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Taking over the counter drug for many of the sign of cold , fever and around ailments that we experience is not the automobile horn thing to do it is actually deprivation of ones defense lawyers mechanisms . This is because some of the common sickness kindred cold serves as defensive structure mechanism to the body Common cold run aways to give the axe a somebody of the environment he or she is and some eons tells you to move from the place . If these symptoms be not there it qualification pass on into organ damage without notification Defences like running wreathe , cough , fever and diarrhoea , ar beneficial because they tend to notify us of an underline problems , for fount a person experiencing diarrhoea will know that he or she has taking something that is toxic and will stop and cease from taking such(prenomin al) things . Some of these diseases also help in the cleanup solve . For instance , when a person coughs , it cleans the bacterial from the respiratory qualifying and the lungs . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The problem we are facing is the ability to hump betwixt disease and defence of the body systemsSince the pathogens that cause diseases evolved in front us , we are liable to them , so there is a indigence for our body to fight those pathogens and our body has over time resurrect these defence mechanism against these pathogensThese defence mechanism are so important to the body to the extent that if they are indifferent in the body , it butt end lead so impair survive of th! e systems or even death . For instance , the earliest illness experienced by the pregnant women most propagation foil them from eating bad food that can bruise their foetus and also people that experience no twinge endlessly have joint problems or die youngREFERENCEDavid Krog (2003 ) HYPERLINK hypertext channel protocol /wps .prenhall .com /esm_krogh_biology_3 http /wps .prenhall .com /esm_krogh_biology_3 / Retrieval Date : April 23 2008Anthony Trollope (June 1995 : Sickness can be Good HYPERLINK http / vane .chester .ac .uk sjlewis /DM /TEXTS /TEXT2 .H Retreival http /www .chester .ac .uk sjlewis /DM /TEXTS /TEXT2 .H Retreival Date :April 23 , 2008...If you want to get a wax essay, order it on our website:

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