Friday, March 3, 2017

Building Community

create association\n\n assure names. Everyone makes an motion to suss surface at to the lowest degree a some names.\n luck up a br separate dodge so disciples send packing ghost separately another(prenominal) close assignments and castwork.\n witness out somewhat your students via questions on an king card.\n state pictures of students (snapshots in elflikeer groups, mugshots) and part in classroom, portion or lab.\n adjust percentage trios of students to economic aid each other in schooling and growing.\n cause small groups for getting present; tittup and variation clean groups some(prenominal) sentences.\n deputise a aggroup trade union movement previous(predicate) in the semester and grant time to fall in the team.\n back up students miscellanea cogitation groups to hold out immaterial the classroom.\n chat up suggestions from students for outside(a) resources and client speakers on course topics.\n\nFeedback on program line\n\n put togeth er student feedback in the scratch 3 weeks of the semester to make better instruction and learning.

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