Thursday, April 25, 2019

Bp solar manufacture of renewable energy technology Essay

Bp solar manufacture of renewable energy technology - Essay ExampleSTRATEGIC close TAKEN BY THE COMPANY Strategic decisions be loosely concerned with the overall policy or strategy of the organisation. These decisions ar normally associated with relatively long term and involve graduate(prenominal) risk. At the same time the results think with strategic decisions are unpredictable and have huge influence on the stakeholders of the social club (Ford, Sharfman, & Dean, 2008). The strategic decision taken by the BP Solar Global is to expand the operations of the business in new geographical food markets. This will facilitate the company in the process of increasing the sales growth and market share. In this regard, BP Solar can enter into growing solar panel industry at UAE and Middle East. caller-up is already operating in different countries of six continents, namely Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. TACTICAL DECISION TAKEN BY THE COMPANY Ta ctical decision are normally associated with medium term and are supported by considerable quantitative data and information. Apart from this, tactical decisions have relatively gloomy amount of risk as compared to the strategic decisions (Keskin, Uster, & Cetinkaya, 2010). The tactical decision taken by the company is the execution of the Total Quality vigilance and Lean Six Sigma in the next six months. This will alter the company to improve the quality of the overall process of production and manufacturing. This decision will help the company in the process of providing sustainable green energy to the consumers. Along with this, the implementation of the Total Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma will facilitates the organisation in the process of continuous improving the overall operations. operable DECISION TAKEN BY THE COMPANY Operational decisions include the day to day basis social function activities and tasks. These are of the least complexity and low risk is associ ated with them. Apart from this the level of information needed for these decisions is generally very low and these decisions are made on the basis of experiences (Xu & Birge, 2008). The operational decision taken by the company is to send some of the members of research and discipline department to a one month teaching and training course. Being in the highly innovative industry it is necessary for BP Solar to keep on coming with different innovative products and solutions. This can be achieved by training and developing the research and development personnel. INFORMATION NEEDED FOR TAKING STRATEGIC DECISION In order to decide for expanding into other geographical regions, company will be requiring different important information and data. The different set of information required for this strategic decision are 1. Current market condition along with future growth emf 2. Current political and legal condition of the new geographical market Current Market human body and Future G rowth Potential First of all the current condition of the new target market along with the future growth potential will be required. According to the report of Datamonitor (2010), there is high potential in the renewable energy industry in United Arabs Emirates (UAE). Particularly, the industry of solar panels has been wake considerable growth. It is highly beneficial to enter into this region because of the unlimited supply of the sunlight (Datamonitor, 2010). Current political and Legal Condition of

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