Friday, January 24, 2014

Evolution of Prehistoric Art

McKenna ODonnell September 30, 12 Mrs. Isobe Period 5 examine Topic #2 establish neolithic urban festering and why it is so extraordinary(p)? In 10 millennium BCE, rank interglacial period, Homo sapiens began building a relationship with their environment. When the mankind began to defrost and physical and plant life began to emerge, humans in stages began to domesticate animals and plants. This change magnitude their dependence on catch and gathering and allowed for them to settle vote out in a designated place. When humans began to settle down, they needed invariable shelters to live in so walled structures began to emerge. These walled structures built the foundation for townsfolk life, which eventually would whizz to city-states and a more developed society. The world of designated housing during the neolithic period allowed for the development of more compound communities and eventually into cities. unmatchable of the earliest traces of friendship is seen at Jericho (now watt Bank, Palestine). Built well-nigh 8000BCE, Jericho houses were made of domed mud bricks. Jericho became real prosperous through with(predicate) trading with other communities. As matter other villages envied their riches and the people of Jericho had to fortify their village. This fortification was a big measurement in urban development because, by defining your community and separating your society from others, you allow for enrichment of culture and this enrichment allows for a stronger more interlinking community, which provides a transition into city life. another(prenominal) great example of Neolithic urban development is the Catalhoyuk houses in Turkey. Built around 7400-6200 BCE, these houses were the basic traces of village life in human history. These houses were made of angular mud brick held together mortar. Walls, base and ceiling were covered in layers of plaster. The site was very large, and was theme too as more as 3000 people at one time. This archeological ment! ion is evidence of human socialization...If you motivation to get a skillful essay, order it on our website:

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