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Wind Power Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Wind Power - Essay ExampleHistory of Wind Power The consideration repealmill came from the invention of early machines use by bring forthers for milling grain. Wind was the main denotation of strength for the machines hence the name windmill. These machines were first used in Persia and China around 500 AD correspond to Ollholf (6). Windmills were also used in Netherlands for pumping water from the ground. The United States in 1870s had its farmers utilise the business office of the wind through windmills in pumping water. In the 1980s electricity could be generated through the use of windmills. The first undivided to use wind turbine in the generation of electricity was Charles Brush according to Sharman (10). However the invention of the index finger grid which used fossil fuels overcame the use of windmills in generating electricity. In 1931, the first commercial power localize using the wind turbines in generation of electricity was established in Russia. In the 1970s with the encouragement in the price of oil, wind turbines which were stronger and lighter were invented as a source of power. The largest wind power farm established in the United States was built at Altamont pass, California. The Use of Wind Power Today With the some(prenominal) challenges facing the use of fossil fuels such as increased globalization, wind power is regaining its wideness as source of energy. Wind power immediately is regarded as the most rapidly growing source of renewable energy. The wind power produces about one percent of the United States energy with Europe producing and using to a greater extent than this. Wind power in Denmark produces around twenty percent of the countries electricity. More developed windmills bring forth been established which ar made up of three parts the tower, blades and the box. These windmills ease up equipment used for converting wind interrogative sentence into electricity according to Ollholf (8). The modern wind power thr ough wind pumps is used in variant ways. For instance it is used in pumping secret water which used for various purposes such as drinking, watering crops, and cooking. The windmills are still used today in grinding grains into flour. The use of wind power today has improved the lives of people living in dry and hot areas as it ensures water is pumped from underground to the surface or places of need. Small wind turbines which are capable of running generators help create electricity for powering televisions, lights and radios in areas where there in rural areas. The wind turbines sometimes form part of a crown of thorns system for generating power together with solar energy which is reliable and affordable for villagers not connected to the subject area grid. Floating wind turbines have been established today which are more economical in expatriation and installation activities. Wind power turbines which possess contra-rotating rotors have been used today in aircrafts, marines for improving propulsion. The contra-rotating rotor is also used in offsetting of system reactive torques. How Wind Power can be used To Impact the Society As the use of wind power as source of energy continues to grow, more developed and newer applications are appearing in the society. Wind turbines which are able to ride offshore have been envisioned. The use of wind powered electric cars has also been envisioned to apply in the future as suggested by Gipe (390). With the increased global warming due to the use of fossil fuels, a future where communities are powered by the use of wind turbines has been envisioned. Another development that could improve the use of wind power in future is integration of the current windmill with installation. This will involve selling and installing of windmills in the homes like any other appliance used in the house. The enhancements of wind power machines will describe

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