Thursday, March 21, 2019

My Personal Philosophy of Education Essay examples -- Philosophy of Te

Philosophy of education For me, the decision to become a teacher is more of a track of life than a cargoner. I have always loved school, practicing at being school marm from a young age, and voraciously devouring each shred of education offered me in my cargoner as a student. If it were possible, I would be a student for the rest of my life. And then I excuse would not have learned enough. As a teacher, I entrust to instill this appetite for knowledge in secondary students. They argon, after all, the future(a) leaders of the world, and what better place to expand the minds of the generations to come than here in Appalachia where education programs, especially the sciences, which I plan to teach, are poorly funded and childrens dreams often fall by the wayside under the weight of casual life. I dont want to control the way my students think, except to encourage them to think in ways different than the traditional, to challenge their horizons. As I stat ed above, I dont rely that children are being challenged enough. I believe that students switch off to meet the reasonable expectations make out before them. If a teacher sets the bar a little high than average and maintains faith in his or her students, then the children bequeath rise to the task and feel better about themselves in the end. One of the approximately common complaints from students is boredom. Through the philosophies and theories I champion, I hope to combat this attitude. My philosophical system is completely idealistic, with elements of pragmatism apparent. I also embrace the theories of experimentalism and progressivism. Teachers should be component models in both the classroom and the community. As an idealist, I truly believe that every single student make... ...orms are going to come and go, and are often necessary, but if teachers become instrumental in their construction, then reforms will be created that will benefit all involved wi thout hampering the ability of teachers to make grow their students. Teaching is a noble profession and a journey of long learning. As an educator I will continue to further my witness education while doing the same for my students. Biology especially is an ever-changing field, and that is fracture of the excitement of teaching it to children. There are new and different things detect every day things that are wonderful, things that are painful, and things that have a inscrutable impact on the future. This is similar to students some are truly toothsome to work with, others can be a struggle, but ultimately they are all important as people and as the next generation of Americans.

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