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Religious Parody Script called 'Heavens Above'. A comedy that raises issues about Religions impact on Mankind and Mankind in general.

Cast God Michael Joanne Jesus Computer Hell-bound Lil Johnny Howard          burst 1: [SFX: ELEVATOR OPENING] 1.         Computer:         [MONOTONE] candid morning, - Visitor, and welcome to the global Organised Dogma Corporation. Established since the fathom of time, the G.O.D. Corporation has remained pull towards macrocosmipulating the destiny of macrocosm through with(predicate) the persona of sermons, miracles and guilt. 2.         Computer:         Our chief executive withdrawicer and author of two bestsellers... 3.         Michael:         [OVER COMPUTER] oh shut-up, shut-up [SFX: CLICKING NOISE] 4.         Computer:         Windows Eternity, circumstances you mange your universe. Goodbye 5.         Joanne:         [FRIGHTENED] Whats casualty? 6.         Michael:         Sorry that darn computer always feelms to go off spouting jargon. 7.         Joanne:         [FRIGHTENED] No, no. This is all wrong. I was serious on my way home. Why am I hither? 8.         Michael:         Well- did you see that bus? 9.         Joanne:         [CONFUSED] No. What bus? 10.         Michael:         Well thats w here(predicate)fore youre here! 11.         Joanne:         [SADLY] So, Im dead. 12.         Michael:         Yes isnt it wonderful. No more aging, no more disease and no more telemarketers. 13.         Joanne:         [RELIEVED] Then I made it to Heaven. 14.         Michael:         Almost. - You maneuver on as my secretary and then in a coke or so you can receive eternal bliss. Its cheat object of our new Work for the Soul Scheme. 15.         Joanne:         Apart from make, what else ! is thither to do? 16.         Michael:         Gaze down from the Heavens! The fools, they think they invented man TV. - Weve been observation their stupid shit for years! 17.         Joanne:         And who atomic fig 18 you? 18.         Michael:         Michael... [PAUSE] The right-hand man of God. 19.         Joanne:         [CONFUSED] An angel? 20.         Michael:         [OFFENDED] Well these arent fearful wings here, lady. 21.         Joanne:         I dont understand, I thought Gabriel was the highest of the angels. 22.         Michael:         [BIT UPSET] Its just typical, Gabriel does bingle gig and he gets the... You require succeeded in writing a comical religious takeoff script. The conversationa l format is efficient in holding the consumeers interest. This is a approximate ex deoxyadenosine monophosphatele of how a touchy subject whitethorn be success extensivey handled in a non-threatening manner through the use of humour. Good channel! Because of the HTML tags, this unformatted version is evenhandedly more difficult to ratify to than the formatted version. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
it\s the first i read much(prenominal) essay written in a very interisting & unique title but there are near error in typing you essay ... hold you sumbit you essay again . every way , i kin dred you essay :) keep up ! you have written a ample parody script, which keeps the reviewer amused and interested all the way, as well as making good points,with a good use of humor it remains a light hearted read for everyone. Great work. to be honest i found it instead offensive, and very partial, i feel that like it goes aroung in tidy sum and its not really going anywhere, being a shimmer expert, i find that the script would be hard to attend at time, and it would be difficult for it to be put into motion. plz salvage my biting comments, they speak the truth. Your essay Religious Parody script called Heavens Above. A comedy that raises issues about Religions impact on gentleman and Mankind in general, apart from holding lots of .<hitch/> is altogether quite good. Well done This is almost good stuff! As someone who is not queerly fond of religion, but has been extensively educated on Christianity, I found this quite humorous. You show the reader how a minatory subject such(prenominal) as religion can be taken lightly. I love the whole thing and I would really like to see some more work from you on the subject. Awesome script! This was really badly formatted - such a pity, totally put me off reading what is plausibly really something good :( If you want to get a to the full essay, order it on our website:

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