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Chapter 5 Middle East Writing

The halfway eastern United States , capital of Israel and ReligionStudent NameSection Number of CourseInstructor NameDateThe Middle East , capital of Israel and ReligionThe Symbol of capital of IsraelThe city of capital of Israel holds ghostly import for the Jews , the Christians and the Muslims . In Jewish and Christian literature capital of Israel is the symbolisation of the capital of the Messiah . Jerusalem has been sacred to the Jews as the grade of the Solomon s Temple and the Second Temple since the tenth carbon BC . For the Jews it is around the city of Jerusalem that their divine country of origin is ordained . The Christian revere Jerusalem for its role in the quondam(a) Testament as well as its significance in the life of Jesus . The Muslims on the other hand c tot tout ensembley back that Prophet Muhammad was taken on a divine move around from Mecca to Jerusalem and past from Jerusalem to the heavenly celestial abodes where he was given instructions on the basic tenets of IslamFrom a historic point of view alike , Jerusalem was a Jebusite or Canaanite stronghold as beforehand(predicate) as the 4th millenary BC . Around k BC David captured Jerusalem from the Jebusites and w every(prenominal)ed the city . When Solomon built the temple on Mt Moriah on the 10th Century BC , it became the spiritual and political capital of the Jews . It throw away to the Babylonians in 586 BC . In the 6th Century BC , Cyrus the Great of Persia restored it to Hebraic rule . The city became the capital of the Maccabees in the 2nd and the initiative Century BC . There subsequently , Jerusalem changed manpower again and became the capital of the Herod dynasty nether the aegis of capital of Italy . The Muslims captured it in 637 AD making it the chief shrine after Mecca . The Crusades were brought on the c ity when the Fatimids hindered Christian pil! grims to it . Jerusalem was conquered by the Crusaders in 1099 AD . The city was recaptured by Muslims under Saladin in 1187 . It then came under Mamluk and Ottoman ruleDuring the First World War , Jerusalem was captured by British forces in 1917 . It became the capital of the British-held League of kingdom of national s promised land Mandate after the War . Both the Arabs and the Jews wish possession of the city as the end of the mandate approached in 1948 Christians however advocated a free Jerusalem open to all religionsWhen it became clear that Germany had lost World War II , aspirations for an commutative Jewish state escalated . Great Britain decided to turn the all in all issue of Palestine to the United Nations . In November , 1947 the UN General fictionalization voted in favor of sectionalisation Palestine into two states - hotshot Jewish and the other Arab . It was however tell that Jerusalem , including Bethlehem , would be an internationally administered encla ve . However , fighting for Jerusalem between the Jews and the Arabs broke out even before the partitioning . Zionist attractor David Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of the independent state of Israel on whitethorn 14 , 1948 . The four Arab states of Egypt , Syria , Jordan and Iraq invaded the new state...If you exigency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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