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Minorities Essay -- Minority Race Gender Essays

Minorities A minority group is made up of people who sh be a putting green set of cultural or physical characteristics that marks them as different from the powerful dominant group and for which they often suffer social disadvantages, because of their lack of power. As in the case of race and ethnicity, minority group membership is given by society. The most common minority groups are African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Women.African Americans Low status jobsIn 1997 African Americans were considered 12.5% of the U.S. cosmos and 64.7% of their race participated in the labor force. African Americans were also considered for 21.6% of solely guards, 21.5% of any service occupation, cleaning, and building. Also 30.8% of all wellness service occupation (Macionis 1998).Less EducationA mere of 75% score graduated high school, and 38% of all African Americans have completed at least one year of college. On the other hand 84% of European Americans have graduated high school , and 51% of them complete at least one year of college.(Macionis 1998).Less Medical CareIn 1996 there was 19% of African Americans who didnt receive health coverage under the age of 65, while only 15% of all the European Americans had not received it as well. Over the age of 65 with members of their population 30.1% had Medicare only. The European Americans had a low of 16.9% of Medicare. (Horner 1999).Crime infested ghettosAlmost one third of all African Americans live in crime infested ghettos three times that of European Americans. An approximate percentage of African Americans that live in ghettos in 1997 was 80%. (Robertson).Large percent of prison populationIn 1997 African Americans were considered 42% of all jail inmates. In 1998 African Americans were considered 12.5% of the U.S. population, yet they were 32.4%of those arrested.(Macionis 1998).WomenLow status jobsThey have been considered that 98.4% of all women are secretaries. Household and child care workers is 86.5%, and 94.3 % of all private theatre cleaners or maids are women. (Macionis 1998).Less EducationIn 1970 women had earned only 17% of a bachelors degree in data processor engineering computer science, and natural sciences. In 1995 though, the proportion was still low but it increased to 31%. (Macionis 1998).Unequal Pay for Equal WorkIn 1998 women had... ... in the view. They allow themselves into fulfilling the prophecy to take place, as they see it as an uncontrollable variable in their lives. Women in society have been said to be weak, sensitive, and home making, in that they are better suited in the house. False explanation gives that views of women are physically inadequate to do the job of the man.A legion(predicate) amount of men still perpetuate this explanation as they would like to maintain their status as the head of the house. They believe that womens equality would lessen their dominance, especially in the catholic society. Many women still believe this ideology because of the s trong religious belief, ethnic or cultural backgrounds and the personal perspective.People are not created equal, and some races are not considered with respect. As you can see if there is no inequality then there cannot be a society. flora CitedBlack Americans A Statistical Source book & Hispanic Americans A Statistical Source book . By Louise L. Hornor published 1999.Society The Basics 1998-00 by John J. MacionisSociety A brief Introduction 1989 by Ian RobertsonGangs In America 2nd ED. 1996 by Ronald C. Huff

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