Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Irannien Revolution :: Free Essays

In 1978 a terrible innovation led by ayatollah Ruholla Khomeiny appeared in Iran. Still trying to recover from this pitch-dark movement Iran went in a Civil war during f in alls 1979. On the same year, in January those ho were loyal to ayatollah Khomeiny wanted to put an supplant to the 37 year dominance of the Shah by forcing him to step down and break out the power to the Muslim leader. The new policy put an subvert to the human relationship between Iranand the United States which the Shah had worked hard to obtain. The army then executed all the members of the Savak, which were the Shah s secret police, and all of his followers.In November 1979 when the Shah went in the United States for medical examination reasons, the Iranian militants took over the American embassy in Tehran taking 53 people hostage. In exchange of their freedom, the Iranian Militants wanted the Shah to come digest to his country so that he would be served his sentence, they also wanted the reimbursemen t of the billions of dollars the Islamic government had accused the Shah of giving to the U.S.. In 1980, the Shah finally died in Egypt afterward execrable mevery years of blood cancer. Following this tragedy in January 1981, the 53 American hostages were released even though Iran didnt get any of their demands. After the Shah s death and the release of the hostages, the rotary motion finally came to an end after 3 long and suffering years. Since then, the Iran and U.S. have been enemies even though not long ago Akbar Rafsanjani, ho took over Iran after Khomeiny s death in Jun 1989, and Bill Clinton, the president ofthe United States of America, had discussed their situation. Because of the revolution, Iran is still suffering from economic crises and their evolution is very slow.Finally, I would like to add that it is because of the revolution that

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