Thursday, February 6, 2014

Comedy Essay

Jessica Baker Block 1 prank Essay Its hard to imagine your t hotshot without comedy, because mood is so imbedded into tout ensemble of our lives on a daylight-by-day basis. Its al most(prenominal) impossible to go a day without finding whatsoeverthing funny to prank or smile about. livelihood isnt meant to be taken badly all day, quotidian; without humour, life would be very depressing. Comedy is weird, because it allows people to gag at things that if it wasnt supposed to be funny, they probably wouldnt laughter at. People like humor that relates to them and their lives. It stand bys us to marry with different people, because it financial aids us to make that the things that we go through every day happen to other people too. Without humor, making ad hominem connections with other people would be almost impossible. A turn over shows that the number ane thing that people look for in a familiarity and a relationship is a find of humor. Ther e argon all different types of humor; banter, caricature, exaggeration, jokes, irony, parody, satires, situational, sexual, and wit, among others. more or less(prenominal) anything can be made into a joke. Situational humor is when you laugh at something that relates to your life, like in the show Modern Family, or The Middle. These shows are about middle-class families that seem to nervus facialis expression all of the same problems that normal families have, but for some reason, we are drawn to watching them on TV. Sometimes its essential for people to just sit back and laugh at themselves, because it helps you keep things in perspective and decreases your stress level. It has been shown that laugh and having a good attitude can be safe to your health. The most controversial, yet popular, form of humor, though, is sexual humor. In one of The Canterbury Tales name The Millers Tale, sexual humor is the chief(prenominal) drive behind their comedy. It te lls the tale of a man who loves a woman that! is already married. It uses many words, which are inappropriate for school, to help describe...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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