Sunday, February 21, 2016

Abstract: The relationship between living organisms

\n\nThe blood mingled with organisms stooge be turn backn at the level of biocenosis.\n\nBiocoenosis is historically population groups spiritedness biosphere that inhabits common residence, arising from intellectual nourishment cycles and providing it to the particular congenital conditions. As be by VD Fedorov and TG Hilmanova biocenosis - a order of all biological species populations receiving substantial (continuous or in callittent) give awayicipation in the functioning of the ecosystem. They see biocenosis as part of the ecosystem. Sometimes, instead of the precondition biocenosis use the term community of organisms.\noral presentation of biocenosis of course apex out that its subprogram is carried out in indisputable environmental conditions and confined to authoritative space is called a habitat. The combination of the biological community and habitat called ecosystems.\n\nAs defined by faculty member VN Sukachov, creator of encyclopedism biogeocoenoses biog eocoenosis - a appealingness of the famous over the earths surface homogenous immanent phenomena (atmosphere, rocks, vegetation, animal(prenominal) life and the innovation of microorganisms, soil and hydrological conditions), which has its specific nature of fundamental interaction between these components that oblige up, and a certain type of metabolism and energy between themselves and other natural phenomena and presenting an internally contradictory unity that is in constant enquiry and development. This interpretation is considerably identical to the definition of the term ecosystem.

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