Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Rich People

I wonder would you d ar publish this garner! Im writing this letter to your magazine because you be the elite group of the magazine piece. You take the rich connections. I dont piss much materially or financially in this servicemanprobably live whats considered just to a higher place the poverty line. I receive $1,109.00 per month from Government Disability. Im not take heeding to chalk up scamp points for me, but when I was working and able to do more, I would send to genuine charities and non-profit organizations. Now, I barely get buy from month to month. If I could, I would get every homeless person attain the streets and off the ground, and make sure no superstar went to relaxation or woke up hungry. Im not nerve-racking to say that there arent handsome rich fate either. I know there are many who donate to various charities and non-profit organizations. I am genuinely thankful for them and those they help. But, I as well live in cle an of a fantasize world. I watch your listings of the richest people in America, and television shows ilk The Rich and Famous, Platinum Babies, Most big-ticket(prenominal) Houses, Wealth on the Water, in the air, on wheels, etc. I cant genuinely picture the amounts of money your world talks about. I as yet ask myself, Do people really live same that? I guess they do, otherwise they wouldnt be show it. Then I try to picture myself in that world. However, I cant stop consonant for very long, because I cant associate the feelings. I just recover that the world has enough money, food and resources to kill off world hunger and homelessness. I really think we do. I also think at some point, we will have to divulge an account because we didnt. I also ask, How much is enough for one person? I mean, What does it feel like to have millions and billions of dollars associated with your figure? Does it make a person feel transgress than other human being? Does it make them feel that they are wor! thy more than another? I know it makes a diversion if they were being held for...If you want to get a full essay, monastic order it on our website:

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