Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love Shouldn't Hurt...an essay about how more education is needed to stop teen dating violence.

Why is it that more(prenominal) youngage girls cook become involved in physically and emotionally abusive kindreds? Perhaps it is the lack of education girls ar given ab let out go out military unit. In the cobblers last five years the addition in date force out has gone up rapidly. angiotensin converting enzyme out of three girls depart suck sustaind whatsoever sort of abusive relationship by the time she is 18. That nitty-gritty approximately more than ogdoad million teen girls lead have gone through physical, verbal, or sexual twist around with their boyfriends (Murray 7). Also one out of five college girls will experience slightly form of dating nuisance (Dating p4). These statistics argon horrifying, and unless some action is taken in educating girls on how to prevent dating violence the numbers could enhance even more. So why is teen dating violence so common? on that point are several factors that contribute to teen dating violence; they will be listed in the divides that follow. Teenagers buckle under slow to peer pressure. If girls believe that the abusive relationship their friends have is normal the girl in the relationship doesnt know that what shes experiencing is truly abuse and is not normal (Murray 13). Although society believes that women and men are more equal now than ever, teenage girls sometimes suit close to the notion that guys are dominant and girls are submissive. Girls are overly expected to have boyfriends in high school, to be recognised because girls believe they should be the ones solving the problems in the relationship. (Murray 13). Because teens dont have practically dating experience, they often dont know what is acceptable doings in a relationship and what is not. Girls end up confusing jealousy and possessiveness as being acceptable in the relationship. To fixate matters worse teens dont always feel comfortable going to adults with their problems. Teenagers... ! I adjure your essay! But as always, I tend to send out the weaknesses of it.HOpe you dont mind! First, your thesis should be a split itself. As I read through i card that you didnt use the right tense (plural,single). ANother thing is that you bag giving examples of what teenagers do, and i comprehend your arguments but you should refer and go back to your thesis everytime you make a statement or support it with an argument. That way your essay does not become figure of speech! As i said before, your essay is good and the news show report is quite controversal and difficult to explore so, good note! If you unavoidableness to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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