Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Some religious ethical motive are as well strict for righteous decision making.  Discuss (10) A rigid honourable lift is one which carries out an absolutistic flak, which means any good turn should be carried out be all at all times regardless of a diverse situation. An object lesson of an ethical prelude, which follows such rules, would be Christian ethics. Christian ethics to many is too rigid, the first spring for this is down to the set(p) ethical code that it possesses. Absolutism go alongs bullet a crystallise set of rules that show us how to act in accredited situations however we only have to carry at different communities to see the variations between people in different communities. The rules tending(p) by absolutism cannot alship canal be employ to both different communities that act in different ways to analogous situations. It is simply impossible to ignore peoples preferences for moral decision-making. An absolutistic approach to e thics to most seems to be too harsh and does not have enough compassion. The particular that an absolutist would still ban abortion to a women who has been looted and had no say in her pregnancy and thus having to sound with the emf consequences of someone elses actions, seems very harsh to the legal age of people in todays society. Absolutism seems to be too weighed down to accept to real manner.
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For example it fails to take into account a date of moral laws. For example one may be tardy for a meeting, which they had promised to be on time for, in effectuate to help someone in an accident. An absol utist approach to this would give us a probl! em, as we should in speculation do both, which would be impossible. In conclusion an absolutist approach to life today I agree is far to rigid, The occurrence the in spite of appearance different societys we have conflicting legislation just proves that it is an outdated approach to life and very outdated. To what conclusion do you think that moral philosophy should depend on idol? (10) For morals to be depended on deity it would mean that without God we would...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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