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Reflection paper Essay Example for Free

Reflection paper EssayMabuhay ang Pilipinas , after watching Jose Rizal the Movie, these are the linguistic communication that wanted to find its way out into my mouth. Words that wanted to travel beyond distance and beyond boundaries that would defy ages to finally find a resonating voice that sent earthquake to the stoned trading floor of the holy temple of God that sheltered fiends who clothed themselves in w finish upe and who spoke His words with eloquence but undoubtedly knew nonhing of His language. I could not say it better, as a realization hit me, but I admire my Motherland. I could not help but think how did she, after everything that was make to her, possess found it in her heart to forgive? The film did not only depict the heart of Jose Rizal during the gripping of the Spaniards iron hands but also the Filipinos during those darkest times before the crack of dawn. The movie did not also just settled for only Rizal and the Filipino people during the Spanish co lonization, but it made a sort of movie adaptation of the two notable masterpieces of Rizal the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo.The movie itself was faithful to accuracy that you could tally what it wants people to chink and that is to converge. The movie suggested us to see what had really happened to our motherland. It is to see what she had been through and through to keep her rest in her place in the map of the world. It is to see how many times our kingdom had lost her identity, her dignity, her freedom, her voice, her rights, and her depict. It is to see how many lives she had to remorsefully sacrifice just to keep standing. Watching the movie, I saw her. She took all torture and suffering and given up almost everything she has because she loves her children.She love the Filipinos that she kept standing and resisted the embrace of the god of the sea for us to have our feet on earth to land on. Realizing all she had borne made me proud to be mould from the ea rth of the Land of the Morning. Jose Rizal the Movie made it crystal cleared to everyone who would watch it how the Filipino people love our country that they had given up their lives to free her from her iron cage. The movie showed that during the time of Rizal, Filipinos had started stirring from their seemed to be invariably slumbering, although the Spaniards oppression continued to darken the skies.During those times, as portrayed, there was social unrest that resulted revolts. Most prominent movements were initiated by the Katipuneros led by Andres Bonifacio. A lot of native eyes had started to see the real faces inside the holy veil worn by the Spaniards that led them to the realization of their own scraped image. Spaniards had continued to use religion, specifically the teachings of the Catholic Church and the words of God to frightened majority of the Filipinos to conform and manipulate them. The film portrayed the Spaniards curse of power and authority over the Filipinos. Friars shrouded their corruption in the cloak of church contributions and tributes. They collected high enforce taxes from the farmers who till their own soil. They acquired lands by authority and force. Worst of it, Spaniards did not content themselves in getting keep on of our country but also our dignity. Filipinos had been treated unfairly. The Spaniards made sure that we had no equal human rights, no parity before the law, no seat for the government, no mercy from the church, and no place for morality. Filipinos became slaves.Our native women were victimized. thither was racial discrimination. Only elites were granted to have a formal education and even in school, Filipinos were slandered, mocked and belittled. notwithstanding the legal expert system was in favor of the State. Filipinos who have committed crime in the eyes of their justice were subjected to persecution and death. Spaniards would then scheme any person who go against their regime that would include the conspi racy they had done to Rizal as he was sentenced by prejudiced to death before his trial was even performed.They stripped our nations identity and clothed us in ballooned dresses to conform but even so denied our right-I believe-to baptize our country a name. Those lowest times, people who had finally perceived the truth tried to raise their voices but in general failed to do so because there was no firmed foundation. Their flares were not enough. When Rizal gave light, flickers were rekindled to a raging fire. Jose Rizal became their source of strength though he did not purposely want to ignite insurgency. Though his writings were double edged sword, he wanted to address his appeal for freedom and equality in a diplomatic manner.Unfortunately, it did not go as planned because not only the Spaniards wanted to bind him for the trouble he had cause to the name of the Spanish government. I really liked the portrayal of those people close to Rizal after he was catch and had fallen on t he ground none of them even shed a tear. They held their ground, Rizal was not a rat. They were the ones who held his feel when he was deprived to die with dignity. He doesnt deserve a cry of sympathy because he had done nothing but to love and to be faithful to his country. Because he was not married to a woman he was married to our country, faithfully.Watching that scene, I felt dignified. He was not a traitor and so were those lives that fought to free our country. They were Filipinos who desired to regain our freedom and identity from the Spaniards. As the movie concluded, I recognise I have never been so proud of my country, and never did I really give neat acknowledgement to the many lives that, especially those nameless faces that did not have the line up to have a billet in paper. Give credit to who is due, as the saying goes. All of us, we walk in disparate paths of life.We see strangers every day but I never really consider looking at their faces in a different way. After watching the film, I learned to see the faces of past through the faces of the present. We are all droping fragments of souls of the people of the past. How we are giving shape to those fragments of souls is the real challenge in us. I have learned from watching the film how embarrassing we have become to cater these fragments in us because we failed and ignored to recognize them and the way we savor the liberty they struggled to regain but tragically did not had the receive to hold.These souls had once fought for freedom. We have to see them in us to fix how we abused our freedom. I still see our motherland in her situation back then because we failed to get the lessons from our past. How many more times does she have to be in same situation she thought she had been freed from? One lesson I clearly got from the movie, we have to carry the past in us like it is our own experience for us to never want to be in that situation again. We should never forget our own history and the importance of it, for the sake of those souls who only had the chance to experience true freedom in us.

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