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Study Of A~Llelopa~Thic Effect Of Some Rice Cultiva~Rs

Resea~rch Title: “Study of a~llelopa~thic effect of some go cultiva~rs a~nd herbicide-fertilizer intera~ction on the crazy weed ma~na~gement, growth, give in a~nd pay up components of pa~ddy” butt: & cocksucker; To view the occurrence a~nd cha~ra~cteristics of weed species in the pa~ddy field. • To study the growth, fail a~nd kick in components of pa~ddy. • To study the microflora~ of pa~ddy field before tra~nspla~nta~tion a~nd a~fter ha~rvest. • To recommend the straitlaced dose of herbicide-fertilizer intera~ction for ma~ximizing the yield of pa~ddy. Justifica~tion of the proposa~l: widows widows weeds ca~ substance abuse problem in sift growing a~rea~ in the world. polecat competes with the strain pla~nts a~nd removes nutrients tha~t would other than go to the rice pla~nts a~nd would increa~se the gra~in yield ( A~hmed & Hoque, 1981) , Weed gra~sses a~nd broa~d lea~f widows widows weeds red uce yield a~nd qua~lity of rice (Smith, 1970). losses due to weeds in A~us rice ra~nge from 58% to fill in fa~ilure of the crop (Mia~h & Ra~ha~ma~n , 1969, BRRI 1981). In rice field , the crops a~nd weeds rema~in a~ssocia~ted with ea~ch other from the very beginning of their spiritedness cycle ( Sa~rker 1979). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
losings due to weed infesta~tion is quite last (Isley 1960) a~nd ca~n reduce yield up to 34% in ca~se of tra~nspla~nted A~ma~n rice ( Dutta~ 1981) In Ba~ngla~desh, ma~jority of food gra~ins postdate from rice (Oryza~ sa~tiva~ L). A~bout 80% of cropped a~rea~ of this rural is used for rice productio n , with a~ a~nnua~l production of 25.18 zi! llion tons from 10.29 million ha~ of la~nd (IRRI , 2006). The a~vera~ge yield of rice in Ba~ngla~desh is 2.45 t ha~-1 (BRRI, 2007) .This a~vera~ge yield is a~l about less tha~n 50% of the world a~vera~ge rice gra~in yield. Infesta~tion of weeds is one of the most importa~nt ca~uses for low yield of rice. In Ba~ngla~desh, weed infesta~tion reduce the gra~in yield 70-80% in A~us Rice (ea~rly summer), 30-40% for Tra~nspla~nted (T) A~ma~n...If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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