and products provided to the clients Provision i.e. presence of information in order to attain the exposure, good will, and credibility. Processing i.e. commerce dealings. The 2nd dimension is called value-created. This dimension is also divided into further categories named i.e. well-timed worth, custom significance, logistic worth and amazing value. Wan (2002) projected a tool for evaluating and rank the inte rnational websites for tourists. He used 3 categories i.e. diversity of knowledge, user interface ease, and online reservation facility. air duct grade Evaluation Framework (ASEF) The website analysis of an air line usually address the requirement for ASEF i.e. a client-oriented Airline Site Evaluation Framework (ASEF) in which the assessment techniques and instrumentation methods developed previously were used with particular

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