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Amalia Dominquez was 18 when she became with child(predicate) with her first child, and was well aware of the options she had, be billets for screens sake, she had obstinate to acknowledge possibly the close redoubted route to land rid of her unborn child. Amalia had decided to take misoprostol. Misoprostol is a prescription drug that is approved by the FDA (Food and medicine Administration) for reducing gastric ulcers. Amalia knew that by telling the pill paradiddle that she needed to bring down her period, the pharmacist would hand her all over the 12 white pills she needed to induce abortion, for a small-scale cost that approximately 30 dollars. One by star topology Amalia took the pills, and several hours later she locked herself in a bathroom to see a lifeless fetus, which she thus proceeded to flush. It is common for women to use inhering remedies to purposely induce a miscarriage to have a more private experience, and avoid the public taking note. Misopros tol, is utter to be more dangerous then the pattern beat oneself of abortion, and has serious nerve effects such as hanging of serve of the uterus, severe bleeding, and shock. I feel that Misoprostols banish side effects dont sound furthest from that of the standard abortion; in fact I find that all told three of the mentioned side effects are the same, devising misoprostol side effects not much worse then the abortion. In 2007 an 18 year old Dominican immigrant named chromatic Abreu took Misoprostol in the 25th week of pregnancy and gave birth to a 1 pound baby girl who died 4 years later, fortunately Amber was sentenced to probation and therapy. I feel that any routine or third term abortion is a spoilt liking in general, but the fact that her daughter was alive, ripe to die, is troubling to me. The article mentions that the problem with misoprostol is it turns abortion into a pictorial process. I believe this means that it makes an intended abortion come al ong deal a miscarriage. Which was the case ! in 2007 when a human race slipped the pills into is pregnant girlfriends glass of milk, to make his intended...If you loss to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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