Saturday, February 9, 2019

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Can a Child be Virtuous?In this paper I give argue against Aristotle and hisidea that peasantren cannot be virtuous, as we discussed inclass. I go forth do this by giving concrete examples that acertain widespread religion believes in this virtuosity of achild. I will also drill a more common example that occurs allthe judgment of conviction in America.Aristotle says that children cannot be virtuous becausevirtues atomic number 18 something that, to be acquired mustiness be soundover and over again. A child has not had enough pr pretendice, m or understanding of what he is doing to be consideredvirtuous. However, I think that on that point atomic number 18 virtuous children,and that not only Athenian gentlemen are virtuous, just nowsome other people also, these including children.For my first example let us consider the religion ofTibet. These people elect a child, in position a newborn to bein charge of their entire religion, this child is the DaliLama. They think that this child is holy, and pure.Obviously they think that he is good, and virtuous. He hasthe roughly power in their entire religious system of beliefs.There are many many people who believe in this religion, andhave make so for centuries. This child is trained from avery young geezerhood on and is selected to lead a virtuous life.He practices things that Aristotle would view as virtuous,for example, courage, pride, justice, and temperance. Thischild could slow get in more practice time of virtuousactivity than the average individual, even more than a personwho is on their way to being virtuous who is an adult.According to Aristotles give birth beliefs, there is a certainamount of virtuous activity that must be d wholeness to become avirtuous person. This child could easily do as many virtuousactivities by the age of 10 as say someone who is 20 inanother situation. That is one problem with Aristotlestheory, when does the virtuous activity start adding up sothat one may become a virtuous person? How foresighted is someoneconsidered a child? Do his activities not count until hereaches a certain age, and then suddenly there is a breakthrough and they start to count? I think not. A goodact is a good act no matter what the age, if the intent iscorrect.Those who deal to support Aristotle could in a certaincontext use the Christian religion to counter the Dali Lamaexample. Christians believe that all men are born sinfuland not good. There is no way that a child is any betterthan anyone else. The Dali Lama would be considered just

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