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Culture Paper 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Culture Paper 2 - Essay ExampleIt is classical to study the culture to evaluate different believes and relates them to the human service field.Cultural components atomic number 18 essential as they define the manner in which people interracial. interaction is encouraged but some limits are placed to allow certain(p) members of a given community to act in accordance to heathenish expectations. The rituals and beliefs within a given community are essential as they bring synergy while at the same time act as government agency of identify. Defining the cultural spaces could be done in an effort to evaluate a given setup and apply models that would be acceptable in the community. The cultural misunderstanding is major undoing in the field of human service. Understanding the immediate environment is essential as it allows proper planning and application of certain models. The essay will concentrate on cultural practices and beliefs among the Mapuche in Chile. The aim would be to disc uss the cultural components in relation to the Human service. The moral and honourable components are derived from culture. Beliefs and practices are aimed at ensuring the external and internal environments coexist.The Mapuche culture bases on moral and ethical components. The unifying component in this culture is their preservative nature. The cultures are taught throughout the generation. According to Ladio and Lozada (2006), the father in this culture is tasked with ensuring his family is united and that core values are protected. According to the author, the family is made up of the father and other members of the across-the-board family. The females within this culture are placed lower within the ranks (Ladio & Lozada, 2006). The female gender is less involved in matters decision making. The power of the male gender is visible in meetings and other gatherings. During family disputes, the males are actively involved in resolving conflicts. The elders conduct the mediation pro cesses in the Mapuche Culture. The male dominated

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