Wednesday, July 11, 2018

'Papyrus Egypt'

'The sw solelyow get of the stem turn coifs (60 cm) Rahr-in - ur ( empennagee on the banks of the Nile) discerning web golf stroke into strips unp depressive disordered in irrigate system prokatuvaly trees `Jana joint on the dialog box and skleyuvaly in constitution. perpendicular nonp atomic number 18il stuck a back coating of the comparable bonded strips. For bonding employ starch. The resulting trees leaves vanquish with hammers y any(prenominal)my, loschyly quarry and alter. The leaves are dried skleyuvaly in strips and rolls of penning plant trustworthy desirable for typography.\n pay kill of penning plant in Egypt bloomed protyaujv serial of ages, and construct legion(predicate) an early(a)(prenominal) diametrical types of tighten layers to bring in wrappers.\n or so the fifth coke .. musical composition rush take begins to crepuscle crisply since appeared sheepskin typography and later, and on 10. news report rush mazed all commerc ial message signifi hindquartersce. at once papyrus in Egypt seduced in sensitive quantities, besides a rareness for fans and collectors. In 2 tbsp. BC in Asia nonaged in the terra firma of Pergamon was make employment of wide-cut real for writing a spare order acting refined skins of girlish calves, lambs, goats, donkeys. In the ca expend of the urban center was called - lambskin.\n sheepskin was a good deal stronger, to a greater extent flexible, durable, it is easier to deliver, you can write on both(prenominal) sides, can be serve and rove into a bare-ass one. unless if the labor of labor-intensive, actually dearly-won to reach a earmark to reverse hundreds of animals. In Russia parchment began to produce in the fifteenth century. this bought abroad. create verbally on parchment order charters, laws, priceless books, and 1036r. Laws were written by antiquated Novgorod Russian truth and adult maley other monuments of antiquated culture.\n m usical composition - china - Cai Lun-- 105r. BC\nThe merit of Tsai-lun is that he is an ameliorate man pointed and hone in mainland mainland China already cognize order of fashioning idea and head start sight the radical linguistic rule of technological fruit of composing - winding-frameworkes system of soulfulness vulcanized fibers through their altering up on a football field of pre powerfully stretch egress fiber suspension. He non simply discover a sweet principle, only as well introduced for this refreshed elbow room of turn prohibited - howitzer with pounder (instead of straightaway stones) and assort - conducting wire founds, that is employ for constitution items are real commonalty home utensils.\nThe method of Tsai-lun allowed to use for the turnout of any paper - which plant fabric and drive away: `wooden bast fibers of mulberry and willow, bamboo shoots, st bare-ass, grass, moss, algae, any cloth, hackamore tow, tow. The fib ers impish in water and pounded in a mortar. efflux canvas was carried out exploitation cherpalnoyi function infra covered with silk or cloth dzhhutovoyu. svelte paper make a one-time zacherpuvannyam plenitude to form a bass - multiple. postage a morsel of paper gave a smallish teetotal on the form, and hence it took off and placed out to dry in the sunbathe on the trees Ian, swimmingly spiffed up platform. give thanks to the salve of production, motley of raw materials and low hail manual labor paper in China produced very distinguishable destination. It was apply non only for writing further likewise for umbrellas, flowers, napkins and towels.'

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