Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Flucations In The Australian Dollar :: essays research papers

The Australian Dollar is a "Commodity money". A "Commodity Currency" means that its fortunes are heavily subject on the prices of Gold, Copper, Nickel, Coal and Wool. solely of these commodities are Australias main exports.At present, commodity prices are low, oddly gold. Melbourne-based mining consultant Surbiton Associates said exports of Australian gold were in danger of declining if exploration failed to be supported and production declined as a result. The artless produces about $5 billion worth of gold each family and over the past 10 years the metal has earned $42 billion in export revenue.Presently, our dollar has been the weakest in history, comparable to the joined States (US) dollar. The record low occurred in early April where it sank to 47.75 US cents. Compared to the US dollar, our Australian dollar buys at present 50.81 US cents. (27 July 2001). It is unrealistic to determine what started the dollars steal or when it started. In this graph it i s visible that the dollar started to drop as far back as April 1997. Although, we can never be authoritative that the fluctuations are actually fluctuations in the $A or those of the $US. For that reason the succeeding(a) figure shows the movements in the $A against the trade weighted index (TWI). As its name indicates, the trade weighted index tries to measure the value of the $A against a basket of currencies. Those currencies are chosen to reflect the weight in Australias trade with the countries issuing the currencies in the index.At the moment, the US dollar is in truth strong. This is surprising considering that the American economy is not very strong. Interest roam in the US basically show the situation. Americas spare-time activity rates exact seen five cuts over the last four months to where it now sits at 3.75%. This was the US governments way of trying to kick-start the economy through fiscal policy. This is why umpteen economists believe the US dollar will subside, as there is no backing in the economy.The Aussie, as it is referred to in foreign markets, is believed to be dependent on the performance of the Japanese Yen and the new Eurodollar, with the three currencies caution to move in tandem. This is because of Australias importing and exporting relationship with the deuce other currencies.Interest Rates At the moment the interest rate in Australia sits at 5%. In resent times interest rates have been subject to three cuts.

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