Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Matrimonial Property

Law: Matrimonial Property Pursuant to the leg aloney, soci solelyy and religiously acknowledge union of two people in an act of marriage, the family organise by dint of this matrimony henceforth piazza plate in a home. Hence, the “ matrimonial home” is a matrimonial asset treasure as the conjugal genuine location used and enjoyed by a person and his family, which includes his spouse and his children, if all; as a family residence for purposes such as habitation. We disagree with the statement in the question as we believe that the matrimonial home is subjected to the coarse retention laws of Singapore. Due to the scarcity of reason in Singapore, real(a) property has become one of the intimately important and expensive assets in our country. Accordingly, all real properties in our nation atomic number 18 strictly governed by the consummate property laws of Singapore. The matrimonial home, macrocosm a real property in Singapore, is therefore punc tually subjected to the regular property laws of Singapore, though not limited to them. This commode be construed as there ar other legislations which decide the division of matrimonial property in the severance of matrimony. These anomalous additions of statutes, which the matrimonial home is also subjected to, are enshrined in the Women’s Charter and the family law. The touch on of acquiring a matrimonial property is governed by the usual property laws of Singapore. Since the end of Year 2001, all real properties in Singapore have to be registered on a raze floor the globe Title Registry of the Singapore Land Authority, which is constituted low the Singapore Land Authority Act. analogous to any other types of real properties, the matrimonial home has to be registered under the Torrens system to obtain a certificate of backup. This regularization is compel under the Land Titles Act. If the property is a strata title, the subordinate proprietors of t he strata units are required to obtain the s! ubsidiary strata certificate of title through registration under the Land...If you want to get a well(p) essay, order it on our website:

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