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Student Accomodations in Lesson Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Student Accomodations in Lesson Planning - Essay ExampleThis emphasis on creating hopes in students heads so that they can work to make them into a reality is a contrast to putting all our energy into developing and creating an effective subject-centered lesson plan. Cooperative breeding is effective in IEP education because hey help students to communicate and socialize. In contrast to other lesson formats, cooperative learning is based on discussions and group work. The main similarities between these formats atomic number 18 that they set come about objectives and require instructions they check understanding and have a practical application step. The main difference is that discovery lesson and cooperative learning models require additional equipment and assessment, while a critical thinking model uses evaluation step. It kernel being totally involved, completely engaged in doing ones schoolwork. It means total attentiveness and participation in the learning activity (Batema n, 2006).2. The essential elements of IEP are oecumenical intelligence, emotional intelligence, academics health issues and effective communication. Also, each EIP should have clear ejectives and aims, measurable and observable behavior and stipulated assessment criteria.In a standardized lesson format, a critical thinking model can be used as a frame work of the lesson plan. ... del implies sessions in which teachers encourage students to imagine what it would be like to be successful (including how it might be scary in both(prenominal) ways) how they would feel to know the subject well, to get a good grade, to get approval from their parents and teachers. Students as well as athletes need hopes non just problems, not just the current reality (Irvine et al 2000). Cooperative model can be a part of the lesson required discussions and personal opinion. Students can begin to concentrate on on improving those areas that are particularly retarding their school success, whether it be some character trait, a health issue, self-management skills, self-defeating ways they think, writing skills, and so forth. To do that, a student is going to have to learn to ask for and accept help from the school. And the school and community, from their side, must be prepared to give the help students need. For example, if a student sees that he has a problem with alcohol that is getting in the way, somewhere in his world there has to be people and programs waiting to respond.The general accommodations for students should involve the use of yellow chalk to reduce glare, the teacher should repeat words written on the blackboard, it is better to use only black put out handouts, alternative assignments should be proposed to students who cannot follow the lesson plan. A special attention should be paid to starting, lighting, timing (extended time for analyses and more breaks), repeat presentations and immediate response, special test preparation. Sorting students by ability, past achievement, or skill, or whatever, narrows the range of diversity in a classroom and enables teachers to gear materials, assignments, and content to the students capabilities, interests, and styles. Moreover,

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