Thursday, February 7, 2019

Essay --

I overhear a great interest on how to help young children with intriguing behaviors. I have work in the preschool field for the last 14 years and I have noticed a growth of children with dispute behaviors. Although I get support from the behavior specialist in the program, decision more(prenominal) information in this area will give me more skills and knowledge. I will feel more competent to serve the children and be efficient in the social emotional area. The questions that I created are questions that I want to research and educate myself to better serve the children who are having difficulties in this area. One of the ethical responsibilities to children mention on the NAEYC ideals I-1.4 say, To appreciate the vulnerability of children and their dependence on adults. Children of young historic period in our programs required that we give them the prerequisite skills to become competent in all areas of development including the social emotional. What is my field? Challengi ng behaviors in young childrenWhy am I fire in this topic? In recent years working with preschool age students I noticed a hig...

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