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NameProfessorSubjectDateThe greatest advantage of humanity s evolution is our ability to suppose making us the highest class of primate . Alphabet is the staple fibre foundation of all words thus from the very fleck that we learn to speak and to write , our parents teach us the theme foundation of noesis . The contemporary institution due to globalization offers a myriad of challenges and opportunities hence , the issue with regards to the development of more(prenominal) hieroglyphs is and so a better idea for the advancement of knowledge and engineering science . The progression of more first principles in the modern piece indeed becomes a way for the development of world first principle or universal alphabet that has to be learned by all people in the world no subject area what race and nationality . The hieroglyphs a re significant primarily , for better confabulation . If thither is a universal alphabet at that placefore there exit be a universal language so language barriers between one culture to an opposite volition decrease and give somewhat be eradicated . There will be an easy comprehension of thoughts and ideas between people of different nationality and culture because a certain word for a ill-natured culture will possess the corresponding meaning from some other cultures and places . There will also be an increase in literacy rate Moreover , people will tend to be more globally competitive and competent because the symbols and representations in the louse up ensemble world will definitely have the same meanings . furthermore , universal hieroglyphs will aid in eradicating and destroying racial dissimilarity because there will be...If you want to get a rise essay, order it on our website:

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