Thursday, February 6, 2014


What I would like to do in my future is a question unanswered for the time being. I think I still have time to make up my mind. Im sure though, there are some things I dont deprivation to do. I dont need to be dependable. I dont vitalness to be humble and pitied. I dont necessity my forehead down and my back bent. If my friend were dying with leucaemia I would spend with him virtually of my time speaking almost our just irregulars and crazy things. I would try to make him realize how well-heeled we are because we have each creator(a) and we have shared the most wonderful acts. I would try to reconcile him with God and of course, I would do my best to raise money for a senseless operation. Life is like a book that we read as we live. Page after rapscallion, we sometimes are curious and regard to read more quickly. It happens at about 12 13 years old when we all want to look older, to calculate more responsible and do things we are forbidden. When we are in love, we refuse to turn the page. We abide to that page till it dowery apart and its out of use. We refuse to look at the next page. We suffer and look back at the former page. Then we read with indifference, as if it were somebody elses book. line out of the blue, when we get bored of reading we find a page with nice pictures and forget all sorrow. Again merriment surrounds us and again we forget about the dark pages, about the pages left(a) unwritten intentionally by the author of all books. merely we come across them, page after page , we rear endt leave without reading all the book. When the last pages come, we pay off to them with all our cogency till we realize or non - that we stick by to the cover. And then, all books are shut. And theyre called lives. What tone has in stick in for us, though, we never know. We work hard, we hope, we want, we strive, we breathe. We sometimes win the draft of life and taste a moment of rest. A moment of happiness, of I wantnothingmore. It might be a true love, a ! circumstance or a piece of pure luck. Then the other moment of rest,...If you want to get a full essay, distinguish it on our website:

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