Sunday, February 2, 2014

Classic Hero

Romeo & Juliet Act III Vocabulary - prohibition- to be driven out -dexterity- proficiency in using the body or turn over -idolatry- the worship of idols -reconcile- to re- establish friendship -exile- coerce or self imposed; removal from ones native land -fickle unpredictably unsealed -gallant-showy in appearance or dress jibe 1 1. The Capulet’s atomic number 18 outside. 2. He tries to entreat for no reason. 3.Go somewhere else private or leave. 4.A villain. 5. Tybalt is Juliet’s cousin. 6. He is a punk. 7. He believes his death is Romeos defacement and he wants to identify a curse on their houses. 8. It do him soft. 9. He abide gots played by his own luck. 10.Hold friends; friends part. 11. Being involved, because he is a friend of Romeo 12.He is banished from the town. pic 2 13.She really wants to see or hear about Romeo. 14.He killed her cousin. 15. Romeo is banished. 16. To find him. Scene 3 17. He says banishment is worst than death. 18. Romeo says that you cant speak if you don’t touch sensation the way he feels. 19. Juliet is still viable and the prince gave you life. You killed Tybalt and he would of stood in the way of their happiness. 20. She’s gives him a ring. Scene 4 21. Be misrepresent for marriage on Thursday. Scene 5 22. It is hot right now. 23. So he wouldn’t be killed. 24.In her eyes she sees a spotter dead recitation of Romeo. 25. About the lost of Tybalt 26. To hold Romeo thus she slips in. 27. I would earlier marry Romeo who she hates than Paris. 28. She will kill herself. 29. She says promise me unless I through with you. 30. She says marry Paris. 31. She use to like her that now she thinks she’s a “Dawned Old women’ 32. She is going to get a remedy from mendicant and told the nurse she is going to Friar cell to make a confession.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:
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