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The role of leadership strategies, which help an organization to Essay

The role of attractership strategies, which help an organization to maintain its performance - Essay guinea pigAccording to the research findings leaders are considered more effective even than the managers of the company, it is because leaders do non only manage the problems and system, but they lead their team in a professional manner. Leaders receive outstanding abilities to enhance the performances of all told team members. They encourage them to view organizational situations from a leaders eye and declare initiatives in more improved manner, to increase productivity of the company. A leader as well possesses persuasive attributes to spark off organizational members in order, to bring positive change in their organizational conduct and performance. Additionally, a leader does not solely focus on the performance of the employees they keep an eye on the quality performance of the workers, because compromising on quality can create perplexing situations for the company. A le ader brings new ideas for the success of the organization and makes plan to implement realistic strategies. Moreover, when all staff members ethically ensue rules and regulations to understand the importance of result oriented concepts of the leaders, then a successful change takes place in the company. Kouzes and Posner, a leadership model suggested by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, has facilitated leaders to broaden their vision and form a stronger purse for the organizational purposes with the co-operation of all team members. Additionally, this model has suggested another strategy to bring successful shift in the company such as, all workers including, leaders should maintain their worksheet, as it will help all participants to plosive speech sound updated about their performance quality and scale. (Kouzes & Posner, 2003). Moreover, this model further suggests that all actions and strategies should be plan to secure next position of the company, means that future standard of the company should be the foremost priority of the companys plans and leadership tools. Leadership Competency of Edge The leadership competency of edge is an essential attribute of leadership that allows a leader to take risk at the hour of need. A risk of trust that he/she understands in a deeper sense than others and views a risky situation, as the best solution in the conditional situation of the company (Zingheim & Ledford, 1996). However, a leader has to be accountable for all outcomes, but he possesses qualities to take and manage the risk efficiently. Not only this, a leader should have potential to encourage all other employees to understand the importance of a risky situation, needed to bring organizational shift that would be most beneficial for the company (Zingheim & Ledford, 1996). Leadership competency of edge contributes to gather attention of all employees and motivate leaders to utilize workers, as the atoms that are useful to increase productivity of the organizat ion through a result oriented shift. Motivating employers to maintain the performance based pay is another aspect of leadership competency that directly motivates employees to maintain their performances through the whole procedure of organizational shift. Organizational shift and melioration in the performances of the employees is only possible, when a leader makes his/her team realized that understanding an organizational mission

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