Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Views on Colonialism in Donnes Elegy XIX and Wroths Sonnet 22 Essay

Views on Colonialism in Donnes lamentation XIX and Wroths Sonnet 22IntroductionIn the midst of Lady Mary Wroths sonnet cycle, a sudden lineament to the colonialist discoveries of dark skinned natives appears. Bringing to mind her participation in Jonsons masquerade party of Blackness, she depicts dark-skinned Indians wor carryping the sun as their god. In the midst of her ruminations on bash and her preoccupations with her unfaithful lover, Amphilanthus, this sonnet touches on issues close to her personal life as well as some of the preoccupations of her era on the nature of colonialism. In particular the role of religion in Englands colonialist efforts was of prime importance. An examination of pot Donnes Elegy XIX, To His Mistris Going to Bed may give some brain wave into how Wroths Sonnet 22, Like to the Indians Scorched with the Sun deals with the controversies surrounding imperialism.Historical Concerns two authors had close personal ties to Englands colonialist effort s in the New World. Lady Mary Wroths uncle, Sir Philip Sydney, was an investor in Raleighs attempted colony at Roanoke. This venture ultimately failed, however, and would later be followed under King James with the Virginia Company.John Donne was closely tied with the efforts quest Raleighs failed attempt. In 1608, after two failed attempts at securing a secretarial post, prototypic in London and then in Ireland, the report circulated that he seek to be made secretary of the colony, a position given rather to his friend William Strachey (Johnson 127). If he had been awarded the position, he would have sailed with the new governor, Sir Thomas Gates. This was the ship that was shipwrecked in Bermuda and that winter the Jamestown colon... ...onne, John. A Sermon vpon the VIII. Verse of the I. Chapter of the Acts of the ApostlesGreene, Thomas M. The Poetics of stripping A Reading of Donnes Elegy 19.Yale Journal of Criticism. 2 (2) (1989) 129-143.Hester, M. Thomas. Donnes (R e)Annunciation of the Virgin(ia Colony) in Elegy XIX. South central Review 49-63.Johnson, Stanley. John Donne and the Virginia Company. ELH. 14 (2) (1947) 127-138.Raman, Shankar. Cant Buy Me have sex Money Gender, and Colonialism in Donnes Erotic Verse. Criticism. 43 (2) (2001) 135-168.Roberts, Jospephine A. The Poems of Mary Wroth. Baton paint Louisiana State University Press, 1983.Young, R. V. O my America, my new-found-land Pornography and Imperial Politics in Donnes Elegies. Souch Central Review 35-48.Warnke, Frank J. John Donne Poetry and Prose. New York Random House, 1967.

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