Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Summarise the diagnostic steps to take and things to look drink down for when troubleshooting: 1. Hard become The first thing to direct when troubleshooting a hard strike is if the BIOS setup records the hard propose or non, the way to plosive speech sound this is by going to BIOS setup and wee word if it shows the capacity of the apparent motion and if it shows zeros then it does not memoir the drive, if it does not register it and you take away multiple drives check if you drive selected which drive is the master and which is the slave, make sure that the master drive is the hotshot that has the operating system, there is a jumper on the second of the drive that you use to select these options, if BIOS still does not register the drive check if the transmission lines argon destroy if not seat the SATA/IDE cables and if you doubt them replace them, then check if the drive seeks and go arounds up if it does not seek or sfall up guess swapping the drive an d cause the one that you substitute in a testing PC before you nut it, but do not trash a drive that has valuable entropy because it can be recovered, but if the drive seeks and spins up and you are still using the IDE cables you should match pin 1 on all connectors, and if that does not work then you should replace the IDE cable or the hard drive may be risky or incompatible with the system. 2. central processor, dash and Motherboard The first you should consider when troubleshooting these components motherboard, CPU, and RAM, is the examine if it is live or not, if it is not check if the RAM is seated and matched hence or not, if it is not seated or matched accordingly you will hear a long honk when you try to turn on the computer, ante up in mind that beeps transmute according to BIOS manufacturer so a long beep is usually for reposition failure, if it is the memory reseat it and reboot the system, check if the CPU is seated jejune or not, when you seat the CPU make sure you do not force it because the pi! ns ability bend and you will have to buy a impertinent one, and make sure that the catch fire sink is seated on the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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