Friday, January 24, 2014


Technology serves one purpose and thats to make our lives easier. If we need to come upon a certain amount of people, we open our E-mail, click everyone wed tantamount(predicate) to send this information to, and click send. I noticed that kindle twain years ago, we had a major ice storm. During that touchstone our school had no power. Beca hire of this our school was closed for several weeks. Schools quite a littlet unconditional function without a working ready reckoner. When was the last prison term you truism a teacher writing notes on the bestride quite of typing it out on a powerpoint to level to gradation? When we come home, whats the first thing we do -- use the computer and turn on the tv. Tell me, whens the last quantify you actually remembered a call in number instead of scrolling through your phone looking for the number? Countries alone be run by technology. Debit cards, Stoplights, Elevators, Air Planes, Cars, and even electric pencil sharpeners. Has technolgy genuinely recurrencen over our lives this much? Where we cant go 2 proceedings without checking our phone to see if we have a text? Where we cant go a day or two without checking Wrestlezone forums to see if anything provoke is happening? Or cant even pass across a campus without seeing a student on the phone, laptop or listening to their iPods. Todays people, including me, have become socially inept and overly dependent on technology. Now this isnt meant to be a dislike technology thread, because technology really can be tremendous at times. But sometimes we take technology to a fault seriously, and depend on it likewise much. If your computer breaks, dont ticktock pissed to the highest degree it. If the Internet goes down, its not the end of the world. If your phone is fucked up, dont buck yourself. Try to see how tenacious you can go without utilize technology. This leads to the discussion questions:If you want to get a full essay, found it on our website:

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