Saturday, March 16, 2019

Legalization of Marijuana Should Not Happen Essay -- cannabis should no

The legalization of marihuana is a very controversial extend that is being debated across the United States. In the article Going to bum?, by Damon Linker, Linker attempts to persuade readers that legalizing of cannabis can cause more detriment than help. This publication was released in November of 2001. Although two other writers, Richard Lowry and Andrew Sullivan, try to change readers beliefs Linker maintains his emplacement against marijuana. Without discrediting their facts he explains and defends why he feels they are wrong. The article is formal and although religious belief is not talked about, morals and society standards are questioned. Throughout the purpose, Linker proves that personal effects of marijuana are detrimental to our society and allow for hinder social dealing if legalized by our government. Linker is trying to sway the 34% of Americans who believe marijuana should be legalize to realize that more future problems will come from legalization. The listening Linker is reaching is primarily readers of the Religion and Public Life Monthly Journal. He is also trying to reach the 34% of Americans that approve the legalization of marijuana and the conservatives that seem to be shifting from prohibition to legalization. Linker focuses on forthwiths generation of parents and young adults because the choice will be in their pass on soon. Society, as a whole, does not want marijuana to be legalized simply as Linker states the attitudes appear to be shifting. The act of smoking marijuana is suave perceived as bad and something that is looked down upon in society. The beliefs of people today are not the same as it was thirty years ago, and will continue to shift for times to come. Linkers claims are logical and draw basis. He p... ... article. This argument is good for the average American who knows little of the effects of marijuana. According to Linkers facts 66% of America still believe marijuana should not be le galized. This article is good for them because even if they were thinking of shifting opinions he proves that it would be wrong to legalize marijuana. Those Americans are the people that would agree with this argument because they want to believe that marijuana is denigratory and should not be legalized. simply the other two authors and the 34% of America that believe marijuana should be legalized would disagree with this article. They could disagree with this continuously but the fact is that marijuana, however acceptable it may be and seemingly less harmful than cigarettes, is still harmful in the long-term. The consequences of using and legalizing marijuana far outweigh the benefits.

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